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Genuinely Sarcastic Blog
A blog about sports, news, entertainment, my general outlook on life, and other mumbo jumbo
2018-11-25 03:09
Eighteen years ago, I watched Drew Henson bootleg into the endzone in Ohio Stadium and clinch a Michigan victory. Had I known then that that would basically be the final hurrah for Michigan… Read More
The Undiscovered Country
2018-04-04 00:31
(MLive)Villanova 79, Michigan 62When your only tool - or even your primary tool - is a hammer, all you see are nails, and your only solution is to hit them.Outside of the unicorn game agains… Read More
Burial On The Presidio Banks
2016-11-28 09:00
Ohio State 30, Michigan 27 (2 OT)There's an old political adage that goes something along the lines of: In certain places, you not only have to win, you have to win outside the margin of fra… Read More
How Far From Austerlitz?
2016-08-31 02:51
A wise old political science professor once taught me that there are eight stages to a revolution:The existence of preconditionsFall of the old orderThe honeymoon phaseRule of the moderatesA… Read More
2016-01-22 04:22
There is a likely apocryphal quote attributed to Otto von Bismarck. As far as I can tell, there is no sourced evidence that he ever actually said it, but it's attributed to him nevertheless… Read More
2015-10-12 08:49
(Photo courtesy of Michigan Athletics and Exposure)10/10/2015: Michigan 38, Northwestern 0January 12, 2011:"All that glitters is not gold when it comes to some coaches. Sometimes the hype or… Read More
2015-09-03 17:35
In 2011, Brady Hoke declared "this is Michigan, fergodsake", and thought referring to Ohio State as "Ohio" while refusing to wear the color red was some sort of high and mighty insult. It… Read More
2014-12-29 17:29
On January 3, 2011, I sat down to watch a game that was entirely uninteresting to vast swaths of the country. There was very little buzz to the Orange Bowl between Stanford and Virginia Tech… Read More
2014-09-28 01:40
Shane Morris had no business being in the game to be illegally destroyed like that.And he certainly had no business being in the game AFTER being illegally destroyed like that.It was in this… Read More
2014-08-21 19:38
On October 16, 2010, I sat (stood) in the Michigan Stadium student section for the first time, quite literally right behind the band. It was, naturally, an experience quite different from si… Read More
2014-08-15 05:41
(Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)Bruins 3, Red Wings 2 (OT); Eastern Quarterfinals, 1-3   Anyone who has spent more than five minutes reading a post on this blog-t… Read More
2014-07-03 01:23
Usually not much of anything happens in sports during the dog days of summer. Baseball's usually the only gig in town, and I can't figure out this year's Tigers squad for the life of me.Thes… Read More
2014-03-31 05:15
March 20, 2011, Round of 32: #1 Duke 73, #8 Michigan 71 March 29, 2013, Sweet 16: #4 Michigan 87, #1 Kansas 85 March 30, 2014, Elite 8: #8 Kentucky 75, #2 Michigan 72In three of the las… Read More
2014-03-16 04:23
NCAA Championship: Louisville 82, Michigan 76Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engineThere's a reason storybook endings are confined to the pages on which… Read More
2013-11-27 21:44
"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bo… Read More
2013-11-04 07:08
(HT: Ace of MGoBlog) Michigan State 29, Michigan 6; 6-2, 2-2  Breaking Bad fans already know what "Ozymandias" is. You didn't watch the show without looking it up and reading the sonnet… Read More
2013-06-19 19:07
I know there is a large segment of Michigan fans who look down upon fellow Michigan fans who pay any sort of attention to the antics of Michigan State, but highlighting lunacy, and particula… Read More
2013-06-14 03:35
Found at Beemp3.comDo you know why South Vietnam was never able to beat North Vietnam, even with the backing of the most powerful country in the world? It wasn't because the North had superi… Read More
2013-06-11 02:12
Denard Robinson Quarterback, 5'10, 196Deerfield Beach, FL; Deerfield Beach HS Rivals: 4 stars, #14 athlete, #188 overall Scout: 4 stars, #16 cornerback, #159 overall ESPN… Read More
2012-08-10 02:29
"First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. Then you win."-- Mahatma GhandiSince June 10, 2011, basically 14 months, Brady Hoke has landed eight (8) players from the sta… Read More
2011-12-02 15:04
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engineIn early 1942, as the Japanese flexed their military muscles and ran roughshod over southeast Asia, the… Read More
2011-08-29 16:50
Rilo Kiley - Jenny, You're Bar - Rilo Kiley - Jenny .mp3 Found at bee mp3 search engine Sports are funny. If you ever have the ability to step back and look at this thing called fandom a… Read More
2011-05-30 17:40
1986: Youngstown State, trying to boost morale to the economically devastated region of northeast Ohio, hires Ohio State offensive assistant Jim Tressel as head coach.November 17, 1987: Ohio… Read More
2011-05-27 10:00
Welcome to Part 5. Part 1: The Numbers. Part 2: The War of Perception. Part 3: The PSL. Part 4: 2011 and 2012.There's a Latin saying I like to use a lot, mainly because it makes me look much… Read More
2011-05-05 04:40
Sharks 4, Red Wings 3 (OT); Western Semifinals, 0-3 A.A. Bondy - A Slow Parade .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engineI suppose I could just link to this post from exactly one year ago. It's esse… Read More
2011-02-11 00:28
Part 4 and a continuation from the summer. Part 1: The Numbers. Part 2: The War of Perception. Part 3: The PSL.In the almost six months since I finished Part 3 of the "Battle of Michigan" se… Read More
2011-01-05 19:29
Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engineMore often than not, sports always end up blurring our thoughts, distorting our most basic of human emotions. We refer… Read More
2010-11-29 18:58
Note: This is not my work. I did not do the research, I did not voice the opinion, I did not tell the story or transcribe the narrative. I just happen to agree with it wholeheartedly and bel… Read More
2010-11-27 21:35
I would hope that at this point I would've gained a reputation for being at the very least, fair, if not decidedly in the "pro" camp for Rich Rodriguez. All the essay-type posts I've typed u… Read More

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