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Baby steps.

Thoughts for the day…no daily blog template until the subscribers are back.  Like my sock competition, that will most likely be 2017.

  1.  Welcome readers AND the Arizona Cardinals.  You beat a good Skins team today.
  2. I really, to be transparent, don’t feel like talking to you tonight.  One sentence and one sentence hooks only per hook.  Tough to put my million MPH thoughts in one sentence…just saying.
  3. Part of me wishes I went to Matchbox last night where our CEO opened up a bar tab, and a bigger part of me is SOOOOOO glad I missed what probably was a post office party train wreck.
  4. I have decided that I am very, very good at forming dance circles.
  5. I still walk off when Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ plays.
  6. YOU try and bartend 14 years of karaoke and not hate that song or anything by the Eagles.
  7. OK, so maybe it is me, but I don’t care.
  8. Hey, Tiger, way to finish the tourney, not get hurt again, and do ok.
  9. He led the field in double bogeys AND birdies…interesting mix.
  10. I am by myself while Lindsey is at the Melting Pot, and it is SOOOOO hard to not put on Westworld, episode 5.
  11. But, that is my wife, and I will remain true.
  12. I will give anyone a $20 bill if they can look me in the eye and tell me they knew Washington and Chris Peterson would be in the playoff this year.
  13. Welcome, to getting SMOKED by Bama, and great progress, Washington.
  14. Clemson will beat OSU in the other game.
  15. We will get a rematch of last year.
  16. Tonight is Seattle minus 7.5, I am partially giving up on point spreads, and just took the over and will root for WHOEVER to score.
  17. A lot.
  18. I see my parents on Thursday, and can’t wait for Wednesday night, when I will jump in the ocean and TRY not to be the guy who gets stung by a jellyfish because he is an idiot and doesn’t care what time it is, what the temp is, and just needs…water.
  19. No intern still people, so sorry for any grammatical errors.
  20. I am just posting pics after my thoughts and am NOT going to edit this thing…
  21. Don’t tell anyone…I just did a parlay on two hockey games.
  22. Don’t tell anyone…I watched the third quarter of the Steelers game in FF because I need to be in the NOW.
  23. If you are wondering what I could possibly have been doing during the first half of the Steelers game, I did something you did NOT do this weekend and will be very jealous…more to come on that.
  24. Out new Christmas tree is bigger, but not sure it is better.
  25. Lindsey and I have hung out all weekend as we do, and dibs to her for eating cheese in Littleton, because this couch feels very, very comfortable.
  26. During her brunch, I took my little munchkin cat to the vet…and wasn’t told what shots to get her, and…got the wrong shots….ugghhh.
  27. Now that I am off airplane mode because I know the Steelers won, SOMEONE text me SOMETHING someone did last night at the post office party party.
  28. Baker Mayfield will stay another year, and he might as well, as he is Doug Flutie II, and therefore can only be a college hero.
  29. No physical attributes to be drafted high.
  30. Pickup of the fantasy year…Stafford.
  31. Keep of the year…Golden Tate.
  32. Stubborn person who refuses to read about how James White and Dion Lewis will be the main ball carrier in NE…me.
  33. I am at 150 plus this week already.
  34. I like dive bars and bars that have an adjective and an animal in their name, and I need to stop listening to my wife when she says “let’s go have a drink at the corner office.”
  35. Uppity…not me.
  36. I went to brunch after the vet to meet one of Lindsey’s best friends (went to her wedding in Lakewood, WS-ATV capital of the world), and her husband didn’t even show up.
  37. Dammit, Dustin.
  38. I remember him telling me while helping me move “I just bought a jetski and asked her to marry me.”
  39. I only heard the jetski part initially.
  40. Chris, don’t get sucked in, there is only one #twocatmark and cats don’t need a freaking friend.
  41. So, just saying, if you would have listened to me about UCLA basketball from the beginning of the season, you might be rich.
  42. UCLA is a team that NO ONE wants to play…ever…AND…is fun.
  43. Kind of fun that I know some Lions fans and the two teams no one wants to play in the NFL are the Lions and Steelers.
  44. The Big 12 commish has a beef and has backing on Dub’s schedule, but can you get a championship game before complaining about ANYTHING?
  45. Why do I really care right now if the Eagles are going to pursue DeSean Jackson in the offseason?
  46. I will be honest with you, and can open up and tell you I didn’t really know where Tuberville actually was coaching before he announced his resignation today.
  47. Don’t tell anyone that the guy who loves free food more than any other person in the entire world ate before the company party and didn’t have one single morsel of food…weird.
  48. I was kind of sad about not being able to go into the locker room during our Mile High stadium tour.
  49. I told my CEO last night the reason I work where I work is because we MIGHT be Google II, and I really believe that.
  50. I would run through a wall for my CEO and what he is trying to do in this world…he knows that too.
  51. Listen, idiots, for anyone who is complaining about the CFP selections, you should have either played a tougher schedule, won more, or been in the top four…and if not, please check yes to MY personal lobbying of a 6 team playoff.
  52. Wow, did Navy make this process easier.
  53. Of COURSE, the Yanks signed an over the hill slugger and overpaid for them #mattholliday
  54. So, when Kaep got benched, I wonder if he kneeled on the sideline.
  55. That was rude…I know…dude gave a million dollars to the cause…sorry.
  56. When I talk to Jackson (older cat), I say in a normal tone (not the high pitched tone I hate when people talk to cute animals) “how are you and is Charlee ok or did you eat her already?”
  57. What did I DO this weekend?
  58. Denver Flea-you missed it…awesome.
  59. OU-OSU-obligated and I actually watched more of the UCLA win over UK.
  60. Conference championship games.
  61. Office party.
  62. Red Bull Flying Bach-you missed an EPIC show and how can you hate both Bach AND break dancing?
  63. Steelers.
  64. Couch.
  65. Pictures.  Stop reading if you are scared you are in this mix.
  66. JK.  I put nothing over the top in my pics, but this is MY FB.
  67. Ok, here we go.
  68. By the way, no one won the money for saying one simple statement to me last night at the party.
  69. Prizes?  You all are playing.
  70. Awesome press box experience except for Joe G. asking me while I was on the mic about MS.
  71. Well, done, co-founder of my blog who JUST started reading this thing…he coined “cast” and “hook.”
  72. If you could have this guy on every single sales call and if it was logistically sound, you WOULD have him on the call.  
  73. My boss trying to lift this whole…thing.  I think it is a Texas thing.
  74. My lady… 
  75. My lady… #bedlam 
  76. Just a pic of me and my wife…don’t like?  Write your own blog…  
  77. She doesn’t realize that she has no vertical jump.  
  78. I heard people do other things on Sunday, but I hadn’t SEEN it.  
  79. Signs of maturity…I was hanging out by this pool(s) with a colleague and didn’t jump in at 2am.  Baby steps to the elevator (wait, that might have to be my theme-LOVE What about Bob, and seems fitting since UCLA rocked the world this weekend).  
  80. This picture is not great, but look at how thoughtful Nate R. looks…interesting.  
  81. One of the most brilliant people I have met in my life…and also is a DJ.  
  82. Maker of my site is the guy on left with the Jersey gold chain you can’t see.
  83. We don’t mess around at office parties.  
  84. Look at Omar raising hell.  
  85. And look in the lower center of the pic how in love newly engaged Cary is…adorable.
  86. He doesn’t read this…oddly since we are both Steelers fans, but to each their own…
  87. My lady again and someone who is awesome at work that we both love…  
  88. Kegs…mmmmmm.  
  89. And random pic of Lindsey that is brilliant with no sense.  
  90. But, perfect since I am a future photographer…
  91. Let’s tuck a prize in this mix.  Will, one of my favorite conversations last night was with you, and if you say “rain” by 10am at work tomorrow, I will give you $10 on the spot.
  92. Rain, because I am Aquaman and love water…get your own blog.
  93. Seriously, I am done with point spreads…I am just sitting here in front of the game going SCORE!!!!
  94. It is fantastic.
  95. By the way, I make fun of What About Bob? but it changed my life…I baby step to important decisions, and then let my wife buy Sugar Bowl tickets 10 minutes after the OU game ended to keep it fun.
  96. No stress in my life except…for two cats who need soft food.  I don’t count yearly sales as stress.  That is the life I chose.  Ugghhh.
  97. In case you have lived your life in a vacuum or don’t ever want to understand the job of sales…both are weird.
  98. Really?  Never seen that?  Ok, just to baby step you, here is the other freaking must see, go to sales seen of all time NOT in Wolf.
  99. You haven’t seen EITHER of those?  Ugghhh.  I am OUT of here.  I can’t even talk to you.
  100. That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  101. ABC, B.
  102. Oh, Ralph wasn’t at the company party.  Go figure.  Cold, my ass…

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