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If an assailant seizes you around the waist from behind, you may be able to get one of his fingers and so pry his grip open.

If he is a strong man, however, you will have difficulty in getting hold of a finger, and you will simply lose time making the effort.

Further, you will accomplish little, even if you break his hold, for he is still behind you and can strike you, or get a hold on you.

In a real fight if you broke his fingers he would kick, with more effect on you than breaking his fingers had on him.

When an Assailant seizes you around the waist from behind the most effective defense and the quickest escape is the elbow blow.


If his great strength makes movement impossible, stamp with your heel on his instep or kick him savagely on the shin.

figure 2

Such a trick will momentarily weaken his hold and in that psychological moment twist down and out. In practice make the kick with the strength of your whole body, not merely with the leg muscles. "Put your Stahara into it," but stop a few inches from the mark at which you aim.

Slip down through his arms, turning the left hip forward, swinging on the balls of the feet, making the effort from the Stahara.

figure 3

Simultaneously bring your right elbow directly in front and six or eight inches away from his solar plexus (the pit of his stomach).

Drive your elbow into his solar plexus. In practice put all your force into the blow but stop it three or four inches from the target.

figure 4

This blow properly delivered will knock him out. If not, repeat it till he drops.
Assailant must hold you lightly. In a real attack he would hold you tightly but the kick you would give would loosen his grip.

In order not to forget this kick in a real fight always practice it, counting audibly :
"TAKE HOLD" Assailant seizes you.
"ONE" Simulate the kick with all your strength.
"TWO" Twist down out of his grip, bringing elbow forward.
"THREE" Drive elbow back.

You will soon acquire a Houdini-like expertness in wriggling out of Assailant's grip, if you practice steadily. This practice is a most valuable exercise as it reaches every muscle in your body and teaches you to coordinate your movements.

It makes you alert and able to take advantage of an opening. The untrained man would be so clumsy, and delay so long after the kick, that he would lose the advantage of Assailant's momentary weakness.

When an Assailant has you in any kind of a grip that prevents your delivering a vital blow, always make a primary attack, which, though not sufficient in itself to defeat him, puts you in a position to deliver the real blow.

This practice trains you in the principle. Merely reading it is not enough, you must practice it.
This is a course in Fighting Jujitsu, not Competitive Jujitsu, so do not get the idea that kicking is allowed in a Jujitsu mach. This practice must all be done formally.

In repeated practices, the man behind knows what you are going to do each time, and it is an easy matter for him to prevent you by tightening his arms every time start making a move, and by dropping his body with you every time you drop.

This is a useless way to practice. The man who takes the role of Assailant must reproduce the conditions of an actual fight in which you would execute your defense before Assailant had time to change his tactics.

Repeated practice will make you quick enough to knock a man out before he grips with his full strength. Practicing this trick will develop your reflex action until you have a hair-trigger mind.


When an Assailant seizes you around your waist from behind, passing his arms beneath your arms, you cannot strike him in the solar plexus with your elbow, his arms are in the way.

figure 1

First strike him violently on the nose with the back of your head.
In practice put all your strength into this effort. Make the whole body deliver the blow, not the neck muscles alone. Stop the blow a few inches from his nose.

His head flies back and his muscles loosen, momentarily at least.


At this moment swing your right elbow round onto his neck or the point of his jaw, making the blow come not from the arm muscles but from the Stahara.
Turn on the balls of the feet.

If he ducks to the left swing to your left and give him your left elbow on the jaw or the neck.

figure 3
Stop the blow a couple of inches from the target but put all your force into it.
As he staggers back repeat the blow to the abdomen, giving him the quietus.

figure 4

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