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Bow Down. Get Up. Do SOMETHING, Jon.

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Bow Down.  Get Up.  Do Something.

By The Fillerbuster

The Cast 051319


I was going to make this a two-part blog on a flight to and from my Tulsa wedding (more on that later).  But, I met a guy from Tulsa on my first leg who knew KU hoops, OU football, and was watching the Rockets-Warriors Gamecast with me, so I blew that off.  Then, on the way back, my Early Bird A-28 somehow didn’t get me into an exit row seat, and I had a big guy next to me in a normal seat, so I wrote off writing on the second leg.  So, I am writing this during commercials during the two NBA games (and hockey on the flipper) on Sunday afternoon and evening while my wife is still in Tulsa with some family.  Pics added and released on Monday night after work.

For now, I feel the need…the need for speed.

Let’s turn and burn.

(barely edited as usual…sorry for any grammatical errors)

EVERGREEN (topics that don’t fade away):   


We didn’t even GET to the Game 7 in which I thought I would be writing this paragraph after.  We paused and then exited after Game 6.  The Rockets can’t complain about one single thing right now, and this loss will haunt them for a long, long time.  We can never reverse time and see what would have happened in Golden State last year if Chris Paul wasn’t injured, but we can surely look at this year’s debacle instead as the alternative, inverted version of it.  So, the Rockets basically had a game A) at home B) when healthy C) versus a team suddenly lacking the most potent playoff scorer we have seen in years.  The road was paved.  The situation was perfect.  The foe was hobbled.  We almost KNEW they would take care of the home game, and then looked forward to debating for a few days about the Game 7 Take 2 in Golden State.  But, not only did that not transpire, but we didn’t even GET to that point.  Shame on you, Rockets.  You not only started the series complaining about the refs in way no team during the playoffs has, but then you blow the game you should have won at home versus a depleted opponent.  You lost some perimeter defenders last year, and this year you will lose another guy or two.  Everyone is a year older and you are not the youthful Nuggets, where that is a good thing.  Dan Marino got to a Super Bowl in his first year and never saw the game again on the field.  Time is precious.  Opportunity knocks.  Players evolve.  Teams fall apart.  Coaches change strategies.  Injuries occur. You had a big chance this year and the basketball gods did everything they could to assist.  And you failed.  Hope you get another chance for your sake.

Side note on this concept.  When Durant went down, everyone acted as if the world just caved in for the Warriors.  Did the entire media circus suddenly forget that the Warriors still had their initial title-winning foundation on the court for the most part?  Did we suddenly think that Durant carried the team and that Curry and Thompson were also-rans?  I am confused by this.  Steph did Story book stuff in this game, and it adds to his lore.  I am just confused why we all doubted (well, not me-read my pre-game tweet if you doubt me) them in the first place sans Durant. Sure, their depth took a hit and the guys off the bench are not quite as effective. But, their starting five still has a couple future HOF’ers. Nothing to be trifled with (or give 7 points to on the road).


Nothing comes easy in the playoffs and nothing is given to you. You have to TAKE it. They are young, and have plenty in front of them, but when they got up 17 on the Blazers, they needed to keep playing the same and put their foot on the Blazers’ throat. They didn’t do that. NBA Playoffs is where legends are made, and the season overall doesn’t hurt, but HOW it ended, in a game they should have won at home, DID.


Maybe it is my age.  Maybe it is how technology grew up around me.  But, I find this tidbit true oddly.  If you ask me to name off Super Bowl champions from the beginning to today, I would have an easier time on the older stuff than the newer stuff.  Weird.  Even though recent things just happened, my knowledge of the history is so much better.  Not sure if my focus was on the 70’s and 80’s, or if the fact that you can Google everything has deteriorated my memory and motivation, but I can name every college basketball champion from 75-2000, but would struggle in this century to name everything.  Want World Cup champions of the 50’s and 60’s?  Sure.  No problem.  Want me to go backwards?  Tougher.  I think I believe that the technology of the internet is the main culprit.  If you counted the time you used to spend trying to figure out anything on a daily basis and compared to your present effort level before typing it in, and you would have a very large amount of time.  Shame on us.


We all have heard someone say this comment during a basketball game.  “You just need to watch the last two minutes of basketball games.”  I hate this.  Sure, games are frequently close, but the story of the game is always different.  Strategies are changed during every break in action.  Percentages of a good or bad night have time to flatten.  Fouls add up and affect how a player plays defense.  Moves and counter-moves make things closer.  Players go cold.  Players get hot.  So, basketball games are frequently close, but the story and buildup is why you watch it.  Those people who say that line just are trying to find some extra hours in life and missing the buildup.  If you put similar talent levels on a floor on a given night, and the constant reciprocation of strategies WILL make games close, and that is what we want anyway.


I didn’t appreciate my mother when I was in her house, and I am sure that is a story that resonates with many people.  And, I guess it is better later than never.  But, my mother was everything a son could ask for.  I think of the time, the money, and the rules I suppose the most.  Time.  I was a kid who played most sports and threw in the serious piano as a curveball to my parents.  My mother would sit at swim meets, wait outside during piano lessons, and drop me off at basketball courts nonstop.  I was doing something all the time, and the time she spent on me still blows my mind.  Oh, and I also had a brother who did everything too.  So, time was doubled unless it was the lucky day when we were going to the same practice.  Money.  My parents were schoolteachers.  Yet, I don’t remember ever yearning or longing for more stuff.  I changed sports regularly, I had lessons in music and advanced math, we traveled all the time for sports, and yet they handled it without ever mentioning it as a burden.  Rules.  They didn’t make me happy at the time, but my mother’s rules were always for a reason or to teach me something, and never unfair.  Whether it was using my allowance to buy Whitesnake tapes, buying my first car, coming home before the other kids at night, or being home before the streetlights were on, I look back and can’t think of anything that was out of line.  And although I will never have kids to give rules to, those rules still live in my subconscious mind.  Mom, you were the best.  I tell you more these days, but sorry I didn’t appreciate it more when it was happening.  Happy Mother’s Day (day later) and thank you, Mom. 

WEEK-FISH (current topics of interest in sports):


  • I think I am glad there is a break in the information for the Tyreek Hill topic given the last script we read.
  • There are many reasons to fault Tom Brady and not like him.  Actually, there are not to be honest.  Or maybe you are just jealous.  Anyway, another show of wit and transparency came when he was on Kimmel and he was asked about not making the most money as an NFL QB.  He simply replied that his wife makes a lot of money, so it is ok.  Classy, clever, humble, and spot on.
  • The Super Bowl will apparently, moving forward, have fewer, but longer ads.  So, although we don’t need a spreadsheet to track all of the pitched products we can’t reload on drinks during and go to bathroom during, we need to pay MORE attention since the ads are now stories.
  • You can be tough.  You can not cry during movies where dogs die and pretend you don’t call your mom regularly, but know this.  You either got emotional watching Ryan Shazier dance during his wedding, or you didn’t see the video.  Whether it is a full football comeback or just a simple show of human will, that was incredible, and continues to BE incredible.
  • I am pretty sure, since it is mattress money to Amendola and Brady, that the football throwing, $100k bet, was a legit bet and was paid.  Not sure if you do that in cash or by Venmo, but it looked real.
  • Le’Veon Bell skipped voluntary workouts for his new team.  He can call it a “formula” since he skipped everything last year.  Sure.  Good spin, I guess.  But, I would take this as not trying to impress his new team at all.  Bell has become extremely irritating to me.
  • At this point, do us all a good thing, media and lawyers.  No one needs to see that Kraft video.  No one.
  • I assume most people had to Google his first name when seeing the headline “Fins make Howard highest paid CB in NFL.”  Don’t be sad.  They are overpaying to show effort to their fan base.  Xavien Howard is good and young, but not sure he is worth the top, top dollar at this point.
  • The Fins also gave Mark Walton a “second chance.”  That is fine, but they are aware he had THREE arrests in the last year, right?  So, he basically already used that up, right??
  • JPP needs surgery and is out.  JPP avoids surgery and might be back.  Not only am I confused about which piece of information is correct, but I am confused as to why we care about this story as much as the media is telling us to.
  • Sad to see ex- Chiefs coach Gunther Cunningham passed away. Happy trails, Gunther.


  • Clemson signs another five-star.
  • Clemson signs the top pocket passer.
  • Clemson is not going anywhere.


  • Arizona basketball is being investigated.
  • Arizona basketball was already being investigated.
  • Duke signed the top PG and five-star recruit for 2020.  That is not odd, but this is what kills me.  The kid is from Virginia, and you would think a national championship would change Cousin Mo in recruiting and not allow a kid from down the street to go elsewhere.  UVA doesn’t run a glamorous offense by any means, but definitely deserves to land a five-star soon.  Been a while (Kyle Guy was the last guy in the top 50).
  • They are discussing moving the three-point line in college hoops back to the international range.  Do it.  I typically don’t want changes to old school rules, but for too long has the three-point line been too different from the NBA line, and that move would get it closer.
  • Juzang picks UK, and like him or not, Calipari can sure sell his one-and-done system.


  • I am pretty sure that DeAngelo Russell should look into signing with the Nuggets after his current contract given his recent transgressions.
  • I think the Raptors still come out of the East.  But, what is scary is how BAD they are, stat-wise, when Leonard is NOT on the floor.  That needs to change.  Leonard bailed them out on Sunday time and time again, but it doesn’t totally mask the fact that someone else will need to step up against the Bucks and then whoever comes out of the West AKA The Warriors.
  • There is NO way the Blazers even give the Warriors a sniff of a series.  They will steal Game 3 in Portland.  That’s it.
  • I feel like the Bucks right now are like the 1993 Suns (Charles-Greek Freak).  One star, some great role players, but will still fall short after some superhuman performances.  That being said, since they have UVA grad Malcolm Brogdon, I will be rooting for them (just might not be betting on them).
  • The Lakers coach hiring process was not a smooth process.
  • LeBron was surprised that Magic suddenly stepped down.  I get this.  It wouldn’t be normally, but when the story is released about Magic literally sitting outside of LeBron’s house to sign him, it IS puzzling.
  • I like the Suns hire of Monty Williams as their new coach, but he isn’t making the personnel decisions, and THAT is the problem with that team in the last five years.
  • When the Nuggets fought back after a tough loss, two days after losing in FOUR overtimes, it told me a couple of things.  One, they are fearless.  Two, they are YOUNG.  Three, the future might be NOW more than we think.
  • That previous hook was written on Sunday afternoon.  The future obviously is next year since the Nuggets totally BLEW that 17 point lead at home.  Ugghhh.
  • The “Cousins might return” story wasn’t exciting until after the Warriors pulled that upset on the Rockets.  Now, it is a mild story.
  • Smart was back for the Celtics.  But, when everyone else doesn’t even show up in the last two games, it is back to “tree, forest, sound.”
  • Kyrie Irving might be toxic.  He won a title with LeBron, but most would say that he was the series and last-minute hero.  He then LEFT the greatest player of our generation.  He then somehow took down one of the deepest rosters on the planet in the weaker conference and made them somehow spirit-less.  And he is rumored to want to go elsewhere.  We knew it before also, but I think this is the time to question people who joke or don’t joke about the world being flat.
  • The Sixers showed their fight in Game 6 against the Raptors.  They showed they won’t go down without a fight.  Then, they dropped a heartbreaker against the Raptors in Game 7.  Their offseason decisions after that loss will impact their conference, the league, and The Process’s credentials.  Losing in the second round twice in a row isn’t a sign of improvement.  Will Harris and Butler be around still?  Will Ben Simmons take the time to improve his jumper?  What part of this falls on the coach?
  • LeBron is like Jon Snow with leadership.  Either say you aren’t involved or say you ARE involved.  I feel like LeBron could be more transparent about what puppet strings he is pulling and what ones he WANTS to pull.
  • Say what you want.  LeBron’s mattress money is different than our mattress money, but he gave a million bucks to a school as promised for a new gym.  Classy, and way to back up what you said.
  • I think Jason Kidd will excel as an assistant on the Lakers and will deserve another head coaching job very soon.  Someone who understands the game like him HAS to have a head job again.
  • I guess I give props to the Lakers for not going with the “flashy” hire.  Vogel is not flashy, but still very solid.  We all know he won’t be making the important decisions anyway.
  • We can discuss the future of OKC Thunder all we want.  Everything we say is compounded by the fact that their two stars BOTH had surgery right after they were eliminated.  Both a scapegoat (playing hurt) and a concern (future health).
  • Even though the Nuggets lost, at least I got to enjoy Hubie Brown doing a late postseason game with them on the court.  I could listen to Hubie Brown do a grade school game.  Him, hockey announcers, and white noise.  All soothing.
  • I don’t think that the story about the most apathetic fan base holding a protest when their team is not in the playoffs got enough run.  Lakers fans.  Congrats.  You impressed me.  You were passionate about something not involving playoff basketball.
  • Another reason I still like the Raptors is because a small story of Pau Gasol out for the season IS important.  I believe he was a big pickup for endgame, and his absence on the Bucks hurts both the court AND the locker room.
  • Please Google “Channing Frye first pitch” and tell me that is better than anything you have seen on Facebook this week.
  • Really good article in ESPN Mag about Zion Williamson this last issue.  You might be overloaded with the kid after this year, but it was a deviation from other articles.  It showed the kind of KID he is off the court.  Sounds like his impact on his teachers and classmates was legitimate.
  • Isn’t there ONE other woman who can do the Red Panda antics?  How is she the only one?  And, if they do, how come we never hear about them?  Or, is it multiple people, and we just call the whole family Red Panda?  Confused.
  • I hope Porzingis is ok from being jumped.  Stay off the radar for a bit, kid.  Alleged rape, being assaulted at a club, and maybe you should take up video games for a year.
  • Del Curry was a cool cat anyway, but he just got cooler.  “What are you doing this week, Del?”  I finally can just go to ONE son’s games, because…they play each other in the Western Conference Finals.  Win, win.
  • John Beilein will make the jump to the NBA and coach the Cavs.  I don’t get coaches who make the jump for the most part anyway.  If you are a college coach, you probably are a teacher.  Teachers aren’t listened to by the NBA players.  They just manage those players.  Yes, I get that the fact that he is a tactician makes him more workable at the next level.  But, he had a couple Final Fours, he was getting players, it is a top flight school, and he is 66 years old.  Making the jump now seems odd to me. I get that the college recruiting grind is longer, and the constant turnover can be exhausting, and if that is the reason, then ok, John.
  • I know things are going optimally in Phoenix, but here is hoping the youngsters can keep it together off the court. Sad to see Josh Jackson was arrested in the last day resisting arrest. Keep it together.


Quick notes, as I caught the first three quarters at the airport Friday, but only could follow GameCast for the last quarter.

  • Steph Curry is now 27-1 when Durant doesn’t play at all with him.
  • Curry scored 33 points…in the second half.
  • Klay Thompson kept them in it when Curry was struggling.  Pick your poison.
  • It confuses some people when Curry gets into foul trouble, but that means he is aggressive on defense and offense.
  • Harden has five straight seasons leading the NBA in FT attempts and makes.  Last guy to do that was Karl Malone, who plays a totally different position.


  • In a game last week, Noah Syndergaard pitched nine innings, hit a HR, and won 1-0.
  • Strasburg, although off any HOF predictions right now, oddly is the fastest to 1500 k’s.  Ever.
  • Cubs P Kyle Hendricks pitched the shortest shutout since 2012 this week.  81 pitches.
  • Bees delayed the Giants-Reds game last week, and I would have had a heart attack.  In case you don’t know this stat, bees account for 30% of all fatalities of humans in the animal world.  I know that stat and the exact geographical locations of all killer bee swarms.
  • We might call him fat and overrated sometimes, but Giants Pablo Sandoval just stole a base, hit a home run, and threw a blank inning…in one game.
  • How Dallas Keuchel is still unsigned is beyond my understanding.  I understand the game is changing, but I am taking his heat on my staff any day of the week.  There are enough bad teams that someone should be showing interest.
  • Ohtani went 0-4 in his debut this season, and just glad he is back as a baseball fan.  I want him to breakout, as MLB fans NEED Mike Trout in the playoffs, and Ohtani is the best person to step up.
  • Throwing one of hundreds of no-hitters ever sometimes is an anomaly, but throwing multiple no-hitters is gangster.  Mike Fiers, unknown pitcher from the A’s, just pitched a second no-hitter.  Mike Fiers is therefore a gangster.
  • Mike Trout just hit a HR for a 7-year old super fan.  One more, and I would make Paul O’Neill/Seinfeld jokes.
  • Edwin Jackson just signed on for his FOURTEENTH MLB team.


  • I will go on record with this. The road is paved for them, they have survived two Game 7’s, and I think San Jose MIGHT be the team of destiny this year. I like them to win it all right now.
  • There was a penalty shot in the Bruins-CBJ series, and it was VERY exciting to see it live.  No one scored, and it was over quickly, but those 30 seconds were very exciting for me.
  • The Avs had a great run, but will have to wait until next year.  Whatever happens to you all over the next few years, PLEASE don’t stop doing that odd drop pass to MacKinnon as you enter the zone each time.  It is so cool.
  • I have always thought that Barry Melrose is brilliant when it comes to hockey, but years catch up to everyone.  He basically couldn’t name more than two players on the Sharks the other night on his special telecast.  It might be time to have a cheat sheet in front of you, Barry.
  • The Avs got juked by an offsides call that will resonate for ages, but as hockey players ALWAYS do, they handled it classy, the captain took responsibility, and no one threw the ref under the bus.  Hockey players are the best.


  • Even though is was a first, the Kentucky Derby DQ was the right call.
  • But that being said, HOW do you fault a non-human in an event?  They don’t know.  It is a horse.  Do we think the other horses are back on the stable shaking their head about the time when Maximum Security ran off course?  No.  Does this mean Security is screwed on the mating thing, or is that still a go?
  • Sad that Country House won’t run anymore though.  No Triple Crown threats, and we aren’t even through the second race.  Weird.
  • I did NOT know that Bubba Watson has been sending smack texts and spam texts for years to Tiger Woods, but find it funny as hell.
  • Royce White went #1 in the Big 3 draft.  He wore a shirt that said he flew there.  For those who don’t get this story or that shirt, that is some funny material.  Royce has a condition where he can’t fly, and it pretty much cost him an NBA career.  That, and he is one cocky son-of-a-gun.
  • Tiger visited the White House, which is funny to me, because he has already golfed with Trump a couple of times.  “Hey, Donald, let me come check out your crib.  I won’t tell anyone else our golf stories.  No Perkins stories from your side either.”
  • So, in exchange for not telling Trump stories, Tiger for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Sounds fair to me.
  • Alvarez-Jacobs sounded like a great fight.  Let’s just do another GGG-Alvarez and call it a day.
  • I don’t remember Penn State ever being good at men’s lax when I went to my powerhouse lax school, but just glad UVA is a conference champion and #3.  Lacrosse is pretty important in Charlottesville.
  • Max Homa.  He won a PGA event.  I admit to having to Google him.  I don’t think I ever even heard his name.  LOTS of golfers out there.  Max was making $18k a year before his $1.42 million payout.
  • Don’t follow women’s softball?  That’s ok.  I got you.  As of last week, OU had won THIRTY-EIGHT straight games.  That is a lot in softball/baseball.  Anyone gets above 15 in MLB and the media goes nuts.
  • UCLA also won its second straight beach volleyball title if you care.  I care about beach volleyball because I love beaches, I am ok at volleyball, and my brother was into it.  And, because it was cool from Top Gun. 
  • Nugget and Avs are BOTH young, and aren’t going anywhere.  So, being that this was the first year since 2010 that both made the playoffs, we know there are many more years like this to come in the Mile High City.
  • Tony Romo didn’t make the cut at the Byron Nelson PGA event, but a 74 the second day isn’t bad, an eagle is never a bad thing, and scary that he was a top ten NFL QB and now is about to make a cut with the big boys on the PGA tour very, very soon.  Oh, and he is the best football analyst.   Sounds like a horrible life.
  • n a two-leg soccer match, losing 3-0 in the first round IS death, so the 4-0 second leg that occurred by the OTHER team IS pretty crazy.  If you don’t understand this, put it in Jim Rome language.  Each soccer score is worth two touchdowns.  So, a team lost 42-0 in the first game, and then won 56-0 in the second game.
  • John Daly got permission to drive a cart at the PGA Championship.  This is a big ruling, and he becomes the first since Casey Martin to get cleared.  I am surprised.  I would have thought that of all the golfers to get this ok’d, he would be the last one they would agree to.
  • A UGA runner got “impaled” by a javelin.  The runner will be fine, and that word continues to communicate the gravity of a said situation successfully.  Awful word.
  • Don’t know the name Matthew Boling?  Kid is in Texas high school track, just started running the event this season, and just busted out a 9.98 in the 100m.  That time at that age is beyond stellar.
  • I of course like Tiger again as I have for the past 20 years, but think Fowler is swinging the club well, Bethpage will set up nicely for him, and I think he takes this one, getting his first Major.

THIS AND THAT (pop culture, Fillerbuster thoughts):

  • Riley Howell.  Kendrick Castillo.  I just write this stupid blog.  YOU two jumped in front of shooters and saved people.  You are heroes and saved lives in each situation.  THANK you.
  • The final Big Bang Theory got taped apparently.  So, we at least won’t have NEW episodes of this train wreck show.  Not sure how it is popular.
  • A new Crocs show has a fanny pack on it.  I had a couple of different directions I wanted to go on this, but will stop at just reporting this tidbit.
  • I would like to note that a loyal reader, Vince Roe (and a sales mentor and friend of mine) has watched Game Of Thrones from the first episode, and he is right that most people latched on in season 4 or 5 (me season 4).  Props, Vince.  You were watching the coolness before we even knew it was cool.
  • We took the CCAT at work and it is amazing how there are two styles and people will only do one of them.  Some people work through every question, and although they don’t see the last 10 or 15 questions, all answers are right.  People like me have to see every single question, and value educated guesses more.  The CCAT is 50 questions in 15 minutes and I saw every one.
  • There are 10 or so movies my wife has thought was hilarious that my over-analytical brain thought was just ok, but LONGSHOT was funny as hell and not on the said list and go see it immediately.  I was impressed.
  • Snarf’s has a “not on the menu” menu, and there are some good things on it.  You should look into that before going next time.
  • I went to Tulsa for a wedding, and I thought it would be the first time I didn’t set foot in a casino when I went to the state (160 plus in the state and my clients are casinos), but our room wasn’t ready, the wedding venue was in the middle of nowhere on a tribal reservation, and we played some cards at Osage.  STILL ended up at a casino.
  • If you didn’t see the baseball fan who lost TWO meals at the same game because of foul ball grabs around him, then find it…hilarious.
  • I don’t care if it was fake, I laughed my ass off at the Matt Damon-Fallon-Brady window thing.
  • I am still confused about how measles is suddenly a thing, but still more scared of bees at this point.
  • The guy who played Chewie in Star Wars just died.  We all had a kid in class who could make that sound flawlessly.  I was not that kid.
  • I never expected this from this vendor, but someone has made a meatless meatball (gross), and it is IKEA.
  • I had a dream about dri-fits as my love for them is deeply embedded.
  • My good friend at work, Erik, heard me talking about never having the limited time Frenchie from Jimmy John’s and got me one, and we both go on record that although it was a lot of bread, the bread was delicious, and the sandwich was absolutely off the hook.  You should go get a Frenchie.
  • I was told every Friday at work (when I wear shorts), I look like I am heading to the beach, and know that, in my mind, I am already there…always.
  • I laugh because I have things I need to do or hear on my blog list because I will never lose that thought, so I should pass along that if you like superheroes and 80’s spy thrillers, watch the movie Winter Soldier.
  • I promised myself I would learn Spanish before my Cabo trip in late June, but I am not making any progress.  Problemo.
  • I really like El Chnigon, which we have recently found in our neighborhood.  And West End.
  • And Beer Depot is our favorite dive bar over that way now.
  • I went to the Omaha reunion at Zanzibar in downtown Denver last week.  We were the first “pod” at Four Winds back in the day, even though they forgot we were a pod by the end of the year for trips and awards.  We called ourselves Omaha because A) the Peyton Manning thing was a thing back then still B) it is a type of poker game, which is in casinos C) Triple Crown winner and there were three of us.
  • Yes, I sometimes fight off tears during the final speech in American President.
  • Yes, I sing Hungry by Temple of the Dog when I am really hungry on weekends.
  • Billions is the greatest show you are not watching, folks.
  • Barry was the best show you weren’t watching but then it got weird, as I need either pure entertainment, or realism, and that show tests both boundaries.  I am now two behind.
  • After Beer Depot, we had a “yardwork party.”  Neighbors probably got a kick out of that, as there might have been some air-guitaring with the leaf blower.
  • Love how Amy Schumer called her baby the Royal Baby right after the real one was born.
  • When I worked from home last Thursday, I decided that the Stephen A. Smith daytime show just sucks.
  • Don’t try and catch the brilliant Jeopardy sports gambler guy right now, as they are doing a teachers tourney and he returns on the 20th.
  • I can’t believe John Wick has a third movie, but I like dogs a lot, and considering this all spawned from a bad guy killing a good guy’s dog, I am fine with it and Reeves.
  • I admit to being a Star Wars “fan,” but am somewhat weirdly proud that I had no idea that the May the Fourth Be With You was a thing (saw a T-shirt at the Derby thing).  I feel like I never ran into this saying…ever.  I think they just started saying it.  No?  Ok.
  • There is a work field day coming soon apparently.  Also called the “Tear my shoulder or knee trying to do something I was good at when I was a kid and want to show people my mad skills still” day.  I think I feel a cold coming on for that day.
  • Work had free pizza on Tuesday, which means that Tuesday was my favorite day of the week this week.
  • After the free pizza Tuesday, I had free bagel Wednesday, and a free sandwich on Wednesday afternoon, meaning that 24-hour stretch was absolutely amazing.
  • Yup, mushrooms are decriminalized in Denver now.  You read it right.  THOSE mushrooms.  Concerts can now have less security.  We are super cool out this way-lol.  But, seriously, it is so nice to live in the part of the country that is progressive and changes the norm up.
  • I need Celia to go away on The Voice, or I might disown the show.  How she keeps advancing is beyond me.
  • In the aftermath of Derby day, I learned that I successfully lost the CHEAP sunglasses, and maintained possession on the expensive ones (that were free).  My past transgressions with sunglasses says that this was a good day, but typically I would have inverted that.
  • Watching the Nuggets and Avs all week starting late was exhausting to be honest, and my work schedule is almost glad they are now out of the mix.
  • Yup, it snowed again in May in Denver.  The rest of the country probably assumes it is still snowing here.  It is not.
  • I did the whole bad axe throwing thing for a group event, somehow found the world championships of axe throwing on tv last weekend, watched it for 20 minutes, was mesmerized, and then got bored because what actually happens is that they NEVER MISS EVER.  I watched them make about FORTY straight shots on a tiny dot target, and they hit every single one with a non-hard throw.  And one guy looked like an axe thrower, and the other guy looked like an Abercrombie guy who infiltrated the axe throwing people’s circle.
  • I am glad that I did NOT know they had prop GOT bets on my betting site for sports…like first to die in the next episode and such.  I think I would have been dangerous with that info.  With one episode left, I am not piling on now.
  • I am not excited that they are making another Avatar movie, which I firmly believe is just Dances With Wolves with blue people.
  • Some Israeli restaurant in Philly won best restaurant in the country if you care.
  • There is a now a piano only version of Get Up, by Shinedown, and it is incredible.
  • The show City on the Hill with Kevin Bacon looks incredible.
  • We had a spontaneous house party, and Kevin and I jammed out to Cliffs of Dover for at least 20 minutes.  I sometimes forget how incredible Eric Johnson’s guitar is in it.
  • You should jam out to it also and remember that guitar brilliance:
  • So, they are rebooting the great 90210 show but not naming it 90210?  Someone tell me the show I need to steer clear of.
  • I don’t think I have EVER created my own PPT slide at work, as I just take an existing one and modify it.  Seriously.  Like ever.
  • Matador on 32nd in Denver has a fantastic happy hour for food and drinks, and the food is top notch.  Basically, the happy hour food isn’t the happy hour ‘version” of it.
  • And, being a sales guy, their follow-up email right after our HH visit really impressed me.  HOW did they know we were there?
  • Pack and Go is something my wife are doing in the next two months and we are very excited about it, as it is basically a controlled Yes Man spontaneous trip.  You give dates and your budget.  They tell you weather and where to go start your transportation.  Sounds fun.
  • I think we are randomly going to either San Antonio, Houston, or Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  Why the random, relatively boring cities?  One, because we are ruling out East Coast to save time on a flight.  Two, because they have this ridiculous special going on for certain cities.  For Houston and San Antonio, you can fly in and fly out, stay three nights at a four star hotel, and pay less than $270.
  • During the writing of this, and after writing about the Frenchie, I ordered another Frenchie because it sounded like a good idea.  It was, and like the commercial, Jimmy John’s brought it really fast.
  • It is very hard to look at at work during these months, since every main page has a woman with a swimsuit on it.  I feel like co-workers are thinking I am eyeballing soft porn. 
  • Ever think about GOT spinoffs?   Joffrey and Ramsey as White Walkers, walking the countryside, telling jokes, and doing bad stuff?  How to Train a Dragon FOUR?  Tormund and Bran doing comedy shows at various kingdoms?  Bran would obviously be the dry-wit deadpan comic.  Sam and Tyrion starting a game show?
  • Tuesday was great this week for the food, but Thursday is still the best day, since it is Seinfeld Thursday from 5-7pm.
  • I can’t believe there is another Godzilla, and I can’t believe that I will want to see it and make my wife go to it in the theater to see it and leverage truffle popcorn for her decision leverage.
  • I can’t believe Whitesnake is still making albums.  Maybe I should give them a listen for the first time since 1997.  Did they change with the times, or are they making the same stuff and hoping it comes back.  Well, maybe they have a point here.  Ghost sounds like Dokken and is popular, so maybe Whitesnake will sneak in there.
  • They won’t.  A new band can sound like the 80’s, but an 80’s band will always have the 80’s band stigma.
  • The Amazon CEO has enough money to build his own rocket and send people to the moon.  Like, seriously.  That is what he is doing.
  • There are rumors of a Nanny Broadway show and that horrifies me.  I hated it the first round, and do not need it prettied up in a Broadway show.
  • Uber raised $8.1 BILLION in their public offering.  Whoa.
  • Johnny Depp will play guitar with the Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper and Joe Perry) on Tuesday at the Fillmore, and I will see you there possibly. (I probably won’t make it since it is a school night, but fun to think about how I would go).
  • What do you say to yardwork when there are two Game 7’s on a Sunday on a nice day?  Not today.
  • I saw my buddy and colleague, Greg, at a restaurant on 32nd Street, sitting with his girlfriend at a window seat.  He is a Boston guy.  I went up and did the whole “do you like apples” Good Will Hunting thing and thought it was brilliant.  He did not.  Him and girl were too busy talking about how they walked their dog drunk after a brunch looking for me doing yardwork last Sunday.  They were literally 10 blocks away.  44th and Decatur is not near 41st and Lowell walking.  So, they were laughing about A) yelling my name in a neighborhood randomly in the first place and B) then finding out they were nowhere near me.
  • (It still made me sad he missed my apples thing though-situation was PERFECT)
  • I really enjoyed the elk burger at the Coors Light Burger Bar (while watching the Rockets-Warriors game) in the new C gates at DIA the other night.  I would recommend it.
  • The Best Western Plus in Tulsa is not a five-star place, but not the worst place either.  Worth the low money you are spending.
  • We didn’t have time to go to the Gathering Place in Tulsa, it is new, and now I have to take my wife back to do three things:  Hard Rock Tulsa stay (one of the better client rooms I have seen), The Center of the Earth tourism thing (had no clue about this thing), and The Gathering Place (which is bridges, gardens, and amusement park things-basically a massive place for kids or grownups who are still kids).
  • Bramble is a brunch place you need to go to if in Tulsa, and do the Chambong (my wife did two).  Basically it is a bong filled with champagne.
  • PostOak Lodge is a great place to go for a relaxing getaway in Tulsa, but know it is next to nothing, and either go to Osage down the road, or rent a car.  I get the feeling we would have been very bored without the wedding festivities.
  • I feel like I answer most questions in the two days since Friday and our personality and IQ test with my company with “mostly true,” “mostly false,” or “sometimes true, sometimes false.”
  • The one in the middle stunk, but the Ghostbusters slot machine from five years ago and the new 4D one (you can feel the dust going through your fingers), are badass and worth losing money on.
  • No matter what you see on your phone, you always feel like you are on the wrong road when driving through Oklahoma.
  • In you EVER doubt Eminem’s rapping skills, here is reason 1041 why he is amazing.  Wait until mid-song.  The speed is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Some guys at the wedding had suits.  Some had sports coats.  Lindsey’s Texas Tech buddy, Nick, pegged it correctly when I came out of the room with my blue sports coat, khaki’s, and boat shoes AKA the “frat boy UVA attire.”
  • My wife literally RAN into the reception area to snag a table after the wedding ceremony.  We moved silverware.  We left clothing and purses.  We moved chairs.  Yet, the mother of the bride (only leverage I guess that made us nice) still stole our table.  We played cornhole for 20 minutes, came back, and were lost without a table.  Weird, and never seen it before.  How does someone STEAL AN ENTIRE TABLE that has been spoken for at a WEDDING?
  • The wedding was cool overall.  The coolest thing I saw was my wife, during the same song (forget what it was), do pushups by the dance floor on a chair, and it STILL took me 2 minutes to figure out how cute she was being and how much recall she had.  Pretty cool, Matt.  The song where you paused over and over for the entire song doing pushups years ago.  Lindsey reenacted it.
  • I didn’t know what Beer Die was as a drinking game, didn’t play personally, but witnessed the most curious event I have seen in a while.  Pic below.  Throw dice on the other side of the table, with whatever spin you want, the other person has to catch it with one hand, and stakes are high.
  • I was playing pool at the time.
  • My wife had Hunger Games on after she went to sleep and before I came in, and since that is a compromise show for us, I watched the end while she slept.  I always get sucked into that damn movie.
  • I love Tulsa Airport…cute, small, rental cars in house, decent food, Lunchables, and no security.
  • I would have never guessed 15 years ago that Mortal Kombat would still be around in 2019.
  • The Terry Crews (Old Spice guy) article in Men’s Health is enlightening.  Worth a read.
  • Start following Terry Crews on Twitter…he is an Twitter addict apparently, funny, and shares things all the time.


  • Do dragons run out of fire and need to reload, because Drogon sure pushed those limits?
  • I didn’t notice the Aaron Rodgers cameo until AFTER I heard about it, and he basically run into an alley and gets blown up.
  • I still am confused how Drogon always knows where to point his fire.  Vaerys was a pretty specific target in that small space.
  • Jon Snow still doesn’t want the throne.  WHY is he telling everyone then?  THAT secret didn’t even make it an hour.
  • Since they were lucky first shots last episode, how did everyone suddenly become bad at the anti-dragon Scorpion weapon, and how did Dany know that they would suddenly start missing?
  • When is Tyrion going to be smart again?
  • The buildup to the attack once again was pretty stellar.
  • The lack of chemistry between Jon and Dany is obvious, and glad we now have reasons for them to stop doing the do.
  • Ayra and The Hound sure got to the gates fast, and got inside with no problem.
  • Even though only one of you truly loved Cersei, thanks for killing Euron in your fancy duel, Jaime.
  • Apparently, the show is telling us that sister-brother love is cool, as they had some touching moments with that train wreck of a relationship.  True love.
  • I guess you can say it was the city that took over that killed her literally, but Cersei’s death after all of this (and Jaime’s) was being crushed by bricks?
  • Bran said Jaime had some pretty important stuff to do at King’s Landing before he left.  Guess not.  And Bran won’t tell us anything if we ask him.
  • I noticed a lot of people in the attack not wearing helmets.
  • The Hound took a lot of hits and kept getting up.  Tough guy.
  • Ironic how Ayra suddenly looked like the lost young girl when the bricks were falling all around here.
  • Was the Ayra-white horse thing random or supposed to be a bible reference?
  • Why didn’t Dany and the dragon attack Cersei’s tower first?
  • That beach outside of King’s Landing seems to be the worst kept secret as far as doing bad stuff, yet no one seems to guard it.
  • The dialogue CONTENT just lacks this season.  It is like “don’t worry about what they are saying, as you already know you are a fan-we got you.”
  • We are under the given that the producers sealed themselves into a hole and everything is going to feel rushed. That being said though, I feel like they aren’t doing a bad job overall this season. No episodes that crack a top ten, but not bad either.



Bow Down-man, this has taken over me.

Get Up-man, this is a great song that will make you smile while running through a wall.

My Name-dropped from the top spot, but second verse still gets me HYPED.

That’s it for now, folks.  Those are the only three songs you need.


To everybody who doubted
Get on your knees and bow down

Bow Down-I Prevail

Don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof
Hard to move mountains when you’re paralyzed
But you gotta try

Get Up-Shinedown



Reconfiguring these…


I am running out of time, so let’s just do my favorite GOT episodes ever since we are running out of fun (very loose in order):

  1. Hardhomme
  2. The Winds of Winter
  3. Blackwater
  4. The Battle of the Bastards
  5. The Door
  6. The Dragon and the Wolf
  7. Mountain and the Viper
  8. The Dance of Dragons
  9. Baelor
  10. The Rains of Castamere


Not telling you the answer to last week’s riddle. Kind of personal.

This week, and a $20 Venmo payment to the winner (need all four to win):

After the big Kawhi Leonard shot in Game 7, it got me thinking. Who am I taking all-time to:

Make a three-point shot late in the game?

Start one game at NFL QB for everything?

Get me one hit in the bottom of the ninth of the World Series?

Take one penalty shot for the Stanley Cup?


The theme?  Bow Down or Get Up, Jon.  Make up your mind.  Stop telling people about your heritage or act on it.  You are confusing, and my top two workout songs are Bow Down and Get Up, so hence the theme.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro. 


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Bow Down. Get Up. Do SOMETHING, Jon.


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