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Feels Like An Arby’s Night.

Feels Like An Arby’s Night

By The Fillerbuster

The Cast 10/23/2018


This is mostly written during the MNF game.  Evergreen is written the night after, along with adding the day’s events.  As is usually the case, it is written sitting on my couch in front of sports.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

There is an uptick in readership recently, so THANK you so much for reading.  Tell your friends if you like it.  Because, I know I will NOT stop writing this whether one or a million people read it, and will continue to Hope this grows organically…

Let’s turn and burn.

EVERGREEN (topics that don’t fade away):


  • I was driving to work this morning and had the Broncos only sports station (I think I might be too lazy to find another sports station and now am attached to the station’s characters) on and all they talked about was whether they should trade Case Keenum since he has turned into the journeyman everyone feared he was, and give Chad Kelly a look. It is logical.  Give the young, fiery, hard working kid a shot if this isn’t panning out.  It made sense.  Then, the news hit this morning on Chad Kelly’s eventful Monday night/Tuesday morning.  He literally was found in a stranger’s house on their couch, barely able to speak.  So, you are telling me THIS transpired.  I am Chad Kelly.  I am rooting for my team to win, but maybe a part of me is hoping they SORT of fail or hover near .500 so I am looked at eventually.  It actually happens.  Bordering on mediocrity, Case hasn’t looked good, and the season is in flux.  I might get the call.  Hooray!  I must be SO happy the season is panning out to my personal needs that I decide to attend a party on a Monday night (yes, with team) and wander into a stranger’s house to see what is up.  I even sit next to a woman already on the couch.  I am chased out and beaten with a “vacuum tube?”    Worse timing ever.  And, know he has spaced out his off the field troubles in high school and in college JUST enough where he wasn’t pegged as an obvious problem.  This kid was recruited by CLEMSON, and then booted.  Won a junior college title, and ended up at Ole Miss.  Slight problems at both places.  But, he still made the show.  Well, opportunity knocked, kid.  The ducks were lined up quacking and in single file perfectly.  You had the 5280 world in your hands.  The rumor mill was leaning towards giving someone else a chance.  Then, BOOM goes the dynamite.  And you MIGHT have just jacked that up in STYLE.  Instead of Broncos wondering what would have happened if you got a shot, you filled Twitter with an unlimited amount of jokes for at least a week.  Nice work.


  • I like the Predators over the Lightning. The Lightning have more talent than most teams (again) and won’t underachieve (again).  It is one thing to score, but they haven’t even allowed a PP goal in four games this season already.  They are a very good team.  With Nashville, if Forsberg keeps skating like he is, he provides an offensive piece to their boring defensive system that puts them over the top.  Also, they don’t have to play the Maple Leafs or Lightning before the Cup Finals.  They will weed out themselves.


  • Man, this is tough. I HATE what the Warriors have done to the NBA.  HATE it.  But, here we are again, and how do you really argue with that A) talent B) talent that has proven it can mesh already?  And with Thompson probably leaving soon, and Durant teasing us with all kinds of other situations, this might be one last ride with everything intact.  The Celtics have started questionably, but they have A) a proven star in Irving B) a comeback star in Hayward and C) a blossoming star in Tatum.  How do you freaking argue with that?  So, I will be boring and say the Warriors over the Celtics, but I have a Plan B also just to go against the grain.  I like the Bucks.  A lot.  Give me the Bucks over the Rockets as my Plan B.  Dark horse.  Pelicans (who have averaged 140 points per game in two games).  Team a year too early.    Team I hope makes it.  Nuggets, of course.  Don’t like a Plan B or C or D, etc.?  Write your own blog.


  • The G League is offering $125k for high school recruits not wanting college for a year. Why is everyone so up in arms about this?  Do whatever you want.  Make whatever league you want to.  Pay them whatever amount you want to.  It is a fact that the United States hasn’t successfully started a pro league besides the NBA and everyone just goes overseas for pro experience.  So, why not?  Half of those recruits end up being paid anyway unofficially in college anyway.  Make it official and within regulations.  I admittedly will definitely still watch college and college only, but some people might tune in.  And scouts will go.  But, in the end, I fault the kids.  I respect anyone trying to make ends meet for their family sooner, and therefore taking the paycheck.  Do what you need to do.  But if the other kids don’t understand that college hoops is the greatest gift in sports, then shame on them.  But, sorry to all of the naysayers and Ms. Griner (it is the amount of people watching-sorry).  Pay the kids who want instant gratification and don’t want to be in the folklore of college basketball.


  • Serena’s coach is saying coaching should be allowed in tennis. I agree.  It is stupid, just brought through the decades of playing as proper and right, and should be changed.  What other sport doesn’t have coaching involved?  And I am sure they find their own ways of signals and coughs to get the info to them anyway.  Make it legal.  Allow for strategy shifts and demeanor checks.  Old school rules can be abandoned when it makes sense.  It does here.  I only have ONE request.  IF you make coaching legal in tennis matches, then get rid of the movement against five set men’s matches.  If coaching is allowed, I want to SEE the changes made in play.  I want to have plenty of time to feel the momentum shift.  I want to see the sudden net approaches or attacking service returns.  Keep that as it is, and let the coaches do their thing.


  • Being #1 in the NBA draft is NO easy task. You have to have made it through overseas pro leagues, street courts, college courts, etc. and THEN be the very best at a sport that dictates that you either have to be really tall and athletic or put the damn ball in the hoop.  But, we live in a time where Mr. Fultz got MAD media coverage for hitting ONE single three pointer this season.  He HAS to have been the most flawed guard to ever be selected #1.  It is basically saying that Jamaal Tinsley or Jacque Vaughn should have been given a better look as the top pick.    Good for him.  Fultz was like most of the bands from the 80’s-they beat the system.  Hmmmm.  He has a good handle, can pass great, but his shot is marginal.   Let’s take him above every other player in the world.  And sure, he kind of pulled a hoops version of Rick Ankiel and suddenly couldn’t do the most basic thing in his sport, and good for him for fooling all of the NBA scouts with the best technology and communication methods in the world.  Odd and weird.  Man, if he gets it together, the Sixers will be SCARY next year.


  • I think the most interesting story of this season, and unfortunately about MY team, is when the #1 seeds go into tournament play. Think about it.  The seal is broken.  The curse is done.  The cure has been allocated.  A #16 seed already has won and done the unthinkable.  It doesn’t matter how unstoppable a #1 seed is going into March.  We have seen it happen with our own eyes.  And, sorry to say for those #1 teams, so have the #16 seeds.  They will strut confidently, and hope they are the NEXT one, and the unstoppable feeling those #1 seeds had is slightly diminished…thanks to the Wahoos.  I just hope it happens sooner rather than later so I can blame parity, changing of the game, technology, the G League, etc. and not the asterisk that the HOOS were the farce.

WEEK-FISH (current topics of interest in sports):

  • I would love to get excited about the Broncos doing what they did to the Cardinals. It was decisive.  But, then I think about the other paradigm.  How do we know ANYTHING until they play someone besides the Cardinals?  Think about this.  The Cardinals were 8-8 last year WITHOUT David Johnson.  Now, they are somehow worse.  Not sure what I learned, if anything, during that game, except that one subpar team beat a really, really bad team with a cocky rookie QB.
  • But, go ahead and shop one of your bookend receivers, by all means…
  • You don’t usually care about other team’s losing streaks that much unless they are a rival. But, I personally am torn on whether I want the Jags losing streak to continue.  Part of me is absolutely enjoying the silence of their CB trash talker, Jalen Ramsey.  And, a small part of me misses the lunacy of his statements.
  • I am not saying some might not come around on the polarizing Yasiel Puig during the World Series. I am just saying that blatantly pouring an ice bucket on a reporter in the locker room…might not be the most direct route.  But, it WAS funny.
  • I got greedy with the National League Game 7. I got comfortable on a couch at a party with no one bugging me.  Game 7.  Going to be epic.  Wasn’t.  What a great season for the Brewers.  And, even WITH Ryan Braun on their team, they were still about 80% more likeable than the freaking Dodgers.
  • Phillip Lindsay is showing flashes of being a good RB, but just make sure he stays in his court…errrr…field. He was invited to do a halftime show or something for the Nuggets and BADLY airballed his free throw attempt.
  • I typically don’t love the You Got Mossed feature on MNF. But, I will say that him including a pretty snazzy ultimate frisbee game this past week made me smile…not overdoing it, and expanding his search.
  • Did the Red Sox just clinch the division, the divisional playoff round, and the league championship series on the OTHER team’s field? That is just odd.
  • Twenty two TD’s in eight games ties records and is impressive. And, I admit to thinking Mahomes would come back to reality a little MORE by this point in the season.  I watched him in college and just liked his name.  I watch him now in the NFL and am impressed he hasn’t come back to the field a little more.    He is the hard working, non party, non trespassing version of Chad Kelly.
  • I am sure they either have a plan or really like Nick Chubb, but I wasn’t so sure about the Browns trading away an established NFL RB (Hyde) for a fifth round draft pick and more guesses.
  • I am sitting here visualizing the Steelers somehow landing Patrick Peterson after his trade demands…
  • When a college makes an offer to a kid in grade school, it is nuts, right? Well, Lane Kiffin just offered Leinart’s son one at 11 years old.  With Lane, it just seems NORMAL.
  • Speaking of normal, Rajon Rondo might have spit on Chris Paul, triggering a big altercation. I do think he spit on him or at least blew on him.  But, that story is secondary to what was on Twitter with the Seinfeld remix.  Find it (I don’t know how to share videos in WordPress yet but will share the URL under Tweets as an attempt).  It is magical.  Almost as magical was that not only did Rondo do his normal thing and be involved in something negative, but his WIFE apparently fronted up Chris Paul’s wife after the event.  And, if you asked me, I would then direct you to the cat fight Seinfeld.  All KINDS of Seinfeld references in this Paul-Rondo fiasco.  Get on it, Twitter guy.
  • Am I allowed to have HOPE yet? UVA took down Duke at HOME in football last weekend.    Now, true that Duke is only respected in the last few years in football IN football circles, but pretty impressive win on the road.
  • Burfict was fined a hefty 112k last week. Keep the fines coming, and hope they get higher.  There have been some bad dudes to play football over the years, but not one in a long while that lived also in the MEDIA while being a bad guy and a dirty player. He just needs to GO.
  • Maybe it was Mike Leach’s brilliance (not sarcastic), but who the heck is Oregon, after watching Washington State and Leach mistreat them the whole game? I have either underestimated or overvalued them every single week, I think.  You are already logged in as the #1 draft pick, Justin Herbert.  Have some consistency at least.  As a future #1 pick, you are at least to be ON the long version of the Heisman list I would think.
  • Michigan State held Michigan very much in check for most of their game, and is irritating as heck to play these days, but couldn’t pull off the state line upset. At least they know that Ohio State losing kind of took some luster off of any final Big Ten victory with the college football playoff within possible reach.
  • Ohio State didn’t just get upset last weekend. They got ABUSED.  I definitely did NOT see such a butt whipping coming from a middle of the pack Big Ten team.
  • You know, we know that you and everyone else knows that the ACC is back to being one team and then nobodies the rest of the way down. But, give Clemson a GAME, NC State, if you don’t want us doubting your schedule or others doubting the ACC in general.
  • Brooks Koepka has taken over golf’s #1 ranking. That is really cool, but I kind of wanted his career to be more like Claude Lemeiux’s career was.  Just hang out for the whole year, and show up for one single tournament and that only.  Brooks is becoming just boringly a great, great player.  But, kind of nice for the golf community.  In a sport where people question someone the athleticism of the best in the sport, nice to have a monster linebacker front and center now.  Make fun of golf in front of HIM.  Dare you.
  • The first part of this blog was written during the beginning of MNF. The fact that Julio Jones has over 700 yards receiving in 6 games with not ONE single touchdown.  And, AFTER the game, more than 800 yards…and no touchdowns.
  • If your college plays Rutgers this year, you should without a doubt tune in. Why?  Because watching Rutgers return any type of punt or kick is must see TV.  They have done insanely stupid things on multiple kickoff returns this year.  Stuff you could blame on the player AND coach.
  • The Notre Dame team that controls every one-loss team in the country was idle this weekend.
  • I guess, you are welcome, British fans??? I guess the Titans went for two on their final play down 1 point TO entertain you and draw you into this wonderful sport…because…there was no LOGICAL reason why they shouldn’t have taken their chances in OT on a neutral field.
  • The Heisman QB’s are separating themselves from the pack with no players from other positions stepping up enough. Tagovailoa had 4 TD’s.  Murray decided to match him.  Going to be a fun Heisman race if both teams keep winning.
  • (lost in thought about how cool it would be to win the Heisman and then go make millions in another sport)
  • The first AP Poll for hoops came out this week. Listen, people.  It is kind of simple at this point.  I will explain it THIS way.  My team, UVA, is ranked #5 but that is also known as #1 of the second tier teams.  KU, Duke, Gonzaga, and Kentucky all pretty clear as the first tier.  The votes between #1 and #4 was LESS than the votes between #4 and #5.
  • Amari Cooper is now a Cowboy. They both got what they wanted, so I think the trade is fine, although trading a #1 pick away for anyone is a big risk.  The Cowboys needed to seal up the WR position to get a star who wouldn’t give Dak any more excuses.  The Raiders have OBVIOUSLY decided to fully rebuild and now have THREE first round draft picks in 2019.  I am sure Derek Carr is elated he is wading more into his prime with a bunch of youngsters in an obvious rebuild.
  • (thinking about how FAST the Raiders went from a dangerous team to NOTHING)
  • Maybe there are a lot of articles out there I am missing on, but am I stupid, is Bell stupid, or is he just waiting on returning (trying to) to the Steelers because of the trade deadline…right?
  • Tough break for one of the best kickers ever and class dude. Justin Tucker misses his first extra point ever in a home game versus a Super Bowl contender (Saints).  Could be worse.  That loss could be in the AFC and affect tiebreakers, right?  I have always been a glass half full kind of guy.
  • New England seems to have OU’s former problem with their defense. They have given up a LOT of point in the last few weeks.  Forty points in a win, and then thirty-one points (and almost 38 points at least) in a loss.
  • Wow, I feel more bad and more bad for the Browns fans. They are now relatively COMPETITIVE, and they still lose heartbreakers like against the Bucs.  Oh, and sorry to say they get my Steelers IN Pittsburgh next week.  That won’t go well and glad my Baker Mayfield loving wife will be out of the house at 5am that day.
  • Kareem Hunt’s boring up the middle, non-scoring run in Sunday Night Football that included hurdling another player was beautiful, powerful, and an example of why it is tough to turn away from some of these athletes in the NFL. That run was amazing.
  • Tom Brady made his SECOND all-time trip to Soldier Field this past week? I know, they are not the same conference, but still surprising to me.
  • You know, Eagles, you might not think these games won’t wear on your brain later on, and I know you are the awesome defending champions, but getting up 17-0 at HOME and blowing the game against anyone is…not good.
  • Just when I was sold on the Bengals possibly enjoy playing the other version of themselves (forgiving defense with an offense to outscore the other and obviously the Bengals are the POOR man’s version), they get SMOKED…AND gave the Chiefs defense hope they might be decent.
  • There are EIGHTY-TWO NBA games, and that is a lot.  But, some games ARE different.  The Nuggets beating the Warriors was just a blip on the screen in the overall scheme of things, but DAMN did that not only give hope for the whole league early on, but also for the Nuggets faithful, trying to figure out how to leapfrog a couple of these roadblocks to the playoffs.
  • As I get older, I notice certain conversations or events trigger time related thoughts. Well, Rae Carruth just got out of prison, and I immediately pondered deeply that seventeen freaking years had occurred and I remember him going to prison like it was yesterday.
  • Aaron Rodgers might face the biggest point spread he has ever faced as a Packer. It is the Rams.  This might not only be the only record the Rams are involved with when it comes to betting this year.
  • What a string of bad family luck. Michael Porter BARELY gets court time in college before getting drafted, and now his younger brother at Missouri will miss the whole season for a torn ACL.
  • The Lakers are 0-3, and two of those were on their own floor, and one of them LeBron personally got them into OT, and then personally lost it for them with missed free throws. Man, I am enjoying this.  Your story was better when you were winning in Cleveland AFTER already jetting to make your own team once…
  • For those who don’t bet, they probably don’t know how Eli Manning did his usual “play like crap most of the game and then suddenly turn it on too late.” Anyway, unfortunately, I was IN the group who got screwed on a four point spread with the final score being a field goal after a two point conversion.  Ridiculous…


THIS AND THAT (pop culture, Fillerbuster thoughts, and whatever else I feel like talking about):

  • I don’t typically have any order of importance in this section, but today I do. I went into Arby’s on Sunday for an in between football games and asked for a Beef and Cheddar meal.  The kid said they were presently out of beef.  When my brain wasn’t processing this information, and the kid didn’t get why I looked so incredulous, I kept thinking about the commercials where the voice is saying “beef, beef, beef.”  The kid informed me they had other things.  Other things?  Sure, there are other “items” on the menu.  But, I come to Arby’s for BEEF.  It says it on the freaking sign in HUGE 1981ish letters.  Don’t you have an emergency freezer?  This was the middle of the day-you couldn’t have run out during the day.  And it was Sunday, so didn’t you stock extra since you probably couldn’t get deliveries?  I just…don’t understand.  Sunday afternoon and you are out of beef…at Arby’s.  Do people eat other things at Arby’s?  Is there a large part of the population that has bought into this gyro pitch?  Are their salads good?  I don’t care.  I personally associate Arby’s with BEEF and you better have plenty of it.  Dunkin Donuts doesn’t run out of donuts or coffee…excuse me…DUNKIN.  Chick-fil-A doesn’t run out of chicken.  Taco Bell doesn’t run out of tacos.  Pizza Hut doesn’t run out of pizza.  Chipotle doesn’t run out of tortillas.  KFC doesn’t run out of chicken.  Dairy Queen doesn’t run out of ice cream.  Panera doesn’t run out of…Panera…whatever.  Anyway, Patrick Warburton would be crushed.  And so was I.  It was…disturbing.
  • (exhaling…)
  • I forget. What does Booger McFarland on MNF do in his sideline chair when it gets snowy and cold?
  • Got to golf. Got to golf.  Got to golf.  I had to walk off the course after 12 holes last week because a frost delay pushed me back into Lindsey’s brother’s birthday party.  But, before I left, I had two pars in four holes (neither a par 3 and one a par 5).  Progress definitely is being made.  Going out in my idiotic Masters hat and vest again this weekend.
  • Drew’s (Lindsey’s brother) birthday was nice, and up at the mountain house. I escaped for an hour just to toss some horseshoes up at the other mountain house.  I LOVE horseshoes and, as Maverick said, can hold my own.  What an odd talent.  Thanks, Dad. I am at the level where hitting the pin isn’t the problem…opening my flip up for it properly is the artistic part of it.
  • I have decided it is a horrible, horrible feeling to go swim in the morning at the rec center at 5am and for that said rec center to be closed randomly. I just went to work.
  • I really can’t wait for another Old Major burger this weekend…probably pre-Steelers game on Sunday…best burger in Denver.
  • Really? They might redo The Nanny?  WITH Fran?    Not sure who was watching that damn show the first time around, but it definitely wasn’t me nor anyone I came into any contact with.  We are running low on ideas.  Machines.  Take over.  Take us humans down.  I am ready for The Terminator.
  • I am less surprised that Kleenex had to change their box size from “mansize” than that this is happening just NOW with all of this sensitivity being rampant for 10-15 years.
  • Too many items and I need a flow chart. My wife dislikes when The Voice contestants cry for any reason, and I agree that they have them cry TOO much.  Doesn’t hit home if they do it for every story.  But, you can imagine the irony formed in my head when SHE cried really during one of the crying segments?
  • (I admit it was pretty painful and emotional to watch though-I toughed it out though)
  • I know about Banksy because one of our work conference rooms is named after him. My wife knows more of Banksy now because of the shredded/1.4 mil painting.  Now, we are both a little obsessed with the guy and the way he gets paintings out there.  Cool stuff.
  • I won’t pay movie theater prices for it, but I will eventually tune in to the new Halloween movie on a rental. It will suck, and I will be prepared, but Jamie Lee Curtis was kind of a rite of passage from my childhood.  I even babysat her kid when working on the movie Virus.
  • (remembering that all the stars on the set were cool except for Billy Baldwin and remembering Donald Sutherland’s awkward opening line to me when I was his driver to the set)
  • I just misplaced my work PC’s power cord, and not really sure how anyone in any regulatory entity allows them to sell power cords for $70.
  • I was initially mad at Bovada for not letting me put action on the Sunday Night game because their site was down, but about three hours later I seemed to be much less mad about it.
  • I don’t drink much these days at all, but I will say again that Blessing And A Curse is officially my favorite IPA these days…even out of a can.
  • (since this is accidentally patterned after Peter King’s old school MMQB articles, thought I would include a beer choice like he did)
  • Haven’t heard the coolest national anthem done in a while? You are welcome.
  • More on this later, but Lindsey and I booked our latest trip to our favorite place in Colorado…Aspen. LOVE that place so much.  She had a work conference in Keystone and we needed to go explore somewhere while she was up there.  All answers seem to filter to Aspen with us two…
  • Not sure of the episode, but the Family Guy skits on married guys wearing khaki cargo shorts with lots of stuff in their pockets with sandals was funny as hell, and hit pretty close to home.  And the same episode had the Stranger Things monster farting…also hilarious.
  • I gave it a shot in finding them in five seconds. It didn’t obviously pop up, so you are on your own.
  • Where are the rockers on The Voice? I need someone singing Led Zeppelin or Winger to try out next season.
  • Apparently, my social director/wife has set us up for Thursday tickets to the Roast of Halloween. I don’t object.  Her inner circle years ago was all of the local comedians, and let’s just say that Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty getting up on stage all liquored up in costumes roasting Jesus was HILARIOUS last year (and probably extremely offensive to some church goers in the audience).  Can’t wait for pumpkins and witches to crack jokes.
  • I think if I ever lost it totally at work to any sort of violence (just a joke), it would be because someone overstayed their time in a conference room. I HATE that so much (not a joke).
  • I forgot to put The Melting Pot seasoning on my spaghetti today and it left my day a little more empty. Bad week for free food at work thus far too.  What gives?
  • I am pretty sure that if you sampled each state individually on whose state’s drivers were the worst, we would get answers to cover ALL of them.
  • What happens to these cool scooters when Denver has its typical blizzard in the morning, and 60 degree day in the afternoon? Sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen if you ask me.
  • Who names these Hurricanes? Willa?  WILLA?
  • I love two a day workout days, because I typically get through at least ¾ of the second workout until I remember that I already swam a mile. Glorious…


Man, this guy is hilarious…what a lovable idiot.  How rare is it to be one of the greatest College basketball players of all time AND the biggest drug doing Dead fan EVER…and some at the same time?  I HIGHLY recommend having a couple of pops and tuning into any basketball game he is announcing…nonsense that is entertaining as hell.

And give this one a shot.  This is the Seinfeld/ second spitter one based on the Rondo/Paul debacle.


No change in rankings:

#1:  Feed the Wolf by Breaking Benjamin

#2: Pure Evil by Like A Storm

#3: Black Honey by Thrice

#4: Chronos by Parkway Drive



Given that it is World Series time, I would say we should go with a joke that came up at work today:

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  Yogi Berra

On a secondary level, from my co-worker today who sometimes works and probably more times watches the home camera of her dog.

“It’s fun to watch your dog at work.”  Unnamed source




The Red Sox made it through a MUCH tougher draw than the Dodgers in the playoffs and still beat them there.  The Dodgers are great on paper and definitely paid for what they have on their roster, but I think the Red Sox are a machine right now.  Plus, I want another year of hearing about 1988 and their payroll.  Boston made it through the gauntlet (and the World Series was probably the Astros-Red Sox already), and I think they beat the Dodgers in 5 games…on the Dodgers field just to keep the trend going.  (on editing, and putting in my bets for the day, I am taking the odds tonight and the Dodgers, so make it Red Sox in SIX-Kershaw might win both of the games).

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Remember.  Feed yourself.  Feed your family.  But, always, ALWAYS, feed the wolf.

Lindsey is out of town next Sunday through Tuesday before I join her on Wednesday.  Enjoy the sports week and weekend, and talk to you one of those three days before I go off the grid to Aspen.


I might have to literally hunt this food truck down.  If I owned a food truck and decided to pursue that in reality, then…well…this guy already took my #1 idea.  Guess I won’t go that direction.

I missed a couple of weeks, and felt lost.  Glad to be back at the golf course this week, watching the sun come up.

Someone bought someone else at work a plaque, and it is epic.  Somehow this giver had the foresight to write down any crazy thing his colleague said…so he could then put them on a birthday plaque.

Someone actually took this photo while grabbing a pic of the valley.  Now, they just have to somehow track down these strangers to give them the photo of a lifetime.  What a shot…

And, in case you care about what I threw back in the pond, here you go…

terrence williams suspended three games substance abuse
pacquiao to fight again in u.s.
khabib mayweather-already covered-no new developments
ex-wrestler dick slater dies
mayweather wants a mcgregor rematch too
chloe kim nails trick never done before
pizza spitter pleads guilty
cards fire oc
pope might go north Korea
blazers honor allen
Riley pulling plug on Butler deal
Iowa youth coach says he molested 400
Machado dirty play
lynch out
Butler booed
Cavs barely beating spreads
pels score 149
girardi pulls name from reds search
gronk doesn’t travel pats
uw cu
Messi fractures arm bone
jets release pryor
LeBron home debut
um Devin bush msu logo
reds hire david bell as manager
msu does philly special
six shot near jaguar stadium
angels name ausmus as manager
Watson takes bus to Jax for ribs
devante parker’s agent calls adam gase incompetent
bucs kwon alexander may have torn acl
reid vs. jenkins-sellout
cards Petersen asks for trade
rooney drags dc united into playoffs
bortles benched during loss
Trae young scores 35
bill self allegations college hoops trial
Roman reigns leukemia
Utah track athlete shot killed
Giants apple to saints
jets sign matthews

Drew brees 4th player to 500 td’s

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