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By The Fillerbuster

Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).

SIDE NOTE: If you still like my one liners on every subject in sports news, it still exists.  Just go on the site and click on the This And That dropdown.  One sentence, numbered, old school style with comments on just about everything in sports and not in sports…still in play.

SIDE NOTE 2:  No spoilers on the Movie-promise.  Read on knowing I won’t ruin it for you.

SIDE NOTE 3:  The This And That section won’t be done until 10pm on Saturday (that is what I am moving to next).

What is happening as I start embarking in 2018 on this focused idea only blog is that I get triggered, think of a theme, and then just go down that road.  I can’t stop thinking about it at some point during the week.  I figure I will have plenty of future blogs, but I guess I should clarify WHAT triggered me in this case.

TRIGGER 1:   The Super Bowl is coming, people.

TRIGGER 2:   I knocked out seeing Shape of Water.

TRIGGER 3:   Boston people don’t pronounce the letter “r.”


I went into my preview trying NOT being sold on The Hoodie and Brady.  I tried to steer away from that bias.  I tried to find hopeful stats to end with an Eagles prediction.  I tried to make MYSELF believe the Eagles would win and then try and back that up.  But, in the end, it DID come back to some stats, some X’s and O’s, and The Hoodie and Brady.  Forgive if things are a little repetitive in sections or out of order.  I only have so much time outside of my full-time job.  Here are my thoughts on the matchup:

  • The Patriots are vulnerable in only a few areas. Eric Rowe at corner, their LB’s, and big plays.  The Eagles HAVE to exploit these weaknesses to be in the game.
  • Knowing from me being a Steelers fan for life, James Harrison WILL make a momentum changing play and that is that. Sack, fumble recovery, whatever…he watches film when not watching cartoons.
  • The Pats have weaknesses, but they are also like the Warriors in a respect. One guy can have a HUGE game at ANY time.  Someone having a bad game?  They have three other running backs and two other receivers who could light it up at any moment if Lewis or whoever is lead RB that night or Cooks or Gronk or Lewis is having a bad night.
  • If it comes down to special teams, the Pats have the more experienced kicker and the more dangerous returner in Dion Lewis.
  • I like Max Kellerman’s opinion of the Pats. They are like Floyd Mayweather.  They basically make you PAY for ANY mistake you make, and the Eagles are due for a few.  Floyd might seem boring to people watching his fights, but he explodes on ANY mistake.  Brady and Company do the same.
  • At least one fan base can’t say the other fan base is the most irritating. They both have their problems and are both very abrasive.
  • Think being so close like the Eagles were in the past means they will break through? No, unfortunately.  The Bills lost FOUR straight Super Bowls, AND this is a different Eagles team that got close before (with ironically the same AFC guy staring them down).
  • The Hoodie and Brady combined age is 105 years old, making them possibly the oldest combo of all time. Must be depressing to say the least.
  • The Pats are 15-0 against teams in the postseason they are playing for the first time that season. You need to EXPERIENCE the Brady Show (and probably lose) and then adjust the second outing.  The Eagles don’t have that luxury.  That is how Eli and Company did their deal.
  • Nick Foles is Nick Foles for a reason. A journeyman QB.  And my bet is that he used up all of the Genie magic taking the stern Vikings defense to school amazingly.
  • This would be an epic matchup had the Vikings made it, only because at least the underdog was playing at home to equalize things a bit against Brady.
  • The “underdog” role has been adorable throughout the playoffs and has worked. But, we all know most teams are underdogs against the Pats in the postseason and Brady and The Hoodie won’t care what masks whoever is wearing.
  • The Eagles are in their comfort zone playing zone as opposed to man. It doesn’t work against Brady, and just cue the Steelers tape from last year if you want to see how it happens in worse case scenario.
  • An Eagles strength is their front four. Teams that have a front four have a shot against the Pats.  But, I find three problems with this concept.  One, Brady is best when under pressure.  Two, the Pats don’t have to devise a new game plan.  They always have short passes ready for RB’s and for slot receivers, and his quick release will nullify any pressure that is not a sack.  Three, IF the Eagles are not able to get to Brady early and adapt and start blitzing, the blitzes will come frequently from Chung or Jenkins.  This will give Gronk more room to operate and spell trouble.
  • Many of Brady’s successful throws come from classic run formations. This is tough, to say the least, to compete against successfully.
  • And even though the Pats rank only 14th in pass O-line efficiency, Brady is fine with pressure.
  • The Eagles are only 15th in the league in sacks accumulated.
  • I think we all would have liked to see this matchup with Carson Wentz healthy.
  • Too many weapons for the Pats. If Cooks or Gronk are covered successfully, Amendola or Hogan easily can step in without being nervous.  Scary thought of the day.  What if the Pats still had Edelman healthy?
  • Is it fair to say that Brady has EVOLVED with age? He physically has held up, and he pretty much has the intelligence of any good coordinator in the league.
  • Foles has a QBR rating, the worst in the league, of 7.6 when pressured this year. If the Pats can get to him at all, and they probably will, he isn’t efficient.
  • So, Fillerbuster, beat them LONG, right? Foles has a .7 (yes, decimal seven) QBR on passes longer than 20 yards for the year.
  • You are not catching the Pats in an off year. Stats back it up.  They are first in points and yards for the year.
  • This is Brady’s EIGHTH Super Bowl appearance. This is Foles fourth POSTSEASON game.
  • You could argue that the Pats have a bend but not break rushing defense. Fact:  you can run on them.    But, did you know they have only allowed SIX rushing TD’s all YEAR?  So, even though the Eagles are 3rd in rushing and the Pats are 20th in rushing defense, the end result is usually not optimal for opponents.
  • The Eagles did NOT need TWO full weeks of healing for Brady’s thumb.
  • The Eagles did NOT need TWO full weeks of Gronk concussion healing.
  • Eric Rowe WILL allow at least one big play. The question will be if he can keep it ONLY at one big play.
  • I guess the HOPE is that Brady typically doesn’t blow people away in the Super Bowl. It is almost like he LIKES it kind of close so his magic is through a more magnified lens.
  • It is like he knew he was facing inferior teams in the AFC postseason and STILL lollygagged around until the second half.
  • The Pats didn’t have Gronk in the second half of the AFC Championship, and they still ended up coming back on the Jags.
  • The record of teams blowing out their foe in the conference championship does NOT lend support to the Eagles.
  • Not that you need to know the nuisances of a big bruiser running back, but if you did, the Pats know Blount pretty well, no matter what his motivation is to beat his old team.
  • You might point at Foles having NO postseason turnovers as a plus, but I see it as the dam about to break.
  • You have the article about the Pats internal problems. You have the fact that McDaniels and Patricia are going elsewhere after this one last game.  You think they plan on leaving each other with anything but a ring?
  • Injuries to any RB for the Pats just means you bring up someone else from their stable. How did the rest of the league allow those pickups ALL to happen.
  • Gronk and Amendola have been postseason signatures this year for the Pats. Absolutely scary that the quiet guy thus far is Brandin Cooks, their BEST receiver.
  • I think the Eagles need to get Corey Clement in space to have a chance at ALL.
  • Oh, and the Pats have chosen white jerseys, and teams going that route are 12-1 in the last 13 Super Bowls.

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And now quickly on the theme and the movie…


  • Don’t take this as a negative review. Take this as a METHOD of watching the movie.
  • I made a classic movie making mistake. I went in with my normal self of analyzing all realities in the movie, expecting realistic plot and character development, and logical movement.  It was NOT this.  It was a surreal story.
  • But, they made it JUST realistic enough that I STAYED in that frame of mind, and then walked out of the movie say “what the…”
  • I totally GET that movies are chances to tell stories in whatever way you want to. I love Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth was great, and this just went a direction I did not expect.
  • I still don’t get the THIRTEEN Oscar nomination regardless.  Decent movie and creative story.
  • The movie did an excellent job at bringing into play race, gender, special characteristics of humans, and other conflicts in society without taking over the monster-love story.
  • Yes, and this is the closest I will get to saying a spoiler, she didn’t just feel bad for the lizard, she fell in LOVE with him.
  • She is an excellent cleaning lady, whether at the lab OR at home when her apartment gets taken over in water.
  • How did I get talked into going to the movie in the first place? I love water, I love Del Toro, and I have a curiosity about Oscar films where I have to know WHY they might win.
  • Get the MoviePass. You pay $10 a month for unlimited movies, and therefore you don’t get mad at seeing a less than par movie at the expensive theater.


Instead of being long winded on this, I will just copy and paste the text I sent my buddy after I watched the movie Friday night.

Hostiles review. Good: plot was believable and set up perfectly, acting was incredible, scenery was awesome. Bad: tried to be Unforgiven, slow, too thoughtful in parts, too self-aware. Synopsis: your life will seem a lot better by watching this grossly depressing and brutal movie. Bale should have at least gotten nominated for actor.

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Oh, and caught the second half of Molly’s Game today finally (wife got a migraine first time and we had to leave an hour in).  The second half was JUST as good as the first half, and that is one STELLAR movie overall.


Cinderella tales are fun.  They make us feel good.  But, sometimes, the other team is just better.  And Tom Brady is wicked smart and good.  Hope you are not bored with the dynasty yet.  It is not over, I think.  If it is any consolation, I think Philly beats the 5.5 point spread.  I think the Pats might be behind (again) but once again take care of business late.  Not sure if the multi-million dollar bettor took the money line or the point spread on the Eagles, but I still think he has a sad day….for a multi-millionaire.  The Eagles have enough weapons and a good enough defense to keep it close.  I just can’t rationally NOT go with who I think is the better team.  Pats win 27-23.

Mad at my pick?  Don’t be if an Eagles fan.  I have picked horribly during the playoffs and had the Steelers and Saints in the big game.  You have hope.  I have been wrong on a LOT during these playoffs.

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That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  And get used to people asking if there is a BUBBLAH around for some wahtah.  Peace.

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