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Blogging really does just make the flight go SO much quicker…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Airplane cast.  Monday evening cast.  Semi-speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Well, it is actually another plane one.  Lots of trips in the last week.
  2. Here is a nice, tidy warmup article for you for March Madness. Some stuff where you have to watch basketball to get it, and other stuff that will at least help you with your brackets in a couple weeks.  Fun, easy read.
  3. Another article I found interesting in FiveThirtyEight. Crunching some numbers, he talks about how Steph Curry is on pace for 102 HR’s in a season so you can make the easy jump from three pointers in understanding how he already RE-broke his own record with freaking TWENTY FOUR games left in the season.
  4. Exit rows are so nice for us tall people whether the seat next to us is taken or not.
  5. There WILL be prizes at some point, Marty/ Rudy. Just takes enough time to write this without figuring in the effort to cleverly provide hints and prizes considering I am not exactly rich.  One of these days.  Torchy’s isn’t that expensive.
  6. There goes Southwest taking my drink order again and then delivering me pretzels and peanuts about 15 minutes before I actually get the drink.
  7. But I barely made my plane, so eat I will.
  8. When I wear Beats headphones and chew pretzels, it is mind-blowingly loud. Crazy, disturbing loud in my head.
  9. KU bball is back at the top in the college basketball rankings. Listen, things will change more and we still have conference tournaments to go, but things are shaping up nicely.  Personally, I think UVA vs. KU would be a stellar championship game.  Or, UNC vs. UVA.  Or, Michigan State vs. UVA with a matchup of two teams that have faced each other the last two years.  You see the pattern.
  10. (Upon landing and posting, I guess call off the dogs that Texas basketball is back-ha).
  11. My interesting thought for the day. Crazy how a couple of schools get most of the recruits in college basketball, but yet we can still seem GLARING weaknesses right now in ALL of them.  KU has no go to guy in crunch time although the balance is there overall.  UNC still struggles to find shooters, and when they do, they go in odd season long slumps.  UK went from having a platoon system last year with TOO many good players to having literally TWO guys who score for them in games regularly these days.    Well, Duke just sucks when you eyeball their 1 through 7 guys.  Amazing.
  12. So fun to see Duke lose to Pitt the other day. And yes, Grayson Allen is easy to hate more with his hairdo when you add tripping players to the mix.
  13. Love how Tulo tried to make his Blue Jays spring training crib seem GOOD because it is more ghetto, called the Rockies one a country club, and then the Rockies get pissed at him. Flow chart that for me, people.  Unsure where the positives and negatives are.
  14. I rushed on the plane and didn’t get to read the article, but somehow “Marshawn Lynch rapping while riding on a camel in Egypt” just seems…FUN.
  15. The Pats extended Tom Brady’s contract so he will play into his 40’s and I hear the 2nd and 3rd QB’s are planning on just going into a bender for the next couple of years. No need to really be ready if you don’t play.
  16. Finishing up my in and out in Vegas. Waking up at 345am sucked today, but nice to be easily the most awake person on this plane right now.
  17. Some people will say that Xavier losing to Seton Hall says the most about the conference strength and balance. I will stay in the corner that Xavier is a solid team but doesn’t have all of the talent for a deep title run.  Buying cautiously, but only for a Sweet 16 or Elite 8 run.  Nothing more.
  18. No QB really blew anyone away this year at the draft, but no huge red flags either. Bet you the Browns are SO happy to be near the top of a draft with no serious QB stars.  Let’s remember also that Jeff George and JaMarcus Russell blew people away at the draft too.
  19. The Oscars. I don’t feel like doing a whole rundown.  Listen, Sly Stallone got dissed.  In a situation like Terrence Howard and Hustle and Flow, I get losing.  He wasn’t favored.  But don’t freaking tease me with TELLING me he is the leader and then screw him over.    I thought Chris Rock did a good job, but really wish he chose a COUPLE other things to talk about besides the lack of black nominees for a FEW minutes.  I was right about Revenant getting screwed on best picture-I just had the wrong picture.  Pretty sure I just guessed Mad Max on ANYTHING involving effects or video.  And where did the whole “thank you scroll” go near the end?  Do the heavyweights get to do their own thing?
  20. The Avs got better at the trade deadline, and they are even faster, but still not sold they are engineered for few best of 7 playoff series.
  21. I have a few more minutes before we make our final descent. Let’s take a look at the NBA standings.  My point in this is to really SHOW you how few of teams can actually win it this year.  Scary short list that contradicts the long list of college schools who might do it.  Let’s just go down the standings.    If Cleveland plays as inconsistently as they have, the Raptors could win the East.  And then get smoked by anyone from the West.  Let’s hope the Cavs start playing better.  Boston.  I get it.  Stats support them, and it is a feel good story.  Not buying the star power in the lineup.  Decent lineups get you through the regular season, not the playoffs.  Knicks and below suck.  Next.  Miami.  Joe Johnson gives them another shooter, but not trusting the health of Chris Bosh and the level of Wade right now.  Atlanta.  Once again, they LOOK on paper like they should be pretty good.  They are ok.  Not going anywhere.  Charlotte.  Not.  Happening and nice regular season.  Washington.  I actually like these guys as a possible run contender.  Shit.  Final descent.  Point is that there are only 5 teams that can win the whole thing this year.  Gotta shut down.
  22. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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Blogging really does just make the flight go SO much quicker…


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