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Long-Term Survival Tips: Know the Best Types of Ammo to Store

In a survival situation, there are three important considerations you need to be aware of when it comes to choosing which Ammo you are going to stock. You need ammo for self-defense, hunting for food and animal-sourced materials, and practice.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a few types of ammo that are ideal for these purposes so that you and your family can be best prepared for the challenges you’ll face in a survival scenario. Preparation is key, and the right ammo can spell the difference between a stable, even edifying, quality of life and perhaps not making it through.


Home-Defense Ammo

In a dangerous encounter with man or beast, there are rarely second shots. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you select ammo that is durable and has unquestionable reliability to make sure you are the victor.

Copper rounds have replaced many of the traditional lead-core 9mm bullets of the past, and there’s good reasoning for the change. They’re light, extremely durable, and have a track record of out penetrating heavier rounds of the same caliber. They’re becoming more common all the time and can be purchased almost anywhere you’ll find 9mm ammo for sale.

Practice Ammo

While self-defense is an obvious consideration, it’s important to understand that a gun is a tool. Like any other tool, it’s only as effective as its wielder. Time is not on your side in a survival situation, and depending on the severity of the circumstance, you may need to teach others how to operate a firearm.

.22 LR ammo is ideal for this purpose. They are light enough to store bricks of fifty in a tactical vest, fly true, and are among the most affordable cheap ammo on the market. They can even be purchased in special tubs designed for long-term storage to ensure you always have enough for a beginner’s practice sessions or hunting small game.

Hunting Ammo

Tracking an animal for culling and staying alive in a survival scenario has one thing in common: the need for maneuverability. You can address both concerns by investing in a modern AR-styled rifle built with ultra lightweight materials. The .223 caliber rounds are ideal for this as they are effective at long range and close range and are roughly the same weight as 9mm ammo is.

Competition Shooting

In the United States, many schools are opening rifle clubs, and the young ones can join marksmanship contests. These activities aren’t just for the sake of being trigger-happy, though. Competitive shooting is actually a good exercise in focus, responsibility, and physical and mental discipline.

In competitive shooting, reliability, consistency, compatibility, and accuracy are important factors to consider. The firearm and the ammo must be compatible for safety and practicality reasons. The ammo should be of high quality.

The accuracy of shooting depends on the shooter’s method (e.g., stance, trigger pull, and grip, among others) and the shooting speed. A 9 mm is perfect for accurate shooting because it allows the shooter more control over the firearm. The ammunition needs to be consistently accurate too, if the goal is to be a proper marksman who wins shooting contests.

Law Enforcement

If your work involves Law Enforcement, there are certain types of ammunition that can be sold only to you. These types of ammunition usually have fragmentation, tracing, or armor-piercing characteristics.

Armor-piercing ammo, in particular, is controversial because it can penetrate supposedly bulletproof vests. Often, it’s law enforcement officers wearing bulletproof vests and exposed to the threat of armor-piercing ammo. Federal law has made it illegal since 1984 for civilians to own armor-piercing ammunition.

Working as a law enforcement officer sometimes entails getting involved in critical situations. That being said, you will need to protect yourself at all times and use the ammo in times of imminent danger. Ammo for law enforcement places much importance on velocity, barrier penetration, weight retention, and expansion.

Cartridges for law enforcement perform certain functions that contradict. They should achieve the maximum stopping effect, be accurate, and be reliable. At the same time, they should avoid ricochets and over penetration. They have higher velocities than target ammunition has, but they are less powerful than rifle ammo.

Semi jacketed ammunition that has some exposed lead at the point, is suitable for this purpose. This kind of ammunition has an optimized stopping impact but minimizes ricocheting and over penetrating.

Prior Proper Planning

If you’re going to stock up on ammo for a disaster, these types of rounds will give you the maneuverability, effectiveness, and long-term material stability you need. By considering you and your family’s hunting, self-defense, and practice needs, you can count on the rounds that have been discussed to help you survive the challenges ahead. Think smart, play it safe, and be prepared!

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Long-Term Survival Tips: Know the Best Types of Ammo to Store


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