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The Best Shooting Rest for Comfort & Accuracy

There are a wide variety of tools and techniques hunters, competition shooters, and all other shooters, use to become better and more accurate. The overall goal of any shooter is to have a more effective shot. This means being as accurate and consistent as possible. Some of the common techniques used to hone skills can include such things as Shooting often and under similar conditions in order to familiarize yourself with your weapon or to focus and to hone as many personal techniques as possible.

It could also be utilizing the best scopes and other accessories to maximize overall shooting efficiency. It could even include specific maintenance techniques such as using the best gun cleaning solvent to again familiarize yourself with your weapon, but also create the most stable firing conditions within the gun itself.

Among the arsenal of any and all shooters, there should be a Shooting Rest. But, not just any shooting rest, the most accurate gun enthusiasts will tell you that having the best shooting rest is what can make all the difference.

Top 4 Shooting Rest​s



​Caldwell "The Rock" Deluxe

Best shooting rest for under $100

Primos Group Therapy Bench

For rifles with long rage scopes & high caliber ammo

Bulls Bag MOLLE X7 Advantage

Expensive, Versatile, and Overall best shooting rest 

MTM K-Zone

A great budget shooting rest

Why Use a Shooting Rest?​

Shooting rests are designed to minimize user or shooter error in order to properly calibrate any firearm. That said, there is still an array of shooting rests that vary dramatically in style, material, and overall design. Some are designed to be almost completely "hands-free", and others still require the shooter to be doing most of the work where the rest is just acting as more of a guide than a vise. Some are ergonomically designed or just designed with comfort as the main feature. Lastly, some are designed as simple as possible. Others yet, appear to be complex and great but sometimes there is too much going on and it loses functionality.

Having the best shooting rest, or at least one that works great for you, can mean all the difference in accuracy. It can mean bagging that trophy animal or winning a shooting competition trophy. It could also mean not going home empty handed and questioning your missed shot. You see, once you get a couple hundred yards out or more, a minuscule hair off can be inches or feet off target.

Whether you want to quality test new ammunition or gear, or simply sight a scope, you'll not only want a good shooting rest, but you'll want one that will give you everything you need. In order to find the best shooting rest for sighting in, or the best rifle rest in general, there are some important things to consider:

1. What Firearms Do You Have?​

Depending on the type of rifle or pistol, you may want a shooting rest with specific attributes that will cater to your needs. Remember, that not every rest is designed to universally fit all firearms. Some don't work at all with pistols, and some that are designed for rifles don't fit all styles, such as the AR.

2. How Steady Can You Hold a Rifle or Sidearm?​

Depending on your ability to hold something still you may be able to get away with simpler and cheaper shooting rests, or you may want a rest that completely holds your gun in place.

3. How Versatile Do You Need Your Rest To Be?​

This is essentially what you would like to get out of your bag. Do you need to haul it around, and therefore need something easy to carry? Do you need a rest that can be used on almost any gun? Are you trying to win competitions or just trying to take out a buck at a couple hundred yards; both equally challenging but they require different levels of precision.

Our 4 Best Shooting Rest Reviews​

So, in trying to consider a vast array of needs, circumstances, and price variations, here are GGH's top shooting rests in no particular order.

"The Rock" Deluxe Shooting Rest

best shooting rest under $100

The Rock deluxe shooting rest from Caldwell is a great product from a great company. Caldwell is known for producing great shooting products, and they have delivered once again with The Rock.

It's made from stainless steel and this solid built, fifteen and a half pound, rest is ideal for any sort of rifle. The weight is splayed out over cast iron legs measuring 15 inches for maximum disbursement and stability. The bag cradle has a tightening system to really lock in your rifle, and it has multiple fine adjustments so you can achieve the desired elevation up to 8.25 inches.

This is also designed to be user-friendly when it comes to shooting adjustments. You won't have to remove your firearm from the rest in order to make precise corrections. When it comes to maintaining accurate shooting conditions, the Rock also features a stability fore-end stop bar so your rifle placement is consistent. It also has three leveling legs so it can be used on just about any surface.

This is the best shooting rest under $100. It comes with a rear bag to rest your arms and/or your rifle stock for comfortable, stable, and consistent shooting. If you decide to go with Caldwell's "The Rock", you will not be disappointed. It will help with precision shooting and give you a long life.

Primos Group Therapy Bench Shooting Rest

best rifle rest

The Therapy Bench shooting rest from Primos Group is an absolutely fantastic rest that almost guarantees perfect stability. This rest is especially useful for rifles with long range scopes and/or high caliber rounds of ammunition. This is because of the butt plate guard, the one that nicely secures your rifle in place, also virtually eliminates all recoil.

The Therapy Bench shooting rest is designed to absolutely cancel out any shooter error which makes this the best shooting rest for the money. This is, of course, assuming you need one specifically for rifles.

It is made from high-grade steel and features studded feet anchors and a base plate for holding gear or sand bags for even more stability. It is perfect for left or right handed shooters, and its comfortable design makes overall shooting and fine adjustment making an absolute breeze.

Bulls Bag M.O.L.L.E. X7 Advantage

best shooting rest bag for ar15

The M.O.L.L.E X7 Advantage shooting rest from Bulls Bag is not only the best shooting rest bag, it is arguably the best shooting rest out there. This is because of how incredibly versatile this bag rest actually is. It can be hauled around with relative ease, it stores within itself allowing for a total of seven bags all within one large main bag, and it has M.O.L.L.E web design for an even greater level of practicality.

This shooting rest bag can accommodate any terrain or style of shooter with 50 different rest arrangments. The main vice-grip bag is great for securing any style of rifle making this the best shooting rest for an AR15, or any other type of assault rifle. It can be used on virtually any firearm including pistols. The X7 Advantage is made from moisture resistant polyester and has "no-leak" fill technology.

The bags ship empty, weighing just over three pounds, and can be filled with any desired dry material such as crushed corn. Other notable features include an adjustable strap for shoulder transportation, a lifetime warranty, and it is built to military specifications and demands.

The X7 Advantage shooting rest is an amazing addition to anyone's gear and will not only outlive expectations, it will outperform any other bag rest and possibly any other general rest on the market. It is tested, military approved, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You really can't beat that. The only downfall is the price being quite a bit higher than most other rests. However, if you don't mind spending a bit more than average you won't regret it.

MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest

best shooting rest for the money

The MTM K-Zone is a simplistic, versatile, and rugged shooting rest with a more than friendly price. A forty dollar MSRP, makes this little rest very wallet friendly. It has simple slide and screw adjustments so it can accommodate almost any type of firearm from assault rifles to handguns and even crossbows.

This shooting rest is one of the lightest rests around, weighing in at a whopping four pounds. This makes transportation easy and struggle-free. Make no mistake, although this shooting rest has a lightweight design, it performs like a heavyweight shooting rest. It has been designed to handle high caliber rounds and weapons while maintaining simplicity, adjustability, and comfortability.

The shooting pads on the back and front where the gun rests are made from a grippy but non-marring rubber compound. It grips and holds your firearm in place without leaving behind any marks. There are four rubber foot pads that will grip to any shooting table; however, they do not adjust for added levels of precision. That said, if you plan on only ever using your shooting rest on a table then this is a great option at a great price.


Choosing the best shooting rest is critical in taking the next step to being a more accurate and more consistent shooter. Whether you just want to up your skills, test new rounds of ammunition, or sight in a scope, having a great shooting rest is absolutely necessary. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and it helps you discern which shooting rest is right for you. Thanks for reading!

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The Best Shooting Rest for Comfort & Accuracy


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