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Date: 09/15/2019


BACKGROUND:  This started as a long-winded numbered blog.  It transformed into an organized long-winded category blog.  Now, it is a quick-hitter to ease your pain.  I lack time.  So, the preparation of the blog actually made me procrastinate from writing the thing.  Let’s see who makes the cut.  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

SETTING: This is mainly written on the flight back from San Diego.  Touched up, with added additions, on Sunday before and after the Steelers game.  It has been a while with a trip in the middle, so this one IS a little longer.  Sorry.

  1. EVERGREEN: I admit it.  I had to start compiling a list on my blog list for all of the Antonio Brown incidents.  And I can’t say I am unhappy.  I love watching this from afar an ex-Steeler fan.  Let me see if I get everything.  Foot hypothermia.  Unhappiness about his helmet.  GM altercation, cracker usage allegations.  $54k in fines, and posting the GM letter.  Posting the Gruden call.  Signed by Pats.  Gets $20 mil more because it is the Patriot Way.  Big Ben feud.  Business is Boomin’ Instagram.  Spells Foxboro wrong in social media post.  Rape accusations.  Countersue on rape allegations.  Turns down $2 million settlement on rape allegations.  Did I miss anything?  True, it is hard for me to step outside of the anti-fandom box, but what have we learned from Ray Rice?  Nothing?  Roger Goodell, put him on leave.  Make him take a hit for the season and suspend him.  Or, just warn him to stay in the player box.  But, one way or the other, you are on the clock for learning, Roger.  And I get players taking control of their own destiny and demanding trades and not being controlled by owners, but tell me if this is not a little ridiculous.  Sorry, AB, you are crossing the line, and I hope karma gets you a little.  Ben is a jerk, but he also MADE you.  Respect that, or do something brilliant with someone else before you talk all this smack.  And you might not know history and that Terry Bradshaw won four out of four Super Bowls, but he did, and did it in a classy way.  And HE is calling you out.  Be different.  Be loud.  But, follow the damn rules.
  2. EVERGREEN 2:  I don’t typically do this for Evergreen, but this is in fluid style.  I typically focus on one topic, but I have been on vacation, working remotely, have limited time, and plenty to say.  Too much has happened since my pre-San Diego blog. 
    1. I am truly happy that they didn’t find anything as far as illegal payments for Zion Williamson.  Sure, he could have been a Reggie Bush that we forgave, but considering he might be the next MJ as far as commercial selling for the NBA, it is better he starts clean.  No one goes to Duke when they are paid.  Players go to off-the-beaten path schools, who we raise our eyebrows at their decision, when they are paid.
    1. Football is back, and it is heavenly.  Whether it be the massive debacle that was the initial Packers-Bears game or the classic mic drop of Drew Brees on Monday night when less than a minute is too long to give him to go the length of the field, we are excited.
    1. I despise the player control of teams.  I hate that they can see greener grass, want more money, and push on their owners to get it.  Whether it is Clowney to a contender, Zeke going to Cabo, Bell getting the same amount of money he rejected with the Steelers, Gordon just getting bored, or Trent Williams realizing he is one of the true fundamentally sound OL in the NFL on a team he doesn’t want to be on anymore, they should play the game.  MJ won six titles with a team he had no control over.  They should play the hand they were dealt and stop complaining.
    1. Serena Williams will be the best of all time when it is said and done.  But, MAN, is she having a problem winning her 24th.  And she is losing to NOT HOF’ers.  0-4 in the last four Slam matches, suddenly overpowered in each one or lighting up the unforced errors column, and WHY does she cruise through the draw and then get beat by a lesser opponent at the end?  Baffling.  It won’t “ruin” her legacy, but it sure is tainting it.
    1. There was a tie in week 1 of the NFL season between two teams that will go nowhere anyway.  Get rid of the OT rules.  Either adopt the college rules and place them at the 35 instead of the 25, make a TD have to be matched if someone scores first, or change the rules in OT.  Tiebreakers are confusing enough when it comes playoff time, so let’s clear up that mess and let players have win-loss closure each week when there are only 16 games in a season.  A hard week of field work deserves closure on a win or loss in a violent sport.
    1. Nadal is a work of art that you are witnessing personally.  Sure, he has the stats.  But, let THIS sink in.  In every point of every single game of every single match, he plays the point like someone will take his tennis racket away when the point is done.  Players in every sport take plays off.  He does not.  Enjoy this dominance, and especially since his dominance is occurring when two of the other greatest of all time are playing concurrently.
  3. NFL (in fluid style): The Steelers extended Joe Haden’s contract, but they need, and have always needed, a bookend CB.  Never have I gone through this length of fandom without having any legitimate secondary for this amount of time.  And, they weren’t even totally at fault in the debacle at New England.  I was mentally prepared to lose that game and wasn’t being cocky beforehand.  But, I was preparing to lose about 27-17 or so.  Just to pinpoint a couple things in the first half that led to the downfall, I hated the long TD pass attempt on a pivotal 3rd and 8, I think it was embarrassing not that receivers were catching the ball but the amount of space between them and any defender was absolutely ridiculous, and I hated the 4th and 1 play call of throwing to a rookie.  There were more throughout the game, but those were what started my three-hour depression.  Jared Goff was extended through 2024, so I guess the one year run and the daily practice watching has proven enough.  Why doesn’t Kaepernick have a job when teams are trading for backups after a few early injuries already?  Dak Prescott sure picked a heck of a time to post a 158.3 passing rating (in week one), as the Boys shift towards getting HIS contract done.  I don’t like the guy, but him saying Kellen Moore (his old competition and present OC) was to credit in that performance was classy beyond all belief.  The Bears-Packers looked coincidentally like the first game of the NFL season, with its sloppiness.  The Chiefs signed Tyreek Hill to an extension, and then he busts his clavicle.  Karma got him.  Nick Foles plays less than a game and busts HIS clavicle, and Karma shouldn’t be picking on that guy.  The Falcons signed Julio Jones to a well-deserved extension, and now they just need anything resembling a defense.  Kyler Murray came back against the Lions in week 1, so we have another week to fall in love with him and his skills, fight, etc.  The Browns were the big surprise loser this week, as many teams eeked out last minute wins.  The Seahawks made losers pool people sweat it out, and giving Brees less than 40 seconds to go the length of the field I guess is too much time.  The Jags traded for Steelers third stringer Josh Dobbs, and I guess they might as well enjoy some sort of QB insurance policy before the kid quits football and starts splitting atoms, designing rockets, or curing impossible diseases for an agency.  Everyone was impressed with Lamar Jackson in week 1.  And, during writing this, he was lighting it up in week 2.  Why wouldn’t we be?  The question is not whether he is special. The question is if his style will get him hurt by the fourth week.  I am not becoming a non-believer in the Browns after week 1.  What I AM surprised of is this.  You HAVE to win the winnable home games to make the next step.  Playing Tennessee in week 1 at home is “winnable.”  Hey T-Bone/ DK Metcalf, you can’t coin your OWN nickname.  Wolverine is great, and you are a physical freak, but leave the masses or teammates for the nicknames.  I already hated the Broncos.  When I put belief in them and throw a few bucks on them AND they lose a winnable game, I hate them more.  Statefarm obviously heard Drew (Lindsey’s brother) and me watching Texas Tech games 4-5 years ago.  My homes/ Mahomes is now mainstream finally.  Early week 2 thoughts.  Although Mason Rudolph looked OK, our plan in Pittsburgh was NOT to have a hurt Big Ben early in their first home game.  Bad loss.  I won’t comment on the other games, as I only tuned into my game.  I didn’t lay anything on the Broncos game, as I can’t ever win betting on or against them.
  4. COLLEGE FOOTBALL (in fluid style): Since 2008, Pac-12 teams are 0-10 against ranked SEC teams and been outscored by an average of 15.5 points.  With Washington, Stanford, and Oregon all dropping a game already, Utah and Colorado might be the only Pac-12 teams that can stop the jokes.  Utah beat a pretty good BYU team 30-12 this past week and looks very real.  I really thought Cincy would at least SCORE against Ohio State in Columbus.  I was wrong.  Texas is back, or almost.  They might have lost by a touchdown to the best team in the nation (LSU), but you HAVE to protect your house to be in the playoff.  Failure.  And they apparently didn’t even give LSU A/C at halftime.  Never, never, NEVER saw the 63-20 blowout of MD vs. the Cuse last week.  What is funny is this.  Temple will beat MD at home this weekend.  I believe underdogs have three chances max to beat the overwhelming big dog favorite.  If you watched the fourth quarter of the Army-Michigan game, they had exactly THREE realistic chances to win the game.  They did not, and deserved to lose in the end.  Cool to predict an underdog win, Jared Hocker, but I wouldn’t do it against Clemson/ defending champs.  USA Today is doing something this week I find highly entertaining and historical.  They are ranking the best college players of all time.  Give me Herschel and Bo, and you can have the field.  Hey.  UVA is 2-0.  They have the same record as my wife’s powerhouse team.  We are equals.  I was on a boat (cue Lonely Island) when CU came back against the upcoming/ arrived new Cornhuskers, and if I wasn’t in the middle of Mission Bay on a boat, I might have been depressed that I missed that debacle.  Mack Brown might be the feel-good story of the year.  Not only is UNC 2-0, which isn’t news this early in the season, but he has beaten SEC South Carolina and ACC favorite Miami in the process.  Congrats, you classy old geezer.  Jalen Hurts has more touchdowns this season…than incompletions.  Wow.  Tennessee is comparing itself to the worst disaster in the history of the world (Titanic, and I might be embellishing for effect), and not sure if we are all the mice or the ship, but it sounds bad.  Upcoming games to watch.  Week 2 thoughts.  I thought Stanford might lose to UCF, but I didn’t think they would get SMOKED.  Stanford is kind of lost right now.  I remember reading PLENTY of articles about how Iowa State would challenge OU and Texas for the Big 12 title.  THAT surely isn’t happening.  Iowa State also looks lost.  I thought they would rebound from their close call in week 2.  UVA beat FSU.  FSU isn’t the old FSU, but it still is a statement game if UVA is going to be respectable.  It was a heart attack watching the updates on Gamecast, but they won a game they should win.  OU is pretty damn impressive, Jalen Hurts is leaps and bounds ahead in the Heisman standings, and I hope Chip Kelly enjoyed his time window of being considered a football genius.  We will give him time, but he is at a school where he can pull recruits, and he just can’t put it together…not even to respectability.  I have another week with my Sooner wife of saying that UVA and OU are on a college football playoff collision course (sarcastic of course).  In two weeks, UVA plays Notre Dame at Notre Dame.  The rubber will officially hit the road.  Michigan State is painful to watch.  They can’t even put the right amount of players on the field for a late FG.  Florida won, but as they hit the meat of their schedule, they won’t make any expected run to be a contender with Franks out for the year.  Shame.  Finally, I know USC is starting a freshman these days, but if you are on the up and up, you still kind of have to beat BYU at their crib.
  5. NBA: Couple things to say.  I didn’t know you COULD be a 7’0” Army Ranger, but congrats to Marshall Plumlee (the least talented of the brothers trio) for doing it I guess.  Second.  The US was eliminated by France in the FIBA World Cup.  Not surprising, and I told you last time it would happen.  Let’s not talk about who wasn’t there.  Let’s just say that the second tier of players is just simply “competitive” with the rest of the world, so maybe their head size will shrink a little on Instagram next time.  Golbert OWNED us, and let’s not write off that French guard trio in the NBA just yet (the KNICKS are trying to get rid of one of them and they are horrible).  We deserved it. Spain won the FIBA tourney, and Marc Gasol is the second player to win a title and the FIBA Tourney in the same year (oddly, the other was Lamar Odom).  Joe Johnson signed with the Pistons and I feel like he aged in dog years in his 30’s.  Shaun Livingston came into the league, and probably didn’t hit expectations of hype.  But, one way or the other, he a rotation player for three titles, and he retires healthy at the ripe age of 34.
  6. MLB: Hey, Michael Lorenzen.  No matter what you do for the rest of your life, know this.  When SportsCenter says your name and Babe Ruth’s name in the same sentence, it is NOT a bad thing.  Pitching win, playing outfield, great catch, and home run…in the same game.  The Red Sox just fired their GM ONE YEAR AFTER WINNING THE TITLE.  Anyway, they had a prospect who struck out 12 straight, so they might as well get rid of him too.  Why am I not reading more about the fact that the Nationals will make the playoffs after losing Bryce Harper, and the Phils won’t even be in the mix?  Another sad year for the MLB playoffs.  Why?  Because Mike Trout will be the best ever possibly when done, but the argument will be about the playoffs.  And we have another year without him, so a household name he will NOT be yet again.  Anyone else feel like the Cubs should have a better record with the roster they have?  The Astros hit 6 HR’s in 2 innings, and the crazy part is this.  With that lineup, they could possibly do it again before my plane lands today.  Or tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Lethal lineup. 
  7. MISCELLANEOUS:  I watched Holey Moley.  It sucked as I imagined it would.  Not sure why people watch it except for the commentating.  The body issue is out for ESPN…the one time you have to look over your shoulder while reading a sports magazine at the airport.  I am not a big racecar fan, but I DO know that Jimmie Johnson was the sport’s Michael Jordan, and he is now not even IN the playoffs this year.  This year, there were FOUR players in the US Open men’s draw in the QF over the age of 33.    Andreescu beat Serena and know that the rest of the world is now petrified of her.  Skills AND power.  I think it is utterly ridiculous that Rory beat Brooks for POY.  I don’t care what Rory says.  Winning Majors is key, and the rest is crap and just money for the tour.  The fact that the kid who designed that ugly Tennessee T-Shirt got an actual scholarship is a good sign of the state of that college.  Think the USA has problems?  No?  An Iranian woman set HERSELF ON FIRE after being caught sneaking into a men’s soccer match (women can’t go to those games).  That is insane.
  8. THIS AND THAT: The flight attendants on Southwest usually kick ass, time after time.  I am pretty sure we caught them on the last flight of a 12 flight deal, because today they are jerks.  Very odd for Southwest.  I wish I had money, so I could be the ultra-cool dude who wants to stay unnamed, but threw down $49k at Costco for generators for people in the Bahamas.  Taycan.  Porsche just made an electric car.  Again, I wish I had that kind of money.  Like serious money.  Nikki Minaj is retiring, what does that mean for Cardi B?  That is like Larry Bird retiring in 1982.  My wife is very concerned about this.  Uber can not only surge but also charge you for time if you hit traffic?  That was news to me.  Stevens Cat has now moved up to #3 in my all-time Widespread Panic song rankings.  Do people watch Ridiculousness in spite of that chick’s laugh or because of it?  Being a weather person in San Diego must not be a hard job.  I am supposed to watch Doctor Sleep, which apparently is Danny from The Shining all grown up.  Super Troopers is one of those movies with scenes we will quote for the rest of our lives.  Not the funniest movie overall, but definitely a footprint in cinema.  Apparently, Alec Baldwin sang My Way by Frank Sinatra at the end of his roast, and that sounds absolutely epic (this is written before it is shown).  Kelly Clarkson has a new show.  I tolerated her only during The Voice, and have no plans to watch the new show, and might start a movement to tell people to NOT watch the show.  She was funny contributing to The Voice, but not sure I could watch a dedicated amount of time JUST watching her.  Why don’t homeless people not drink for three days straight in Chicago or New York, and then take a bus to San Diego to be homeless?  Makes no sense to me.  Being homeless in that weather can’t suck that much.  Why is cream cheese not an automatic topping everywhere in pizza places?  I go to the “epic” Basic pizza place in San Diego and they looked at me like I am on crack when I say “sausage, onion, tomato, cream cheese.”  I define “organized chaos” as city skylines.  Think about it.  No one has a final picture of what it will look like, everyone has their own plan for their 50-story building, and at the end, you have the portrait that no one had control over.  I personally think Denver has an ugly one.  I like Austin’s.  And Vancouver’s.  Abnormal Brewing Boss Pour IPA is now one of my favorite beers after being in San Diego this past week.  Not only are golden retrievers happy, cool dogs, but here is one head banging to Queen, which I admit to laughing out loud at.  Anyone else laugh at the new medical commercial for the drug “Align?”  They kept saying “you will feel better after Align.”  It is palindrome week, my wife told me, and I thought it was about words and not dates.  I just tiredly said “racecar.”  It is very tough to get Ticketmaster/ Altitude tickets.  You have to get the mobile app, download, and is very confusing in the end game.  Eddie Money died, and at least someone is taking him home tonight, with only one ticket to paradise.
  • 9. THE FILLERBUSTER:  It is so weird this year.  No office pool, no fantasy, no anything.  I feel lost a little.  We booked tickets to an illusionist the night before we go to the Red River game in Dallas.  I have no problem with any illusionist show, and am a sucker for magic.  We saw this guy already.  Split up the room, had things in boxes, and other mind-blowing stuff.  I will pay $20 for Southwest Early Bird every single day and every single trip, because it is worth it to me to get exit rows and not stare at my phone for 5 minutes exactly 24 hours before my trip.  Why don’t more remotes have sound beepers?  It can’t be that expensive, and we lost ours and I pretty much tore up the bed trying to find it.  Picking a new doctor is random and chancy.  I think I look forward to booking a new appointment next year (which is odd) because my new doctor is the shit.  I send in a question about my ear that can’t hear, and I get a 24-hour response from the doctor himself.  Stellar.  My new shorts are a hit.  They have flamingos on them, and no cargo pockets.  Aside from the fact that I don’t have anywhere to put shit (because I am lacking two cargo pockets), I guess I have ONE pair of fashionable shorts.  Get Up by Shinedown I STILL listen to about 20 times consecutively.  I am thinking that is my next tattoo.  On my chest.  I am starting to read classic books, as I said before, and am starting the first one.  The Prince, because Machiavelli was a stud.  I am confused as to what The Chainsmokers do.  DJ?  Yes.  Who are all of these other people?  Is it just like a rotation of singers with a beat?  I think boat names are so intriguing.  Naming a boat an intriguing name that is shown to everyone is like a tattoo.  I can’t wait to name my boat in Belize.  My new flip flops are so loud, and I don’t remember if my old ones did the same thing.  Kind of like I don’t know if I can’t hear from my scuba diving incident, or if it is healed.  I think OU playing The Grinch theme is absolutely brilliant.  I love Good Will Hunting and the lines “how about them apples” and “I had to go see about a girl.”  I must be maturing.  I missed the entire day of week 1 of NFL football, because I was in Coronado and La Jolla.  Didn’t suck.  Walk-in showers.  One of my musts for a hotel room.  We struck out in our two hotels in the last week.  My wife is watching Orange is the New Black still.  There are a lot of lesbian scenes in this last season.  I think she will miss that show a lot now that it is ending, and maybe I will a little too.  I went to Kiss on Thursday, and I didn’t know that Michael Bolton co-wrote the song Beth with Peter Criss.  The show met my high expectations for a bunch of old guys about to hang it up.  If I opened a hotel, I would spend more money upfront and get flags outside, hanging over the street.  It makes it look very official and classy.  Take the extra 2 minutes if you have great restaurant service, and demand to see the manager, and then compliment the bartender or server when they are expecting bad news (and tip at least 25% if you are throwing our props).  It makes their day.  My wife is now into Billie Eilish, and her songs are kind of disturbing if you ask me.  There is a guy two seats over watching Naked and Afraid for the ENTIRE flight, and I find that also disturbing.  I am heading to Greensky at Red Rocks tonight, but driving to enjoy the music but not ruin my Monday workday.  Should be a good show.  Wife is at the fun pre-concert brunch party as I write this.  The new Rambo next trailer is out, and now I am more excited to know they set up a storyline that makes him the good guy, and a final standoff that will be reminiscent of First Blood.  Looks like he will go out like he came into the movie series.  Why don’t more people offer their lightrail tickets when leaving the train and knowing they won’t use it again?  I attended a team building event in which the food spread was so good (two types of mac and cheese) that I actually got sad when I got too full, and realized I am just a very, very casual cornhole player who will never be good because I only play it once every six months.  Got smoked.  Went to my wife’s friend birthday party, and I would be rich if I got a dime for them saying “ain’t no laws when drinking White Claw.”  I just started at my UVA-FSU Gamecast in the corner.  And, I went to Pizza Palooza, aside from providing warm H2O, no shade, and no trash cans, it was great…drinks and pizza.  My rankings from the event, as this is very important to me and I took furious notes.
Denver Pizza-Pizza Palooza
Live band played Slice, Slice, Baby
mc squared-ice creamdelicious-strawberry banana
no trash cans, warm waterchicken fight was best festival
Denver Pizza CompanyCream Cheese, Peppercini
Marco’sProscuitto, arugula, chili oil
CrushSicilian Thick Crust Hot Mess
WheelsOnFiremarg pizza-delicious, white pizza also
Giordano’sStuffed cheese, awesome
Ian’sMac and Cheese pizza
Infinitusbacon, onion, yes
BelsitoCalabrese-tasty meat slice
Walnut RoomNot tasty
Fat SullyBoring
CosmoNo effort when known as a late night order?
High Society“classic cheese?” please
Rose & Thornflatbread, just ok
Hops and PieNo effort, sausage only
Anthony’sno effort
Mariodidn’t have, gluten free, but heard good
  • 10. LIFEGUARD ENTRY:  Anthony Patak is the pop culture god at work.  He seems to hear a pop culture conversation, blows his whistle (like a lifeguard), comes over, and gives you tidbits and opinions no one else would know or think of.  He did some good work in my four-day week at work between trips.

11. PICS BY MY PIXEL (after closing below):


  1. THE BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER FOR THIS WEEK (because the best song this week IS the best song ever…for now): Haven’t had time to update new releases
  2. QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  nothing came to mind, other stuff to report
  3. LINKS TO SAVE YOU TIME IN LIFE:  didn’t have time
  4. TRAVEL:  I have my San Diego notes, but didn’t write them until after the blog release.  Nothing here.
  5. THIS WEEK’S LIST:  nothing to list
  6. MY NUMBERS:  nothing of note
  7. GONE FISHING (the riddle for money):
  8. COLLEGE BASKETBALL-nothing to report
  9. NHL: congrats, Joe Thornton

The theme?  We were all waiting for Black Diamond, and we got it.  They have other bigger “hits,” but Black Diamond is near the throne for best KISS song.

And our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out next summer… Top Gun 2.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.


The KISS night.
We were right by them in our sailboat.
La Jolla is so cool-bunch of small beaches in between rock formations.
The dream room at Coin-Op, which is San Diego’s 1-Up on crack.
Awesome call by the wife-sailboat ride in Mission Bay.
Skills displayed on Coronado’s beach.
I still rank Sterling Brunch in Vegas as #1, but this is now #2. Coronado Hotel Brunch.
We don’t have these meal views in Denver. San Diego Marina.
Lots of fire WITH the KISS hits, or course.
Yes, Gene still does the whole blood thing.
And yes, they still fly at their age.

sharks sign thornton to one year deal 2 mil

bear stick with kicker
jets pick up kicker
Mike Bryan fined 10k making rifle with racket
colts sign hoyer
jets hire Hines ward
Vikings sign wr doctson
collins cowboys get deal done
tiger woods wattches nadal win
falcons player swaps number to honor slain brother
cyborg leaves ufc for bellator
greece coach slams giannis for play
paul/ksi pro boxing debuts
nets kurocs arrested choking girlfriend
wrestler jericho title belt stolen
AD was big part of getting howard
astros springer collides with wall
le’veon bell ready to get to work
dwight howard thankful after hitting rock bottom
aaron barrett back in bigs first time since 2015
wr and db leave tennessee this week
irish rb hurt
costa rica soccer resigns boredom
arkansas college dismisses player dreadlocks
brock turner sexual assault victim reveals herself
China u.s. to continue negotiations
triple a hrs up 58%
obj injury
msu fined 4.5 mil nassar
LeBron Cal bill
rapinoe says uswnt cash cows
stanford qb costello out
rhodes to challnege jericho
giannis foul USA greece
Diaz masvidal
f2 Correa coma
twins pineda suspension
albania andorra’s apology
williams trubisky
cincy safety spasms
tunrover pencil
khabib unites ufc titles
kevin harvick wins brickyard race
NBA bans ninja gear
Swann resigns ad
obj watch
Kent State fireworks field hockey
B okd to play gruden call
south carolina switches qb’s already
every top 25 team won except the one playing another ranked team in week 1
Hugh freeze to coach from chair
bama hates 11am start time
tennessee t-shirt
ben watson schools laura ingraham
durant sometimes hates nba circus
cavs play by play announcer dies
pats send thomas to jets in trade
more OBJ and his 190k watch…or 350k watch
ficken in-jets rotating kickers
beer thrown at titans browns fans
neymar’s rape accuser indicted for fraud
michael schumacher getting top secret stem cell treatment
durant doesn’t trust anyone in okc

Trump calls out john legend

Gassnola avoids prison time

bill-who makes cutoff hoodie for him

Conley says good to go after injury

Crick surgery after teammate fight

Enunwa jets out for season

syndergaard Ramos bad splits
yelich bad knee foul ball
Texans cut 34 mil colvin

Girlfriend of browns smith killed in accident

chargers Henry knee injury

osu Boone Pickens dies

jets darnold mono

redskins guice out knee

justify-banned substance?

Washington st. Houston

Berman, tom Jackson back for prime time

Aaron Rodgers goes back to wristband

Bama tracking student loyalty with phone app for fourth quarter staying

Marner maple leafs agree contract

Tebow says students shouldn’t make money

Bama defensive end entering transfer portal

Gordon to report

Polamalu, wayne hof first time

Kobe says usa hoops easy days over

UK gets #4 player in 2021, SF Clarke

Neymar booed in return

Unc wake 1 second extra?

Terry bradshaw can’t stand guys like AB

Raptors launch hijabs

Nba proposing tampering rules

Fury over wailin

Shepard concussion issue

gaetje over cerrone

ohtani done for season

MJ sells shares, will remain majority owner

Bama rb harris hurdle

Kevin chappell shoots 59, 11th sub 60 round

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