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Shooting News – Why Threaded Barrels Are the New Black

The silhouette of the suppressed pistol is perhaps even more well-known by the public than that of the suppressed rifle or sub gun. “Silenced” pistols abound in movies and TV shows and their employment in said media is occasionally preceded by a dramatic shot of the operator screwing a suppressor onto their sidearm.

While mounting a silencer on a pistol can be quite simple, it’s often a bit more complex than picking out any suppressor from a shelf and tossing it on the muzzle. So, what do you have to know when buying a pistol suppressor? Important things you should to know about are threaded barrels, pistons and thread protectors.

A threaded barrel is an absolute necessity for attaching a suppressor to a gun. It’s the means by which the silencer itself attaches to the pistol.

In contrast with many modern long guns, most modern pistols do not come equipped with threaded barrels from the factory. While more and more manufacturers are starting to offer suppressor-ready models of their most popular pistols, a good portion of pistols owners have been left without “factory” support for their silent-shooting endeavors.

Buying a quality threaded barrel is vital to the smooth operation of your handgun and not something to skimp on. In 2015, SilencerCo began manufacturing high quality threaded barrels for Glocks, the Sig Sauer P226 and the HK VP9. In 2016, SilencerCo will be releasing five additional threaded barrels to meet the demands for popular calibers.  

Swapping the barrel on a handgun is often much easier than doing the same for a modern sporting rifle. Typically it involves simply field-stripping the gun (after ensuring it’s unloaded) and reassembling it with the threaded barrel instead of the factory barrel. The threaded muzzle will protrude from the slide.
When not shooting suppressed, many handgun owners install a thread protector. A thread protector is usually a small piece of metal that threads over the end of the barrel to protect the threads from being damaged when a suppressor is not attached. Many people who conceal carry a handgun that has a threaded barrel consider thread protectors a must-have item.

Once you’ve got a threaded barrel, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with pistons.

Pistons are a part of the muzzle booster assembly and seat inside the silencer.. As the “booster” moniker implies, they ensure that the action of a gun gets enough recoil energy to properly cycle. Generally speaking, they only need to be used with guns that feature tilting barrel designs (sometimes the tilting barrel action is referred to as a “Browning action). Modern pistols that utilize tilting barrels include Glocks, 1911s, CZ-75s, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, and Springfield XDs, to name a few.

Firearms that utilize fixed barrels, like most ARs, submachine guns, AKs, and so on, do not need to use pistons to function reliably. Attaching a suppressor to a fixed-barrel gun is often accomplished by directly threading it onto the muzzle or using a quick-detach mount.

Pistons work by temporarily relieving the “weight burden” of a suppressor from the pistol it’s attached to. Pistons are available in a number of different thread patterns for easy attachment to a variety of hosts.

Pistons can be added or removed from most suppressors in a matter of minutes—consult your silencer’s manual for instructions.

Armed with the knowledge about how threaded barrels and silencer pistons work, you’re ready to mount a suppressor on your pistol.

Ready to buy a threaded barrel?

Now that you know more about threaded barrels, it’s time to make a purchase.  Click the button below to see what threaded barrels SilencerCo has to offer.


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Shooting News – Why Threaded Barrels Are the New Black


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