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More VAR Controversy

More VAR Controversy

Obviously, if this had been Moussa Sissoko it would be deemed a handball and penalty to Liverpool

Tottenham benefitted from VAR against Norwich, having been the victim just two days before when Harry Kane was ruled offside.

I pointed out Gazzaniga's yellow card and how it should not have been awarded under the rules.

VAR can ONLY be used for red cards.

The ref awarded a free-kick to Tottenham and VAR overturned that to a penalty to Everton. OK, no problem with that, but if it is deemed not to be a red card, the referee, under the rules, can not then issue a yellow card as he is allowing VAR to make that decision, which it has no power to do.

Then there is the handball (totally accidentally) by Davinson Sanchez and VAR rules out a goal. But if it hits a defenders arm, it isn't a free-kick and isn't a penalty. One rule for attackers, another for defenders. That isn't VAR's fault, that is the rule-makers fault.

If the ball hits an arm and you are going to award a free-kick to the defence then the same rule must apply to the defender and also everywhere else on the pitch. These are the problems when you try to make Football the almost non-contact sport it has become.

We clearly saw Virgil van Dyle handle the ball in the build up to Liverpool's goal against Wolves, yet despite it being clear and obvious, it was deemed not clear and Liverpool were thus granted three points by VAR and the referee.

Offside it the aspect where VAR is ruining football as a spectator sport.

No longer can a crowd celebrate, they do of course, then have to wait for validation and a goal becomes an anti-climax. The fun is being taken out of the game, the spontaneity disappearing. It shouldn't matter if a toenail is offside!

Offside should be determined by the position of the feet, nothing else. The leaning of the body, the position of the head, all irrelevant. You are standing where your feet are.

Spurs would have conceded to Norwich City if that were the case, it was a goal that would have stood if we were to use the feet. 

A defender is being assisted by being slow or by having the wrong body shape, while an attacker is being penalised by leaning his body forward to run.

The game should not be helping poor play and penalising good play, as it is at the moment.

IFAB (International Football Association Board) have suggested that the English Premier League are NOT using VAR correctly by reiterating that it should only be used to correct 'clear and obvious' errors.

It should not be relied upon to try and pinpoint marginal offside calls.

There is absolutely no point having a lineman there raising a flag if you are simply going to rely on a machine.

There needs to be communication. The referee needs to be miked up so the crowd and spectators can hear what is happening, everything should be transparent, not secretive.

In rugby, they don't have lines to check a Forward Pass, they use their eyes and yes you might think they have missed a forward pass at times but that is better than the system football is using or misusing at the moment.

Will we see a striker score a goal and nobody celebrates until VAR has done their checks, then celebrate? It is making a mockery of the game.

If it has been used for several seasons abroad, 3 years in Italy for instance, why are the Premier League using it so incorrectly and so badly? 

They should have studied how others are using it and adopted the same approach, not start from scratch and use it differently to everyone else. 

Which version should you use in international competition, the Italian version or the useless English version?

Are we now going to go to, not only referees interpreting laws in different ways but to VAR officials using it in different ways to. Players won't know what rules they are playing to, or rather interpretations of rules, from one international to the next or from one European tie to the next.

All the clubs voted for its usage, but they voted for it to be used correctly, as per FIFA and UEFA guidelines, not the way it is currently being applied against the rules of the game.

There are many questions the rule makers should be discussing, as should the Premier League.

How can VAR be improved, sorry how can the use of VAR be improved, as it is here to stay? The referees are not happy with it either.

How can the continuity of the game be improved?

How can the communication to the crowd and watching spectators be improved, should a ref have to turn his mike on every time he speaks to a player? It works fine in rugby.

What laws need changing?


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More VAR Controversy


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