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Date: 21 August 2020


BACKGROUND:  This started as a long-winded numbered blog.  It transformed into an organized long-winded category blog.  Now, it is a quick-hitter to ease your pain.  I lack time.  So, the preparation of the blog actually made me procrastinate from writing the thing.  Let’s see who makes the cut.  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

SETTING: This is written on Friday after work.  I tried to continue to stick to one subject only per sport until “This and That.”

  1. EVERGREEN 1:  PORZINGIS.  I hated this through and through.  Look at one of my tweets of the week below.  Playoff basketball is different than regular season basketball.  And I am tired of today’s political line.  True, Porzingis SHOULD have known he already had a technical (a really bad, weak one), and not pushed anyone.  But, BOTH were bad overall.  Keep the stars in the game in the playoffs.  Keep the playing fields leveled UNLESS someone breaks the rules in such an obvious fashion that you are forced to blow the whistle.  Just separate, warn, and call it a day.  The Mavs even came out with a hobbled Porzingis in Game 2, and won the game evenly matched.  I am not saying that the Mavs’ year is this year.  I am not saying that I don’t want the Lakers and Clips in the conference finals.  I am just saying that this is the playoffs.  Let the players play, keep the stars in the game when you can, remember the 80’s and 90’s when fisticuffs didn’t even get you kicked out, and put DOWN the whistle.
  2. EVERGREEN 2:  TATIS.  I love old school baseball.  I love the unwritten rules.  But, things have changed.  Someone write down these “unwritten” rules, please.  Someone don’t give crap to a young Trout-like special player who just wants to do his best at the plate each and every time.  Fernando Tatis hit a grand slam on a 3-0 count up 10-3.  I don’t care if a sign was missed.  Tatis was involved previously in a comeback that was similar.  The Rangers beat a team once 30-3 way back when and they weren’t crucified.  We, the fans, love home runs.  Give this one a rest.  Love the unwritten rules.  Let’s not lose sleep over a missed sign and a guy wanting to excel.  Both the Rangers and Tatis were right by the way.  They both have a point, but we don’t need to point a finger at either.
  3. NFL:  JUJU.  This has nothing to do with me being a Steelers fan.  This is not about bias.  This is not me trying to create a homer hook about nothing.  No.  The story about JuJu Smith-Schuster not being concerned about his contract is a refreshing story in a world of egotistical athletes demanding trades seemingly on a daily basis.  JuJu just  wants to play ball, and thinks things will work themselves out.  Is he underpaid?  Yes.  Has he overachieved his contract?  Without a doubt.  Is it nice to hear that he just wants to ball and work out things with the classy organization who DOES take care of the athletes they need to.  Heck, they even took care of a rapist (allegedly), so this is kind of a blessing.  Glad Bell and Brown hit the road and I wish them all the misfortune professionally evermore.  Thank you, JuJu, for allowing me to continue to believe that not all athletes fall into the selfish stereotype.
  4. COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  FAILURE THUS FAR.  The NBA bubble has worked…because it is a BUBBLE.  And, we like to think it has more mature athletes past their collegiate immaturity.  Are we concerned about college football?  Yes.  OU had nine positive tests.  UF had four players sit out.  UNC had non-athletic problems.  Some players are opting out fully.  Recruiting wars have taken a COVID twist with the Big 10 and Pac 12 sitting out.  Betting has halted on college football.  Petitions by kids who want to play hoping to achieve 4000 signatures are past 200,000.  This is a mess.  AND, the students are JUST coming back!  I love college football.  I assume, since you are reading this blog, that you probably do too.  But, this is not going down people.  Well, actually and unfortunately, technically it IS going down, but in the way that it is not happening, or at least in the pure sense we want it to.  Sad, a shame, and we are basically hoping things clear up by doing the same thing at each university where positive tests keep happening.  Positive tests are positive tests, but God forbid if we lose a life at any university during this experiment.  Then, it will go away very quickly.  The season will start, and then stop, folks.  Get ready for that truth.
  5. COLLEGE BASKETBALL:  I heard an interview with Coach K about the near future of college hoops.  He is right.  He said they NEED to have the tourney this year.  If we need to postpone the season, do it.  If the regular season is not as just.  So be it.  But, he said March Madness allows the NCAA to receive about 98% of its earnings, so we need to figure out a way.  There is time to adjust.  There will probably be a vaccine by the smart people.  Perhaps people will ALL start wearing masks outside of their house.  However we do it, again, he is correct.  March Madness MUST happen.  Plus, I really went through withdrawals this past year, so we need it for my selfish reasons too. 
  6. NBA:  PLAYOFFS.  In this time of adjustment, masks, social distancing, and bubbles, what else can you POSSIBLY ask for in the NBA?  They have zero positive test results.  James Harden seems to have forgotten that the GM thought he needed Russell to win a title.  There was a play-in game.  Dame Time is all the time apparently except when he hurts his non-shooting hand, and he became the first player to score 40 or more in three straight wins when his team won by three or less (sounds like a Bill Walton statement).  The Spurs oddly aren’t in this year after 22 freaking years.  The Suns went 8-0 and still didn’t make it.  Donovan Mitchell scored 57 in a game.  Luka had the most amount of points ever for a first playoff game performer.  The Celtics looks unstoppable even without Hayward.  The Sixers look like they will use losing Ben Simmons as their excuse.  The Raptors look like a Clippers-Raptors final would have all KINDS of storylines.  The Nets are young and getting beat down, but we remember that Irving and Durant will join the party next time.  The Warriors just landed the #2 pick and they aren’t even IN the bubble and will be a favorite next year.  Klay Thompson has commercials about his REHAB.  Did I already mention Luka?  I did?  Good.  My guy.  The Bucks look like a higher skilled Nuggets team when it comes to bringing energy to the table.  Two #8 seeds beat two #1 seeds in their Game 1.  The Miami Heat play defense and light you up from deep…as a unit.  This is all that and a bag of chips, folks.  Tune in, and enjoy the bubble ride.
  7. NHL:  The Avs are winning this, folks.  I said before the year started, and I will say it again after they just won their series 4-1.  Book it.  I am going to have an internal struggle if my Flyers end up on the losing end in the Finals, but I can’t get past the talent on the Avs’ roster.
  8. MLB:  BUY-IN.  As NOT buying in is what I am talking about.  There is no bubble in MLB.  They aren’t in a hub.  But, there still are rules.  Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac “went out” in Chicago the other night, totally breaking team and MLB rules.  And they are part of a badass Cleveland Indians’ rotation that has promise.  Now, this is insulting on a lot of levels.  One, it breaks trust with your teammates, who are roughing through the same semi-bubble that you are.  Two, it is a 60-game season, and it is a sprint, not the usual marathon.  Every game is important.  Three, it is endangering teammates health by bringing in possible COVID, and those teammates have loved ones who care.  Clevinger was supposed to pitch two days later.  Embarrassing. 
  9. MISCELLANEOUS:  You ever have the most trivial piece of information come across your desk that makes you feel really, extra old?  I had one today.  Hidden in small print, and since it is his only option, Phil Mickelson will play a Senior Tour event to help prep for the US Open.  I had to back it up (Cueing George Costanza in Seinfeld and the beeping truck noises).   First of all, he is OLD enough?  Ugghhh.  He is.  Second, I have literally watched his entire career from start to finish, and now he is on the Senior Tour???  Man, that aged me more than trying to recognize the new songs and the old songs on the radio.  My wife is thirteen years my younger, so I do a good job of staying “hip,” (aged term also) but damn you, Phil.  Thanks for turning 50.  Ugghhh again.
  10. THIS AND THAT:  RANDOM THOUGHTS.  My favorite part.  Rambling.  Boston University will give someone a degree if they die during their education now from COVID.  I listened to Kamala’s first speech the other day.  Can she just be President?  Is The Weekend’s new song SUPPOSED to sound like every other song in 1986?  What am I missing?  I have been to La Jolla once.  Fancy place.  THIS hole in the wall goes for WHAT????  In my journal about how the world is slowly ending, we are already at “J” in the Hurricane alphabet and it is August.  AMC is opening up again soon, and movie tickets are $.15, and I believe pre-COVID we were all bitching about how much movies cost.  A GOP governor compared kids going back to school with Osama bin Laden.  A Russian power lifter fractured both knee caps while attempting to do a 900 lb squat, and you are damn right I didn’t watch the video.  America might not put on a sign that we are hoping for herd immunity, but we apparently are subconsciously doing it as a unit.  Sturgis just had a BUNCH of positives ride out from their motorcycle get together all over the country.  That should help things.  If you have never hiked Hanging Lake by Glenwood, then you are missing out, and although I hear the fire didn’t officially burn the lake area, they are unsure of the biological effect.  For those of us who have hiked it, we know you can’t even swim in the perfectly balanced beautiful ecosystem.  Wife went out the other night, and I went solo to Billy’s Inn and had a socially distanced burger within TV view.  It was awkwardly beautiful and delicious.  A driver hit a school bus and was at fault, then saved some of the kids, before keeling over and dying.  I watched a special on how a Pacific Octopus dies from starvation watching their 100,000 eggs.  Wow.  I heard a horrible song on the radio at a restaurant.  Wife says “Do you know who this is?”  I said “since it sounds like the worst thing ever, I assume it is Natalie Imbruglia?”  “You are correct, Mark.”  I kind of dig the song Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus, and I hated her aside from her The Voice appearances.  A guy in Colorado beat down a mountain lion last year.  An Australian surfer just punched a shark to save a woman.  I don’t want much, but I hope my legacy is beating the hell out of some otherwise unstoppable animal force.  That would be cool.  If there is a Clueless reboot, does that mean I have to watch the first one?  If there is Who’s The Boss reboot, does that mean I have to make my wife watch the first one?  Death Valley is really living up its name, as it posted 130 degrees the other day.  Last time a temperature like that was hit, it was like 80 years ago…in Death Valley.  My wife just informed me that there might be a pepperoni shortage, and I think I know my Friday night meal since she is away (she is at a fancy resort in Mexico that apparently is about to get hit by a tropical depression-that is weird).   Water World is closed, the USA sucks at COVID, and Wuhan is having water park parties with no masks.  Ugghhh.  In my opinion, there are only two prime rib/French dip sandwiches to DIE for.  #1.  White House in Aspen.  Far down at #2.  American Elm on 38th in the Highlands.  Every one I have had besides those two are WAAAAYYYY down the list of levels.  Also, at American Elm, they carry the Bang Bang Double IPA by Station 26, and that quickly went to #2 on my IPA list…right behind Shane McConkey and right ahead of Moral Panic.  There is a pet photo contest, and since I have said since the beginning that our munchkin cat, Charlee, is our ticket to retiring in Belize, I have spent the time while Lindsey is out of town taking cute pictures of my millionaire producing feline.  I had Jimmy John’s the other day, and I realized that I lost a good 10 years of my life by somehow picking Subway over Jimmy John’s when I was driving and needed a quick sandwich.  JJ so much rocks more.  Has anyone invented the mask hanger yet?  I assume so, but the masks around our house are mounting up.  I hear that Trump wanted to swap Greenland with Puerto Rico and that sounds about right for something that he would do.  Florida will release 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes, and this just feels like the wrong time to have a mini Jurassic Park experiment in our most bipolar state.  I hung up on Marriott robot who said I won a contest for a free stay, and I feel like I made a mistake.  Tenet has been advertised since pre-COVID, and I am ready for another Deja-Va/Inception confusing movie in this weird time.  Wolverines returned to Mount Rainier Park and I might have to watch Red Dawn while Lindsey is away (trying to NOT watch The Wire without her, but very tough). 


  1. THE BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER FOR THIS WEEK (because the best song this week IS the best song ever…for now):
  7. GONE FISHING (the riddle for money):
  8. PICS BY MY PIXEL (pictures from my phone):

The theme?  Well, with no clear cut favorite or mention, anytime Seinfeld is mentioned, it wins.  Point blank.  Back it up. You should rewatch. It happens at the end of the 1:36 clip.

And our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out next summer… Top Gun 2.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.

jerry jones not releasing anthem policy
buckeyes day wants january start
celtics stevens contract extension
giannis suspended one game-headbutt
Joe Kelly suspension reduced
boys pick up de griffen vikes
le’veon bell says best ever
griffin felt like cinderella hc for a day
senators framing future college sports legislation
zion ready to get body where it needs to be
fsu wr’s call out covid process at school
jets dc says adams might not be as involved in seattle
LeBron dodgers stadium poll station
Tyler Adams abroad goals
raptors Griffin domestic violence charges
habs julien
laureano suspension reduced
uab linebacker dies gunshot wound
Isaiah’s jersey beach lice
ohio state iowa parents mad at postponed season
gruden calls mariota playmaker
Packers Clark highest paid nt
fda saliva testing funded nba
Alex smith cleared
bruyne top epl player
gerald mccoy-knee injury cowboys
russia investigation
cuse accidentally sends out acceptance letters
barca fires setien
sec unveils opening game
jam master Jay killers found
James recalls saving melo
Idaho transgender law
tatis pile on grand slam makes other team unhappy
Hayward ankle injury
two rangers suspended for actions after tatis slam
flores pearson pro football hof
barca pres now manager, messi to stay
Nick markakis covid
Amsterdam collapsing
ot um mayfield to draft
Ortega Jung Oct ufc
John focke bobcats twitter slur
NBA ok’s non restart teams for mini bubbles
Jill Biden speaks dnc
drone bear air force 1
hoodie not ruling out platooning cam and stidham
lakers still focused on taylor case
2 women say guice raped them lsu
kiffin says allow big ten players to transfer
cook-vikes impasse contracts
NFL secure environment
Bauer free Joe Kelly cleats
brennaman anti gay slur
pac-12 gives merton hanks football operations position
liverpool will open vs. leeds
obama rebuke on trump
arians says gronk of old is in camp
jenkins says saints tighter after brees talk
ga state qb heart condition covid
nflpa preparing for free agency delay
steve bannon-fraud
jets owner issue
kittle 5/75 contract 49ers

Biden dnc speech

California wildfires

Lebron calls out ad campaign for misusing tweet

Lillard injury-ok

Lori Loughlin to do time

Sean mcdermott extended

jalen hurts injures knee
ravens have dez bryant in for workout
dez leaves ravens camp with no deal
chiefs ban headresses, paint, looking at chop
seahawks waive rookie cb for sneaking female into hotel
dion dawkins lt bills contract through 2024
chiefs kelce 4/57 mil extension
Emmert no fall titles except football for now
Snyder being forced to sell?
7 nfl officials op out for season
sec coaches heated over other two opponents
Chris Hogan joins 4th AFC east team
Alex smith healed cleared
washington hires jason wright as team president, first black, fourth player ever

 Pacman jones burns delivered haden jerseys


steve levy, louis riddick, brian griese new mnf team
big 12 posts revised slate
betting on college football halted at all sportsbooks
big east cancels fall
dabo says no big ten, pac-12 doesn’t devalue title
economic effect of no football on college towns
#1 recruit to train hs senior year, enter osu early-jack sawyer
#1 recruit ewers Texas 22
Justin fields petition
Kennedy Brooks opts out
ou-nine players positive
justin fields petition at 175k plus
kary vincent jr lsu cb opts out
four Florida players sit out practice
saban says opt outs might turn football into JV
big ten parents going to HQ
big ten might kill their recruiting
fiww buys smartspace
Saturday workout
no driving range
last day stylist hair
mom piano video

Back to pasta when linds is gone

coach k says we NEED to have tourney this year-money

as of august 5, still zero positives
westbrook injury-playoffs
lue where
heat bam second youngest at 15-10-5 in season-oscar
remaining bubble games-
griz-blazers play-in
bulls fire boylen
divac out dumars in kings
gentry dismissed-he got wronged
Conley leaves bubble birth child
draft combine virtual
ujiri-new video shows he was shoved first
joe harris leaves bubble non-medical issue

Amazing players ALL in bubble

Zach collins out for season

avs start series Arizona
tuukka rask opts out before game 3
betting on flyers
betting on avs

Women comment by announcer

charlie blackmon is .500 for season
strasburg gets ejected wearing street clothes in stands
joe kelly scalls astros snitches
betts three homers record tying 6th time-sosa, mize
judge ir
reds-pirates postposned positive test
plesac, clevinger breach trust of indians-went out
twins maeda almost no no
astros alvarez may be done for season
mets, marlins-yanks postponed

Strasburg has carpal tunnel

Wyndham pga
fans boo mls kneelers during anthem
thursday in august: No Rockies game.
No Avs game.
No Nuggets game.
No Broncos game.
No Rapids game.
venus-serena play match
bubble next year?
local caddie costs golfer round after touching sand in match play
bayern beats barcelona 8-2 in ucl semi’s
austin dillon positive, will miss daytona
cornier miocic
Wyndham pga
jon jones vacates light heavyweight titel
tiger woods kid, charlie, wins junior golf tourney
koepka out injured
de la Hoya returning to ring
tiger playing again 68

Ncaa will give fall athletes extra year eligibility

prince Harry Meghan buy in sb
goofing 30 women groping
pentagon to investigate ufo sightings
circa stadium swim is sick
Fire-cali-colorado, etc.
mahomes, lebron join voter suppression group
usps-election 2020
unc-4 clusters of positive tests
democratic national convention kicks off
clueless reboot
new jersey invasive bugs-spotted lanternfly
Ohio newlyweds donate serve food homeless shelter
20 20 hustlers
Michelle Obama speech
20 states sue usps
ms down to final five flag designs
wall street hits new high-first since pandemic started
students asking for tuition discounts
ufc fight
bang bang double ipa is my new favorite
alamo drafthouse reopening
charlee’s big break
Billie eilish at dnc
rob spin
american airlines stops service to 15 cities

Sprinklers during quarantine

Fog in hunger games like covid

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