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Date:  01 February 2022


BACKGROUND:  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

SETTING: This is mostly written while watching some college hoops while the wife picks out wedding dresses for her friend. Released Tuesday morning before the workday.

  1. NFL: 
    1. Joe Burrow came back to win, fought off late Mahomes heroics, and becomes the leader of the most surprising team we have had in the Super Bowl for many years.  Good for them, even if they are a Steelers rival.  The other team bought their success, and you have to feel like the Bengals have a fighter’s chance by being that special team simply on a roll.
    2. Matthew Stafford is fifth all-time in fourth quarter comebacks, if you didn’t know.  I didn’t.  Anyway, he did it on the biggest stage, and the expensive trades are starting to come together late in the season.  I want them to win still, but want a great game primarily.
    3. (Because I have a future bet on the Rams winning it all, so I can now hedge a little on the Bengals and not care who wins…)
    4. Antonio Brown will be suing the Buccaneers for wrongful actions against him…because he is totally a stable guy.  We may or may not be over the constant AB stories in our face every few months.  But getting AB in a courtroom?  I am ALL for that.
    5. I hope both Super Bowl teams are at full strength going into the game, but and hopefully the unending COVID story will not be a factor.
    6. We probably will never know the full story about why Dan Quinn went back to Dallas, but Nathaniel Hackett is now the Broncos’ man as head coach.  As long as they chose him for all the right long-term reasons and NOT Aaron Rodgers, a temporary QB solution who may or may not deliver a Super Bowl, I am OK with this hire.  But mainly, I am happy that my team doesn’t have constantly rotating coaches (Tomlin is mine).
    7. I will wonder if the uncertainty of the Broncos ownership had anything to do with ending up with Hackett.  That is a lot of high-up unknowns to feel comfortable about YOUR job security as a head coach coming in.
    8. The Texans fired David Culley as their head coach.  The guy only got one year to prove anything, had a star QB on the bench because of accusations, and had a locker room learning to adjust with the absence of JJ Watt.  I am unclear how anyone thinks he got a fair shake.
    9. The Chiefs-Bills ending sparked a lot of talk on the controversial OT rules.  My take on it is this.  People were whining about Allen not getting a rebuttal.  We can argue the OT rules until the sun goes down.  The bottom line is that you ALSO don’t want teams PLAYING for OT.  The scariness of a coin flip might ruin a classic like that game, but you can also argue against other types of solutions too.
    10. Big Ben retires.  What a weird legacy.  Two rings, no losing seasons, and not really overly likeable.  And then you throw in a couple alleged rapes and a motorcycle crash, and you just really just shrug your shoulders that he is exiting stage left.  A mixed bag.  True, a clear HOF mixed bag, but he will always get mixed reviews.  As a Steelers fan, I always felt better with him under center, but admit the rest of the NFL’s opinion.  Of course, the mixed bag for Steelers fans is who the heck is going to be their QB next year.  We do NOT do rebuilds.
    11. Tom Brady retires.  His legacy is pretty rock solid.  No trouble, GOAT, and leaving in a possible MVP year.  And only Eli Manning can wink at him during any future ceremonies.
    12. Or did he?  Monday night had countering stories (way to drag THAT out, Tom.)
    13. Aaron Rodgers is going to make us roll out eyes for a this very long offseason.  Man, I hope that that wink by Tomlin was not just for the cameras.
    14. Sean Payton will not be back with the Saints.  He is a great coach, but when Brees retired, the uncertainty at QB eventually did him in, no matter how genius he is.
    15. Bills fans are legendary over the years for being giving.  After the 13 second debacle, the Chiefs fans gave them a refreshing taste of their own medicine by organizing a donation movement to a Bills hospital in exact $13 increments.  Pretty stellar group movement.
    1. Gary Patterson joined Sark’s Texas staff, and Brian Billick joined Herman Edwards at Arizona State.  If these two items are not coaches simply wanting to be around football every day no matter how much history they already made, I don’t know what is.  Retreads that you should still listen to, college kids.
    2. The Sooners had another decommit.  Their top WR recruit was the villain.  But, before I jumped to any conclusions, I realized he was the teammate of the QB who already jumped to USC, so this made sense…unfortunately.
    1. I watched a little of the West Virginia-Baylor game.  SOOOOO cool that Baylor played the game with the names of the Immortal Ten on their jerseys instead of real names.
    2. My present Final Four prediction:  I love Purdue and think they are a complete team.  Gonzaga has all the pieces also for a deep run, and the experience.  I think Kansas is pretty impressive when they want to be, and will write off the recent UK loss at home.  And I think UCLA will make a Final Four return.  For my alternates, I don’t think Nova will go quietly, and I see Wisconsin, Marquette, and North Carolina as regular season underachievers with many of the pieces to get hot for a six-game run.  Oh, and I hope everyone had fun beating down Kentucky the last couple of years.  They will be dangerous also.
    3. Talk about having the last laugh.  Ex-UCONN coach Kevin Ollie received a decision that he was fired wrongly.  He received $11 million in that decision.
    4. I remember when I thought that Memphis and Michigan were going to be contenders this year.  Penny Hardaway can NOT lose his cool in a presser though.  He sounded unprofessional, angry, and more like an active player than a coach with his street-speak presser.
    5. I think Bruce Pearl owes Jabari Smith a going away present after this season.  Smith helped Pearl, almost personally, get to their first ever #1 ranking AND get Pearl a lifetime contract extension.
    6. Dick Vitale is out until 2023 because of health problems.  Get better.  College hoops is not the same without you.
    7. Louisville fired Chris Mack and you KNOW Rick Pitino raised his eyebrows and thought about making a phone call.  We are all glad he put down the phone.
    8. Talk about a story that doesn’t make the headlines that makes you smile.  Texas guard Andrew Jones, a leukemia survivor himself, donated some of his NIL money to the V Foundation and cancer research.  Kids are already figuring it out here and there on their own.
  4. NBA: 
    1. The Kyrie road game experiment is interesting, but I can’t see HOW this works out, and I really won’t be rooting for it to happen.
    2. Don’t look not, but Ja Morant is becoming a superstar right in front of our eyes. 
    3. Klay Thompson has returned and looked sort of ridiculously in rhythm considering the time he was out.
    4. Embiid is making an MVP run (recently scored 50 points in 27 minutes), but the consistency of Jokic should get him the MVP still.  He is without Murray AND Porter, and now the Nuggets are even starting to win a little more.  If the Nuggets are somewhat close to the Sixers overall record, the nod should go to Jokic in a heartbeat.
    5. Ben Simmons couldn’t shoot before.  I can’t wait to see how long HE takes to “get into a rhythm.”  If the Sixers somehow can get Embiid some collateral with Ben, they will be a contender to come out of the East immediately.
    6. Say what you want about his abrasive personality or the job security of Vogel, but Russell Westbrook has been better since he was benched at the end of that game.
    7. The Clippers’s reserves came back from 35 down.  Do you think the scrubs talk shit to the starters by the third quarter at this point?
    8. The Jazz lost Joe Ingles for the year.  This is really sad for the individual AND the team.  He is a model glue guy who can still score in spurts and is the smartest player on the floor.  The Jazz every year are SO close to putting everything together every single year, and then they simply get some bad luck this year.
    9. The Kobe anniversary really had some great stuff on social media and on TV.  It never gets old hearing the stories.
    10. Congrats to Andrew Wiggins, who is taking the weirdest road back to stardom.  He was named an ASG starter, and the Warriors will be really scary when Klay gets timing back, Green gets healthy, Curry gets past this slump, and if Wiggins keeps playing like this.
    11. Well, Curry was in a slump until Porter mouthed off to him before the fourth quarter last night.
  5. NHL:  
    1. The Flyers defenseman Keith Yandle is the new NHL ironman for consecutive games played.  Not quite the same fanfare as the Ripken run, aye?
  6. MLB: 
    1. Robot umpires are coming folks.  We get to complain about bad robotic calls before the robots then take over the world.
    2. The HOF voting said no to Bonds, Sosa, Schilling, and Clemens.  I will simply say this.  Baseball loved these guys when they were saving baseball, and Clemens and Bonds were HOF’ers BEFORE they started cheating.  Sosa and Schilling can hit the road in my opinion.  But, Bonds and Clemens should have gotten the votes.  I mean, Ortiz, WAS technically also in a report about cheating, but nothing was proven.  Ortiz, Bonds, and Clemens all should have gotten in this year.
    3. Ohtani will be the first Asian athlete to be on a cover of a video game in the USA (in the four major sports).  The Show 2022 made the obvious, smart move and it is well-deserving.
    1. Nadal took down the Aussie Open.  The debate on GOAT can continue to rage as Djokovic and Federer are not done yet, the French being the next one gives Nadal a great chance at making it 22 very quickly, and I was most interested in reading the stat that Nadal has only come back from two sets down four times ever.  Thought it would be more.  Of course, when you are typically destroying people in straight sets, you have to worry about that less.
    2. The USMNT beat El Salvador, which they should.  They also lost to Canada, which they shouldn’t.
    3. I really need less Stephen A. Smith on the television.  His rants were welcomed at one point perhaps a little more, but we are being pushed WAY too much of him.  Don’t have one show end and have him walk on a different show…and then host SportsCenter or whatever.  Less is more, folks.
  8. LOCAL
    1. Love Colorado weather.  Monday was 62, and a storm will be here by Tuesday night or so.
    2. The new Supper Club on 44th and Federal has a pretty cheap happy hour pizza that hits the spot.
    3. But, the happy hour Cart Driver Daisy pizza is still better.
    4. Queso in the Highlands:  Tacos Tequila Whiskey #1.  Senor Bear #2.
    5. Universal Wild Boar Scramble is the best scrambled eggs in the Highlands.
    6. Rodizio Grill is a great place to go before a Nuggets or Avs game.  You make sure you don’t eat crap at the venue.
    7. Grateful Gnome had a live Grateful Dead band on Friday that you might want to check out if into that.  Nothing like a good sandwich, a craft brew, and Dead in the background.
    8. Bar Dough has a brunch carbonara that is ridiculously good.  Just not the biggest serving.
    9. Keep track of the tribute bands played at the Oriental.  We just saw Tool, Limp Bizkit, and Blink 182 this weekend and it was FUN….
    10. I try to get other things at Billy’s Inn, but always fill the stomach with the Bacon stuffed or Skippy burger.  They DO have a new brunch menu though.
    1. In The Dark is our bingy show, but recently lost its magic for a few episodes.  Then, kind of got it back, but not as good as first two seasons…yet.
    2. We just started Ozark, the show where you constantly say “Now, HOW are they getting out of THIS one??”  Plus, how do you NOT like Jason Bateman?
    3. Cobra Kai is next on my list.
    4. We haven’t had the bandwidth to keep on The Witcher.  There are too many shows out there…
    5. The Great is fantastic and will have you muttering Huzzah all the time with your friends.
    6. Don’t Look Up was a solid movie.  Think of a satire of Armageddon.
    7. The Righteous Gemstones is still fantastic.
    8. Alec Baldwin is having a bad year.  He was recently sued for slamming fallen soldier who was in the Capitol riot.   The price tag is $25 mil.
    9. Meat Loaf died.  Very sad, and I will personally never forget walking through every single floor of our library during pledging singing “I Would Do Anything For Love” at the top of my lungs.
    10. Fear Movie Lions is my new temporarily favorite IPA.
    11. The Dr. Dre chess commercial for the Super Bowl is pretty tight.  Old school or not, he knows how to bring it.  We will NOT be let down.  As you know, he is my guy in music.
    12. (And I liked the commercial because my next tattoo (soon) will be a rook on my chest…)
    13. Two people are suing Universal because Ana de Armas was not in the film Yesterday.  They deleted her scenes, and they are collectively suing for $5 million on a 2x $3.99 investment.  Sign of the Armageddon for the week.
    1. I am still learning Spanish.  Coming along nicely, although slowly.
    2. We are pretty sure we will be going to Belize for my 50th this year.  Site of our honeymoon, and probably where we do a working retirement too.
    3. I promise.  The podcast will be back.  I need to get back on that.  Talking sure as heck is easier than typing all of this.
    4. I started back on non-swimming workouts.  Back to boxing and lifting.  My age joke of the week is that I was glad my left shoulder was hurting after a workout.  It took my focus off of my actual bad shoulder daily pain.
    5. I try to eat salads.  Not sure if I would eat ANY salads though without Everything seasoning.
    6. One of my odd weaknesses is that I can’t ever place who the cartoon voices are played by.
    7. Stacy’s Mom is still a favorite song of mine.  When someone can’t think of a request, I just blurt it out.

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  1. THE BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER FOR THIS WEEK (because the best song this week IS the best song ever…for now):
  7. GONE FISHING (the riddle for money):
  8. PICS BY MY PIXEL (pictures from my phone):
  10. EVERGREEN 1: 
  11. EVERGREEN 2: 

And our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out this summer… Top Gun 2.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.

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