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Catch of the Day. New Mexico.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Not an airplane cast.  Early evening cast.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Just a quick outlet before evening dinner with Lindsey’s family.  Let’s move.
  2. Twenty four hours before Duke-UVA. This is the first year like ever where I step outside of myself and say “Hey, I think we actually have the BETTER team.”  Sure, it is at Duke, so no HUGE deal if we drop the game.  But, we are the better team at this point.  Love it.
  3. Before that tomorrow, we have OU and KU. I will be watching to see WHO KU goes to when it NEEDS a score, and I will be watching the outside dependency of OU.  And of course, Buddy Hield.  That being said, if you missed the first one that interrupted my bedtime, I am sorry.  YOUR loss.  Watch the game tomorrow, people.
  4. Loved how ESPN wrote an article on the uptick of Oregon basketball and them being the pride of the 2016 Pac-12 and then literally hours later they go out and get SMOKED by Cal.
  5. But, let’s keep in mind we all knew Cal would come together at some point during the year. Which team does that game say more about is beyond me.
  6. The new site is (obviously) up and running thanks to my colleague, Chris K. LOTS to figure out and adjust, so don’t be mad about drop downs and menu items leading nowhere.  I will play this weekend.  He has armed me with limited knowledge to change but not break the layout.
  7. I respect Jay Bilas a lot and many of our predictions match up pretty well. He, as well as I, are still in the Maryland corner when this season is all said and done.
  8. Well, for the Final Four anyway. My boys are starting to come around in my head, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves on MD.
  9. I am not excited for any references made during the NBA All Star Game Sunday for the dumbest holiday we have out there.
  10. Bryce Harper, PLEASE stay away from microphones. We all know you are worth more than the $5 million a year you are being paid.  It is obvious based on your stats.  Don’t become MORE unlikable (if possible) though by verbalizing it.  He recently said “But don’t sell me short” in an interview.
  11. Sounds like we all would like to travel with Mr. Harbaugh on recruiting visits. Assuming he will cover the $10k a day and jet fuel.  He blew $136k in 12 days of recruiting last year.
  12. The Mets have a BOATLOAD of pitchers in their arsenal. So, losing a guy who pitched 7.1 innings last year because the guy was a dumbass and got booted forever from baseball for PED’s won’t KILL them.  No trivia questions will be around Jenrry Mejia anytime soon.
  13. I hear they might cancel football in Louisiana.   Like that is going to happen.  I am sure a couple rich alum will step up to help out LSU football in staying afloat.
  14. With the MLB pitchers getting new ramped up helmet-hats during spring training this year, guess if a batter wants to charge the mound, they better keep on their batting helmet.
  15. Pretty sure the Canadiens would have slid with or without Carey Price, but sad to hear he is done for the year for what may or may not be that same right knee injury.
  16. More to come on the NBA trade deadline…
  17. I will hit you up Saturday or Sunday for NBA ASG predictions and notes.
  18. Seven million dollars is a lot of money, Langford looks like a pretty good solution at RB, age 30 is the nightmare age for RB’s these days it seems, but I am still looking at Matt Forte in free agency if I am any other team after he is gonzo on March 9th from the Bears.
  19. Shaq and Iverson highlight the HOF finalist list for the NBA in 2016. You have one guy who should have won pretty much every MVP award in the early 2000’s but didn’t because we had to spread the award around and another guy who was the tiniest 30 point a game career average guy you have ever seen (before he played a couple extra years and his average dipped).
  20. LOVE Iverson. Idiot off the court.  Stud on it, and he would play hurt all the time.
  21. Here I am saying Melo is quietly hoping that Phil brings on a non triangle guy to coach because he probably still doesn’t understand the damn thing.
  22. It is termed an upset because of rankings, but I don’t think Indiana over Iowa was that big of deal. I haven’t been sold on Iowa yet as far as a contender.
  23. LeSean, I don’t think THIS one can be blamed on Chip Kelly.
  24. We realized we are a little behind on Drunk History last night and watched one. People can argue the jokes and layout aren’t the funniest, but the lip syncing of the narrator’s drunk story with cameos all over the place is BEYOND funny.  Spot on.  Plus, I learned a lot about New Mexico last night.  You are missing out, people, if you are not watching it.
  25. Just a heads up on changes upcoming with this new incredible layout. I might specialize in one topic a day a lot more, since the links for older blogs are all over the place.  Might have two speed version/ clear the list days and five actual ARTICLES that show I actually am not as distracted as I appear when writing 100 hooks sometimes.  Menus will populate at a minimal level this weekend.
  26. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question (and don’t sell me short), bro.

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Catch of the Day. New Mexico.


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