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Catch of the Day. Good Blog Hunting.


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Not an airplane cast.  Early evening cast.  SUPER speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  This will be a lightning quick one with one sentence per hook, as I need to work on my site’s OTHER stuff.  It is only semi-functional right now.  Give me a week or two.  I work a full time job and so does the guy helping me.  It is an ongoing process.  But, I don’t feel like writing all day tomorrow.  Let’s move.  One sentence per.
  2. I apologize for any fake releases but trying to figure out how to do a menu item without doing an official post with notifications.
  3. JJ.  Just relaxing and not really any pops.  
  4. Best if I just explain it with my immediate post game tweet:  
  5. And my guy made his funny again:  
  6. I didn’t like the three’s UVA was hoisting up late instead of taking it to the hole, I didn’t like Gill being on the sideline with 3 fouls and 4 minutes on the clock, and I didn’t like UVA not being able to take advantage of oddly missed free throws by Duke.
  7. Unless you live in a bubble, Brandon Ingram is very, VERY good.
  8. Kansas-OU was a game where I wish I was back in the betting game, but both teams can make the Final Four.
  9. The Avs beat the Wings last night, and I remember a time when this city literally paused to watch a game when they met up.  
  10. Sad that it was just released that Denver will not be hosting the US Pro Challenge biking race, as I don’t watch bike races, but since it goes by my house, I watch THAT one.  
  11. Bill Walton once again outdid himself by saying he thought Leonardo Barbosa was dead on a telecast Friday.  
  12. We will never know if Cheaterpari MEANT to get ejected or if it was a quick second whistle, but Kentucky looked…like we expected them to look for the rest of the game.
  13. Now that my site is a SITE, expect me on Facebook even less than I was before…I have a NEW playground, and you all FB people have fun.
  14. I assume Lindsey won’t mind if I have a few drinks after the painful UVA loss before our Valentine’s Day dinner (she is at a movie presently).
  15. At least she is a chick cool enough to celebrate the dumbest holiday ever the night BEFORE other people do.
  16. I am confused as to why MJ gave Kobe all those shoes when he is retiring from PLAYING basketball…but I guess a cool gesture.
  17. There are many jokes on this link that I like as I am one of the most deadpan people you will know, and they let me relax after watching what I just witnessed during the Duke UVA game.
  18. Melo, no one really cares about you, the Knicks, or if you will be traded.
  19. I actually think I care more about the Raiders staying one more year in Oakland more than Melo being traded, and that is saying something.
  20. Still waiting for McCoy to be arrested as I am trying to fly there to watch it.
  21. Said it before and will say it again…when Lindsey watches Making of a Murderer, I want to watch Game of Thrones like right NOW (ominous cello).  
  22. What a song:
  23. Lamar Odom sure picked a weird place to make a first appearance.
  24. Not sure who is coming to my bachelor party, but at least I know some company people are in Vegas to keep me company as we have a tradeshow there for my first night.
  25. One that I am not on the clock for, folks…geez.
  26. Not sure why a bunch of big guys are in the skills competition tonight, but give me Mudiay in the skills, Thompson in the 3 point shootout, and LaVine, LaVine, LaVine in the dunk contest.  
  27. Aaron Gordon will be fun to watch though.
  28. I had a dream about falling off the couch in the early 2000’s when Vince Carter rocked our world.  
  29. I am the older one, but Lindsey has a hard time staying up past 11 on Fridays and Saturdays.
  30. I watched Good Will Hunting last night after she crashed…wow, what a movie STILL.  
  31. I had to see about a girl.
  32. Damon is #1 on my man crush list which eventually will be under my “list” dropdown on my site.
  33. Scarlett will still secure the photo of the dropdown though.  
  34. Yes, Halle is OUT…too old.  
  35. Melissa McCarthy is on SNL and I expect it to be very, very funny.
  36. Hey, Kanye is TOO…ears are burning.
  37. The Voice starts on Feb 29th???
  38. That is one of my few admittedly STUPID guilty pleasures, and not good they are doing things right when we hit my favorite time of year.  
  39. I have watched it 100 times…still not sure how they screwed up that Boise State last second shot.
  40. On Shark Tank last night, the biggest hit was a honey that didn’t come from bees.
  41. Not only do I don’t care about bees being saved, but I wish they would all die…petrified of them.
  42. Hey, John…I was in your bar today…lol (OLD joke).  
  43. I admit to not knowing they painted both end zones BRONCOS before correcting it for the Super Bowl…that is funny.
  44. Watch the Jimmy Fallon (might have been a repeat-I don’t know) from last night, as I still can’t stop laughing from listening to Ray Romano talk about doing a sex scene in Hollywood.
  45. Going to watch the probable future winners of the whole thing play…Maryland.
  46. (On editing, they are getting SMOKED by Wisconsin).
  47. Finally, not sure if my colleague is messing with the site so I am getting inaccurate data, but hits on the site are about 4 times my usual, so THANK you if more people are joining me. Give yourself one month and then the jokes will start ringing true with understanding.
  48. No prizes yet, Marty.  
  49. Pics from the Lindsey family household, where we had a surprise dinner with her dad Friday.  Card against humanity and puppy pics.  Her dad was elated (I am never sure if he is excited about anything).  
  50. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Sure I will have more to say tomorrow, but we have at least cleared the list so I can work on my site too tomorrow.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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Catch of the Day. Good Blog Hunting.


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