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50+ current affairs multiple type question with answer detail

1. _________ was recently named the world’s best player at the inaugural Best FIFA Football Awards in Zurich.

A)   Antoine Griezmann
B)   Lionel Messi
C)   Cristiano Ronaldo
D)   Ronaldinho
E)   Gareth Bale
Correct answer: C

2.An eight-year old boy Abbu Ammaz won gold medal in Thai Boxing Championship at the national level recently. He hails from

A)   Haryana
B)   Uttar Pradesh
C)   Karnataka
D)   Andhra Pradesh
E)   Jammu and Kashmir
Correct answer: E

3.The mobile handset brand ______ has roped in Indian cricketer Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador.

A)   Gionee
B)   Xiaomi
C)   Oppo
D)   Lenovo
E)   One Plus
Correct answer: A

4.The US fast-food giant McDonald announced to sell its businesses in which country recently for $2.08 bn to Citic and the Carlyle Group?

A)   India
B)   China
C)   Indonesia
D)   Malaysia
E)   Iran
Correct answer: B

5.The World Bank recently decelerated India’s growth for 2016-17 fiscal to

A)   7 per cent
B)   7.2 per cent
C)   7.4 per cent
D)   7.6 percent
E)   7.8 per cent
Correct answer: A

6.Which country recently launched its first submarine-launched nuclear-capable Babur-3 missile which has a range of 450 km?

A)   Iran
B)   Iran
C)   Saudi Arabia
D)   Turkey
E)   Pakistan
Correct answer: E

7.Kalyan Krishnamurthy has been appointed as new chief executive officer of the online marketplace

A)   Flipkart
B)   Snapdeal
C)   Amazon
D)   Shopclues
E)   Infibeam
Correct answer: A

8.The 11th World Hindi Day was observed recently on

A)   08 Jan
B)   10 Jan
C)   14 Jan
D)   18 Jan
E)   25 Jan
Correct answer: B

9.Which state govt has launched India’s largest public WiFi service in its capital city?

A)   Gujarat
B)   Andhra Pradesh
C)   Maharashtra
D)   Telangana
E)   Kerala
Correct answer: C

10.__________ was given an award by the US Embassy in appreciation for his invaluable contributions to the US-India partnership on tuberculosis.

A)   Irrfan Khan
B)   Vidya Balan
C)   Nana Patekar
D)   Deepika Padukone
E)   Amitabh Bachchan
Correct answer: E

11.The National Youth Day is observed every year on

A)   02 Jan
B)   08 Jan
C)   10 Jan
D)   12 Jan
E)   15 Jan
Correct answer: D

12.The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made ________ mandatory for its about 50 lakh pensioners and around four crore subscribers.

A)   RuPay Card
B)   Jan Dhan Account
C)   Aadhaar
D)   PAN Card
E)   None of these

Correct answer: C 
  13.The reigning Olympic and world 800m champion and world record holder, David Rudisha is the International Event Ambassador for the 14th Mumbai Marathon. He hails from

A)   Jamaica
B)   Zambia
C)   Kenya
D)   Nigeria
E)   South Africa
Correct answer: C

14.INS Khanderi, the 2nd Kalvari class submarine, was launched at the Mazgaon Dock in Mumbai recently. The Kalvari class of submarines is being built with assistance from

A)   Germany
B)   US
C)   France
D)   Sweden
E)   Russia
Correct answer: C

15.Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who died recently, was the former President of

A)   UAE
B)   Iran
C)   Iraq
D)   Saudi Arabia
E)   Bahrain
Correct answer: B

16.________ state govt has come up with India’s first student startup and innovation policy, which aims to provide Rs 200 cr in the form of grants to ideas developed by them.

A)   Gujarat
B)   Maharashtra
C)   Tamil Nadu
D)   Karnataka
E)   Kerala
Correct answer: A
 17.The Bank of India is headquartered in

A)   Chennai
B)   Hyderabad
C)   Mumbai
D)   Kolkata
E)   New Delhi
Correct answer: C
 18.Mario Soares, who passed away recently, was the former President of

A)   Sweden
B)   Span
C)   Portugal
D)   Denmark
E)   Finland
Correct answer: C

19.The Supreme Court has reiterated the necessity to implement the VVPAT in electronic voting machines (EVMs). The term VVPAT stands for

A)   Vote Verification Paper Audit Trail
B)   Vote Virtualisation Paper Audit Trail
C)   Vote Verifier Paper Audit Trail
D)   Vote Versatile Paper Audit Trail
E)   None of these
Correct answer: C
 20.The International Kite Festival is held annually in which of the following cities?

A)   Ahmedabad
B)   Mangalore
C)   Mumbai
D)   Pune
E)   Kochi
Correct answer: A
 21.India announced _________ Line of Credit to Kenya for agricultural mechanization during the recent visit of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to India.

A)   USD 900-mn
B)   USD 700-mn
C)   USD 500-mn
D)   USD 300-mn
E)   USD 100-mn
Correct answer: E
 22.The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has decided that the World Cup will be expanded to host _____ teams for the 2026 tournament.

A)   32
B)   34
C)   40
D)   46
E)   48
Correct answer: E

23.The recently released book “Akhada” is the official biography of

A)   Mahavir Singh Phogat
B)   Sakshi Malik
C)   Dara Singh
D)   Dalip Singh Rana (Khali)
E)   None of these
Correct answer: A
24.Which state govt has demanded the centre to promulgate an ordinance to revive the banned traditional game Jallikattu in the state?

A)   Karnataka
B)   Kerala
C)   Tamil Nadu
D)   Andhra Pradesh
E)   Odisha
Correct answer: C

25.The book “Olympus: An Indian Retelling of the Greek Myths” has been authored by

A)   Ashwin Sanghi
B)   Amish Tripathi
C)   Ramachandra Guha
D)   Devdutt Pattanaik
E)   None of these
Correct answer: D

26.India and Kenya recently signed agreements in the area of agriculture. What is the currency of Kenya?

A)   Shilling
B)   Pound
C)   Dollar
D)   Peso
E)   Rand
Correct answer: A

27.The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised Indian Standard on gold hallmarking and hallmarked gold jewelry will now be available in 14 karat, 18 karats, and 22 karats. The present director general of BIS is

A)   Alka Panda
B)   Sanjay Dave
C)   Pawan Kumar Agarwal
D)   Ashish Bahuguna
E)   Alka Sirohi
Correct answer: A

28.Yana Kudryavtseva, the 13-time gymnastics world champion, retired recently aged just 19. She hails from

A)   Jordan
B)   Ukraine
C)   Jamaica
D)   Kazakhstan
E)   Russia
Correct answer: E

29.Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the “The Nobel Prize” exhibition in which city recently

A)   Jaipur
B)   Bhopal
C)   Gandhinagar
D)   Hyderabad
E)   Chennai
Correct answer: C

30.Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and space agency CNES have signed a partnership agreement in satellite launch technology. CNES belongs to

A)   Germany
B)   France
C)   South Korea
D)   Japan
E)   Sweden
Correct answer: B

31.Who among the following has been appointed as the new chairman of Tata Group?

A)   B Muthuraman
B)   Ishaat Hussain
C)   N Chandrasekaran
D)   Noel Tata
E)   Arun Sarin
Correct answer: C
32. Thai Pongal is a harvest festival which is celebrated in the state of

A)   Karnataka
B)   Kerala
C)   Tamil Nadu
D)   Andhra Pradesh
E)   Odisha
Correct answer: C

33.The Govt has increased the minimum monthly pension to ________ per person for central govt employees.

A)   Rs 7,000
B)   Rs 8,000
C)   Rs 9,000
D)   Rs 6,000
E)   Rs 10,000
Correct answer: C

34.Japanese PM Shinzo Abe recently signed about USD 8.7-bn aid package over the next five years to

A)   Philippines
B)   Thailand
C)   Vietnam
D)   Cambodia
E)   Venezuela
Correct answer: A

35.India’s first payments bank – Airtel Payments Bank – is giving a ______ interest on savings accounts, which makes it the highest interest rate on offer.

A)   4.50%
B)   5.25%
C)   6%
D)   7.25%
E)   8%
Correct answer: D

36.Actress Tisca Chopra was named the Best Actress at the Jio Filmfare Short Film Awards recently for the film

A)   Chutney
B)   Dangal
C)   Sultan
D)   Dear Zindagi
E)   Pink
Correct answer: A

37.The World Bank has projected a global growth of _____ in 2017.

A)   2.1%
B)   2.3%
C)   2.5%
D)   2.7%
E)   2.9%
Correct answer: D

38.The month-long Magh Mela festival began recently at Sangam in

A)   Allahabad
B)   Lucknow
C)   Nasik
D)   Kolkata
E)   Puri
Correct answer: A

39. Norway has become the first country to cease FM radio broadcasting. The capital city of Norway is

A)   Madrid
B)   Stockholm
C)   Copenhagen
D)   Helsinki
E)   Oslo
Correct answer: E

40. Arunachal Pradesh has signed an MoU with NDDB to promote dairy development in the state. The term NDDB stands for

A)   National Dam Development Board
B)   National Dairy Development Board
C)   National Defence Development Board
D)   National Design Development Board
E)   None of these
Correct answer: B

41.Digital payments platform ______________ recently announced India’s first e-wallet protection plan for its users. Under this, the Underlying Wallet Balance of all the customers will be insured up to a limit of Rs 20,000 as long as the user is transacting at least once a month.

A)   Paytm
B)   Mobikwik
C)   FreeCharge
D)   Both 1 and 2
E)   None of the above
Correct answer: C

42.Digital payments platform FreeCharge recently announced India’s first e-wallet protection plan for its users. Under this, the underlying wallet balance of all the customers will be insured up to a limit of Rs 20,000 as long as the user is transacting at least once a month. FreeCharge was seeing a ___________ month-on-month growth (average daily) on consumer acquisition pre-demonetisation, and now it has grown to 200 per cent.

A)   10 per cent
B)   12 per cent
C)   14 per cent
D)   15 per cent
E)   None
Correct answer: D

43.Country’s largest IT services firm _____________ has named Rajesh Gopinathan as its new MD and CEO, after N Chandrasekaran was appointed the Chairman.

A)   Wipro
B)   Genpact
C)   Infosys
D)   Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
E)   HCL
Correct answer: D

44.Name the first woman to ever receive the national award and China’s first Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine. She is best known for discovering artemisinin as a treatment for malaria.

A)   Tsung-Dao Lee
B)   Liu Xiaobo
C)   Mo Yan
D)   Tu Youyou
E)   None
Correct answer: D

45.The latest list for 2016, released by the Boston Consulting Group, on world’s top-50 innovative companies has Apple, Google, ______________, Microsoft and Amazon in the top five positions.

A)   Flipkart
B)   Hero
C)   Tesla
D)   Tata
E)   None
Correct answer: C

46.Apple, Google and Tesla have retained their positions as the world’s most innovative companies on an annual top-50 list, even as ___________have moved out after being the only Indian entity there for two years.

A)   Honda
B)   Tata
C)   Microsoft
D)   Facebook
E)   None
Correct answer: B

47.The latest list for 2016, released by the Boston Consulting Group, on world’s top-50 innovative companies has Apple, Google, Tesla, Microsoft and Amazon in the top five positions. There is no Indian entity on the latest list, though the ranking for 2015 had Tata Motors at _______place. Before that, another Tata group firm TCS was ranked 43rd in 2014 list.

A)   21th
B)   22th
C)   24th
D)   25th
E)   26th
Correct answer: E

48.Name the multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) which was successfully test-fired from Launch Complex-III, ITR, Chandipur.

A)   Jugnu
B)   Astrosat
C)   Pinaka
D)   Swayam
E)   None
Correct answer: C

49.Budget carrier IndiGo in association with Delhi Police has launched ‘_____________’, a social service under which the Gurgaon-based airline would ferry free of cost the bodies of northeast residents who die in Delhi to their homes.

A)   Akhiri Yatra
B)   Akhiri Ahuti
C)   Akhiri Charan
D)   Akhiri Manzil
E)   None
Correct answer: B

50.Snapdeal-owned wallet services firm ___________has said that it was partnering with Indus OS — a forked Android operating system — to directly reach nearly 8 million smartphones.

A)   FreeCharge
B)   PayPal
C)   Paytm
D)   Mobiwik
E)   None
Correct answer: A



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50+ current affairs multiple type question with answer detail


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