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100 Himachal Pradesh GK Questions and Answers 2018

100 Himachal Pradesh GK Questions and Answers 2018: The candidates who are searching for the Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2018 are advised to read the provided article. The Himachal Pradesh GK will help the candidates to crack the upcoming exams of the Himachal Pradesh Service Staff Selection board & other HP competitive examinations.

There are lot’s of recruitments are going to held in 2018 according to the research. There is a huge competition between the candidates to get the Government job in the State of Himachal Pradesh. Here on this web page, we had provided the General Knowledge of Himachal Pradesh for upcoming exams like HPSSSB Clerk, Junior Office Assistant, Junior Engineer, Fitter, Computer Operator and HPPSC.

Himachal Pradesh GK 2018

100 Himachal Pradesh GK Questions & Answers 2018

The Himachal Pradesh GK top 100 general knowledge questions and answers are taken from the revised question papers and coaching specialist of Himachal Pradesh. Check out the Below given important questions and answers

1. Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is famous for which reason?
Ans: Deshara.

2. “Bandli Wildlife Sanctuary” is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Mandi.

3. The Hydroelectric power project in Chamba is situated on which River?
Ans: Ravi.

4. Silica Sand is found on which district of the Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Bilaspur.

5. “Rasha Ashtami Fair” is celebrated in which place of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Manimahesh.

6. What is the name of the goddess of the rulers of Kullu princely state?
Ans: Hidimba Devi.

7. Which player was made the captain of Himachali cricket team?
Ans: Sushma Verma.

8. “Indian Institute of Advanced Studies” is situated in which District of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Shimla.

9. Which district of the Himachal Pradesh has a low literacy rate?
Ans: Chamba.

10. The Surya Temple is situated in which place of the Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Nirath.

11. When was the High Court established in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: In 1971.

12. In modern times, what is known as Triagrata?
Ans: Kangra.

13. How is Sarahan known in ancient times?
Ans: Sonitpur.

14. Tirthan Valley is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Kullu.

15. Which king of Chamba constructed “Laxmi Narayan Temple”?
Ans: Sahil Verman.

16. On which place Chandra and Bhaga Rivers join each other?
Ans: Tandi.

17. “Central Potato Research” center is located on which district?
Ans: Kufri (Shimla).

18. Which of the markets has been ranked the highest among the country in digital transactions?
Ans: Solan Mandi.

19. “Mahima Library” is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Nahan (Sirmour).

20. Where did the Timber Trail crash take place?
Ans: Near Parwanoo.

21. Rong-Tong Hydraulic Project is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Lahaul – Spiti.

22. Which is the epitome of the English Lord in Dharamsala?
Ans: Lord Algin.

23. The Kullu Valley is also known by which name?
Ans: Devghati.

24. Chinaav River is also known as which river?
Ans: Chandra Bhaga.

25. In which district is the hill called Kailar Kailash located?
Ans: Kinnaur.

26. Which party did the announcement of the free four-day journey for the elderly?
Ans: Bhajpa.

27. Who was the last ruler of the state of Bilaspur?
Ans: AAnandChand.

28. Which lake is associated with Rishi Jamadgri?
Ans: Renuka.

29. What is the total number of seats in the Assembly in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: 68.

30. Saach Pass is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Chamba.

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31.Where is the famous fossil park located at Sirmaur?
Ans: Suketi.

32. When did Mandi’s Shivaratri fair start celebrating?
Ans: 1526.

33. Where is the golf course near Shimla?
Ans: Naldehra.

34. Where is the “Khokhan” Wildlife Sanctuary located?
Ans: Kullu.

35. Nagarkot Fort is located in which district?
Ans: Kangra.

36. Where is the famous Bhootnath temple of Himachal?
Ans: Mandi.

37. Which king of Bilaspur took shelter in Kullu?
Ans: Megh Chand.

38. Which year did the first train arrive in Shimla?
Ans: 1906.

39. Who is the author of the “Pahari Chitrakala” book?
Ans: Kishori Lal Vadiya.

40. What is called the glacier in the local language of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Shigadi.

41. Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh is situated on the banks of which river?
Ans: Ravi.

42. What place is the Basodan Pass related to?
Ans: Chamba.

43. What was the name of the first Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Assembly?
Ans: Jasvant Ram.

44. Which ruler invented the town of Nahan?
Ans: Karn Prakash.

45. Which is the lowest literacy district in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Chamba.

46. Who was the first woman Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Leela Seth.

47. In ancient times, by what name was the Baijnath called?
Ans: Kirgram.

48. Where is the Minjor Mela celebrated in Himachal?
Ans: Chamba.

49. Jaskar mountain range separates Himachal from whom?
Ans: Tibbat.

50. From which place is the river Beas entering Kangra?
Ans: Sandhol.

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51. Where is the “Shikari Devi” wildlife sanctuary situated?
Ans: Mandi.

52. When did Muhammad Ghori invade Himachal?
Ans: 1009

53. Chuckali was the famous coin of which state?
Ans: Chamba.

54. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi set up the foundation stone of “Aims”?
Ans: Bilaspur.

55. Who is the author of the book Himalayan Pilgrimage?
Ans: B.N. Datar.

56. Whose painting is Kangra Bride?
Ans: Shobha Singh.

57. Which community does the “Jad” tribe belong to?
Ans: Bodh.

58. IIIE is located in which place of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Una.

59. Who built the fort of Nagarkot?
Ans: Susharma.

60. The Roerik Art Museum is located in which valley of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Kullu.

61. Which district of Himachal is located in the Kugati valley?
Ans: Chamba.

62. Which region is related to “Pangwal” and “Bhot” caste?
Ans: Pangi.

63. Who was the last ruler of the state of Bilaspur?
Ans: Anand Chand.

64. Where is the steel plant at Kangra district?
Ans: Kandrodi.

65. Who found the “Bishop Cotton School” in 1863?
Ans: Jhon Lowrance.

66. Which temple was built by Queen Sultana of Mandi?
Ans: Triloknath.

67. Who built the temple of Lakshmi Narayan in Chamba?
Ans: Mushaan Verman.

68. Who gave the name of Pahari Gandhi to Baba Kashi Ram?
Ans: Jawahar Lal Nehru.

69. Where is the Sainik School of Himachal Pradesh situated?
Ans: Sujaanpur.

70. In which district the first electric bus was run?
Ans: Kullu.

71. What is the name of the worshiped god of Malana?.
Ans: Jamlu.

72. Which of the district of Himachal Pradesh is on top of apple production?
Ans: Shimla.

73. “Baira Sewal Hydroelectric Project” is situated on which river?
Ans: Ravi.

74. Who was the first Lokayukta of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: T.V.R. Tatachari.

75. Where is the Guru Ghantal Gompa located in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Lahaul Spiti.

76. In the Vedic period, who was known by the name of the river Purushani?
Ans: Ravi.

77. Which painter of Himachal has been awarded the Padma Shri?
Ans: Vijay Sharma.

78. In the Himachal Pradesh, which is known as Maharishi?
Ans: Nicolas Roerich.

79.What are the varieties of Amrapali and Mallika?
Ans: Mango.

80. When was the Victoria Bridge of Mandi built?
Ans: 1877.

81. Who started potato cultivation in Shimla?
Ans: Captain Kennedy.

82. In which district of Himachal Pradesh, the Suhi Mela celebrated?
Ans: Chamba.

83. Where is the Hattkoti Temple located in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Shimla.

84. By what name is Arya known in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Rathi.

85. What is the value of Rajiv plate of Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation?
Ans: 25 Rupees.

86. When Shimla’s Gayati Theater was dedicated to the general public?
Ans: 1887.

87. Who is Himachal Pradesh’s first police medal winner?
Ans: Gangbir.

88. When was the first non-Congress government in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: 1977.

89. Where will Himachal’s first hi-tech bus terminal become?
Ans: Dharamshala.

90. Who was the founder of Sirmaur kingdom?
Ans: Subhansh Prakash.

91. When did Joginder Nagar rail line be constructed from Pathankot?
Ans: 1926.

92. How many Assembly constituencies are in Himachal?
Ans: 68.

93. “Kufri Chandramukhi” is the kind of crop?
Ans: Potato.

94. “Bhabha hydroelectric project” in which district?
Ans: Kinnaur.

95. How many tunnels are there in the Kalka Shimla railway line?
Ans: 103.

96. Which city is known for producing mushroom?
Ans: Solan.

97. Which year did the tea production of Kangra Valley begin?
Ans: 1850.

98. Which is the “Mini Switzerland” of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Khajiyar.

99. Who was the first Rajya Sabha member of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Chiranji Lal Verma

100. In which district is the festival “Phoolchich” celebrated?
Ans: Kinnaur.

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Above are the most important Himachal Pradesh General knowledge questions which are repeated regularly in state govt. exams and HPSSSB Exams. Soon, we will update the 100 more questions about the Himachal Pradesh GK 2018.

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100 Himachal Pradesh GK Questions and Answers 2018


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