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89 Best Hunting Tattoos Of All Time

Having your skin inked permanently is a great way to show your passion for the great outdoors and Hunting. If you are looking for inspiration for a design on your next hunting or outdoor related tattoo then we've got you covered. We have searched all over and gathered only the best hunting tattoos we came across.

Also you will find we have categorized them more specifically by what type of hunting tattoos they are, such as Deer hunting, bow hunting, deer skulls, etc. You can use the quick navigation links below to jump straight to the tattoos you are interested in.

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Deer Hunting Tattoos
Deer Head Tattoos
Bow Hunting Tattoos
Deer Skull Tattoos
Antler Tattoos
Elk Hunting Tattoos
Best Bird - Duck Hunting Tattoos
Turkey Hunting Tattoos
Bear Hunting Tattoos
General Hunting & Outdoor Tattoos

Deer Hunting Tattoos

Deer are the most hunted game in the United States! There are so many deer hunters and the same goes for deer hunting tattoos. Some are fantastic and some not so great. Here are our top picks.

Insane Deer Hunting Back Tattoo

The hunters point of view...

Best Deer Hunting Tattoo

Buck in Crosshairs Tattoo

Very realistic looking tattoo of deer in the sights of a reticle...Amazing work!!​

Deer in Scope Tattoo

Image from

Another style of a deer in the sights of a scope...

deer in crosshairs tattoo

Hunting Deer with Dogs Tattoo

Looks like this hunter had some help from his dogs.

hunting deer with dogs tattoo

Chevy & Deer Tattoo

This ones for all the Chevy and deer hunting lovers

chevy and deer tattoo

Cute His & Hers - Buck & Doe Tattoo

This is a super cute tattoo of an outline of a buck and doe which is in the shape of a love heart. Also a date in the middle....we're guessing wedding anniversary​. Definitely one for the romantic hunters out there.

buck and doe love heart

Here's another one similar to the one above for the love birds, in a slightly different design #browninglogo

buck and doe tattoo

More Cool Deer Tattoos...

deer tattoo

Deer wilderness tattoo

deer tattoo

deer rifle tattoo

deer hunting tattoos

Deer Head Tattoos

These are the best deer head tattoos we found. All different styles and placements to give you a variety of ideas if you're thinking of getting just the deer head stamped on you.

ECG Line with Deer Head​

There's no flatline on this cool forearm tattoo. Very simple yet very effective with the deer head as the peaks in the lines.

ECG deer head tattoo

Deer & Fishing Tattoo

Nice looking tattoo for the deer hunter that also loves fishing. From the water and boat to the deer head and the woods horizon, everything blends in beautifully with this design and finishing.

Deer and Fishing Tat

Amazing Deer Head Tattoo on Chest

The colors work great on this piece and the deer looks like a mounted trophy. It's so large it takes up most of his body.

deer head on chest tattoo

Deer Tattoo on the Back of the Head

Ouch...but looks so cool on the back of this man's skull.

deer head on skull tattoo

Smokey Deer Head Tattoo

This is a different style of deer head ink you wouldn't normally see....the smokey flaming style!

smokey deer head tattoo

Buck Head Tattoo

Great looking tattoo of a bucks head with a hunting tree stand in the background.

buck head tattoo!tattoos-by-ainslie/c1n11

Camo Deer Head

camo deer head tattoo

Bow Hunting Tattoos

These pieces of skin artwork are specifically for the love of bow hunting and archery.

Bow Hunting Deer from a Tree Stand Tattoos

Hunter perched up on a tree stand with his bow taking a shot at a deer below. The 2 trees seem to serve as antlers with a deer skull below. Very creative and clever.

Forearm deer and bow hunter tattoo

Image from

Another very similar bow hunting tat similar to the one above, without the skull and antlers...just the great outdoors.

Bow hunting tattoo

Arrow & Tracks Ink

Nice arrow tattoo and placement for the ladies.

arrow and tracks tat

Pick Your Game Bow Hunting Tattoo

Looks like this guy likes to bow hunt all kinds of game.

Best bow hunting tattoo

Bow Hunting Deer Back Tattoo

Deer bow hunting

Target & Archery Tattoo

target and archery tattoo

Muzzy Shooting Through Skin

muzzy tattoo

Script & Arrow Tattoo

Script reads "LIFE AT FULL DRAW" with a cool looking arrow underneath it. The placement looks great on the bicep​.

life at full draw tattoo

Bow Hunter in Antlers

bow hunter antlers

Addicted to Bow Hunting Tattoo

addicted to bow hunting tattoo

Another Cool Tree Stand Bow Hunting Piece

bow hunt tree stand

Crossbow Tattoo

crossbow tattoo

American Bow Hunting Flag

american bow hunting flag

HUNTER with Arrow Tattoo

hunter arrow tattoo

Couples Archery Tattoo

couples archery tattoo


Deer Skull Tattoos

Some hunters like to mount their deer skull and some may like to ink a deer skull permanently into their skin.

Colored Deer Skull Tattoo On Upper Back

Groovy looking deer skull on this man's back. The black outline and color makes this one pop.

Deer skull tattoo

Colorful Deer Skull with Roses

​Bless this mess! This tattoo is certainly no mess. The colors, script and design of the roses, deer skull and antlers look amazing on this guy's chest.

deer skull and roses tat

"Live to Hunt" Deer Skull & Bullets Tattoo


Deer Skull, Antlers, Bow Hunter & Deer

deer skull antlers bow hunter deer

Antler Tattoos

Antlers aren't just for shed hunting, they also make great tattoos. These are our favorite antler tattoos floating around.

Antlers On Corner of Back Tattoo

Antlers On Back Tattoo

Antler & Rifle on Leg Tattoo

Deer Antlers plus a Rifle on the Leg​

Antler and rifle tattoo

Deer Head & Antlers on Hand Tattoo

Antlers on the hand and deer head on the middle finger.

deer head and antlers on hand tattoo

Shotgun with Cross & Antlers

A beautiful memorial tattoo​

shotgun cross antlers tattoo

Memorial Winchester & Antlers Tattoo

Another nice memorial tattoo to her father, with the script reading "Daddy's little girl". The winchester and antlers above look great.

winchester rifle and antlers tattoo

Antlers on Each Forearm

antler tattoo

Huntress Antlers Tattoo

huntress antlers heart

Elk Hunting Tattoos

The Elk is another great looking creature for tattooing.

Raging Bull Elk Tattoo

Raging Bull Elk tattoo

Nice Elk Tat

 photo slide320.jpg

Best Bird - Duck Hunting Tattoos

Duck Hunting Tattoo on Arm

duck hunting tattoo on arm

Duck Hunting Tattoo on Leg

duck hunting and shotgun tattoo

Wrist Duck Hunting Tattoo​

Double wrist Duck Hunting design

Duck Hunting on Arm and Shoulder

duck hunting on arm and shoulder

Duck Hunting Half Sleeve

duck hunting half sleeve

Pheasant Hunting Half Sleeve Tattoo

best pheasant hunting tattoo

Duck Hunt On Back Colored Ink

Yes we know this is Duck Hunt...THE GAME....but we couldn't help but throw this one in here as it was just too cool :)

Awesome Duck Hunt Tattoo

Hound On the Hunt for a Duck

hound hunting duck tattoo

Live to Duck Hunt Tattoo

live to hunt hunt to live tattoo

Memorial Duck Hunting Tattoo

memorial tattoo

Cool Duck Hunting Tattoo Design

cool duck hunting tattoo designs

Bird Hunting with Dog Tattoo

Cool tricep tattoo of hunter with his dog pointing rifle at a whole flock of birds.

bird hunting with dog

Turkey Hunting Tattoos

Rifle Turkey Hunting Tattoo

turkey hunting tattoos

Turkey & Arrow

turkey and arrow

Hunter & Turkey Tattoo

Turkey in the woods, and you can see the hunter waiting with his rifle hiding behind a tree.

turkey hunting tattoo

Bear Hunting Tattoos

These tattoos are for the all the bear hunting lovers out there.​

Bears Collage Tattoo Covering Whole Back

bears tatoo

Bear in Bear Claws Tattoo

bear claw

Bear Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

bear sleeve

BearPrint Tattoo

bear print tattoo

General Hunting & Outdoor Tattoos



girl gun birds tattoo

Hunter Tattoo

Image source

rifle scope tattoo

hunting is an obsession tattoo

hunter tattoos

antlers skull deer turkey tattoo

if it flies it dies if its brown its down tattoo

duck deer turkey

hunter tattoo

hunting sleeve tattoo


hunting sleeve

fishing hunting tattoo

team realtree tattoo

cool hunting tattoos

simple hunting tattoo

huntress and deer skull tattoo

rabbit hunting tattoo

fishing hook antler arrow love heart tattoo

fishing/hunting tattoos


That's a whole lot of cool hunting tattoos. There are so many great ones out there and it was difficult to narrow them down, but these in our opinion are the best hunting tattoo designs​ both for men and women. Let us know which one's you loved or didn't like so much in the comments section below.

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89 Best Hunting Tattoos Of All Time


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