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best QD scope mount

Quick detach mounts are more popular today than ever before because the advent of rifles that use backup iron sights. This is great because it adds another level of redundancy to your rifle making sure that you always have a way to shoot it. However, this presents a very real problem that if you remove your optic with Quick Detach mounts, you will have to go to the range and re-zero it. This can be a problem for people who like to practice often with their iron sights.

Do QD Mounts Hold Zero?

For the most part, there is not a need to re-zero quick detach mounts provided you put it back in the exact same position it was in before it was removed, and the amount doesn’t shift or rotate around the optic that it is mounted to. For example, if you remove a quick detach mount from the flat top of an AR 15, make sure the mount goes back into the exact same picketing slot on top of the mount and the mount is it loose or sloppy around the body of the scope. If you follow this, you shouldn’t have any problems.

A good way to make sure the scope goes into the correct picatinny rail is to mark the picatinny rail on the inside mating surface just before you mount up the scope to be cited in for the first time. Nail polish and magic marker can both work and it won’t rub off because the mount is going to be protecting it while it is installed.

The Best QD Scope Mount Reviews

QD Scope Mount


Flat Top Offset 1 Piece QD Mount

Best QD scope mount for AR-15's. High quality!

LaRue Tactical QD Cantilever Mount

Best LaRue QD scope mount

Bobro Dual Lever Precision Optic Mount

Best Bobro QD scope mount

Mizugiwa 1" 30mm QR Cantilever Weaver Forward Reach Dual Ring Mount

Best budget QD scope mount for the money

Best QD Scope Mount for AR-15

Flat Top Offset 1 Piece QD Scope Mount w/ QR Cam Locks 1913 Picatinny Rails

best qd scope mount for ar15

This is one of the best cutie scope mounts for an AR 15 because it combines low cost with exceptionally high quality and design. The cam locks included on this mount work extremely well to lock in the mount and not let it go anywhere. However, the main draw to this mount is the balance between value and quality.

There are no problems in the millwork, no problems with the machining of the aircraft grade aluminum and all the mating services are squared up nicely with a good finish. It’s hard to beat the quality of this QD scope mount, especially for the price. It comes with a 1-inch diameter tube and will work well with just about any optic you are likely to cram onto an AR 15. This is about as good as a quick detach mount is going to get before you step up to one of the boutique makers that charge several times as much for the same quality product.

Best Larue QD Scope Mount

LaRue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount

larue qd scope mount

Larue tactical is one of the finest names in AR 15 accessories. They make all sorts of scope mounts, flashlight mounts, and forward rails for fighting rifles. They really have some of the highest quality control intelligent design on the market. This is an excellent example of one of their best quick detach scope mounts designed to be light and fast while not sacrificing any performance.

The advantage of this cantilevered design is getting an optic further away from your eye while still being mounted on the flat top of an AR 15 receiver. This ensures that you won’t lose zero if the handguard comes loose but also moves the optic further away to take up less room in your field of vision. This gives you the best of all worlds, a rock-solid connection to the rifle and increased field-of-view and situational awareness. Combined with the intelligent solid aircraft grade aluminum construction of this mount from Larue, you have one of the best quick detach scope mounts on the market.

Best Bobro QD Scope Mount

BOBRO Dual Lever Precision Optic Mount – 30mm Rings – 20 MOA

bobro qd scope mount

If you have a high precision competition gun, carrier rifle for a living trust your life to it you’re going to need the best mount you can get your hands on. Bobro Precision makes this excellent dual Lever optic Mount that serves perfectly for a long-range rifle that has backup iron sights, as well as anybody using a 30mm scope.

There aren’t very many 30mm quick detach scopes on the market. Normally when people use a 30mm tube on a scope it’s for long-range shooting on a bolt action gun. However, if you need a specialized scope mount and it has to quick detach this is your best option.

This is a luxury grade quick detach mount and it's hard to convey the quality of it through words. When you pick up a rock-solid piece of equipment like this, you instantly understand why it costs so much. From the perfectly machine services to the expertly done finish, you get what you pay for with this scope mount. The best in the industry.

Best Cheap Quick Detach Scope Mount 

Mizugiwa 1” /30mm QR Cantilever Weaver Forward Reach Dual Ring Scope Mount

Best Quick Detach Scope Mount that's cheap

If you want a high quality quick detach scope mount for a rimfire rifle or a rifle you specifically for plinking and range fund, this is as good as it gets. You can have it in all aluminum construction in both 1 inch and 30 mm diameters combining the quick detach feature with a cantilever style mount.

This isn't the most rugged or refined mount on the market but it will get the job done for holding down an inexpensive scope for small game hunting or practice when you don’t want to break the bank on the second rifle. You won’t have any problems with the scope mount if you use it within its intended purpose, a lightweight range gun or plinker. I wouldn’t trust my life to a gun with a mount like this, but I would certainly not hesitate to buy it for a youth’s first gun, or a backup gun for practice.

It's important to equip yourself with the best QD scope mount and these are our favorite four.

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