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Stephen Curry Will Never Be Michael Jordan

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Stephen Curry is not even in the same breathe as Jordan.

A few months ago I wrote a article/blog with the same title.  Stephen Curry Will Never Be Michael Jordan.  I got so much hate for stating some obvious facts and providing evidence why Curry is not Michael Jordan.  This blog is just a follow up to my previous blog.  

In the first blog about the Curry and Jordan comparison, one of the statements I made said, "if you take away Curry's three point shot, then he would score under 20 a game."  That statement alone got me a whole lot of hate.  However, it was obviously not meant to be taken literally.  Obviously you can't take away any players jump shot/three point shot, but you can guard it better.  Steph is just a human, and he simply went cold.  Not only did Stephen Curry go cold, he went silent.  He was flat out awful in the NBA Finals and was not even good in the playoffs.  Yeah he had a few above average nights and even a couple "great" performances but he wasn't the same player we saw in that 82 game season.  Now some of you are saying, "hmmmm... why was his scoring lower in the finals?"  Because the Cleveland Cavaliers played better defense on him.  

Michael Jordan never averaged below 31.2 ppg in a NBA finals series.  Stephen Curry averaged barely 22 points in his latest finals go around, and don't give me the stupid excuse that Curry was injured because he wasn't.  If Curry was injured then he wouldn't of had any good nights.  Infact Stephen Curry only averaged 3.7 apg in the seven game thriller with the Cavs.  In MJ's first finals against the Lakers, he averaged 11 assists and 31 points.   That sounds more like the greatest of all time to me than Curry's 22 and 3.  In the '92-93 series against the Suns, Jordan averaged 41 ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 6.3 apg.  Stephen Curry is never ever going to do something like that, especially now that he has a guy like Kevin Durant on his team demanding shots.  

Oh, and I have yet to even mention the fact that Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors.  This one to me is the biggest one to show that my previous statement was correct.  Stephen Curry won one title against a banged up Cleveland team.  Now Curry has lost a title and he needed to go out and get one of the best players on the planet in order to win.  If Curry was really as good as Jordan was then he would've stepped up and told the general manager that he didn't want KD.  He should of said guys listen we can do this on our own we don't need another star here.  Now any title that Steph Curry gets will be watered down and written off.  Finally something good has come out of the Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder ordeal.  

Stephen Curry has had help that no other superstar has ever had.  I talked about this one a lot in my last blog about the comparison's and KD signing with the Warriors make this point a million times truer.  If you lock down LeBron James then he doesn't really have a go to guy.  Yes LeBron has Kyrie and Kevin Love but let's be honest with ourselves.  Kevin Love has really under performed ever since he got to Cleveland and Kyrie is way to injury prone to count on.  I will give you the fact that James has another superstar on his team but no more.  Stephen Curry has Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and now Kevin freaking Durant.  

The bottom line is until Stephen Curry wins six titles, averages 30-40 ppg, 6-9 apg, and 4-6 rpg then he isn't the greatest of all time and certainly not Michael Jordan.  In fact the two players are not even in the same breathe anymore.  

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Stephen Curry Will Never Be Michael Jordan


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