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How Covid-19 Spikes The Gun Sale In USA
2021-06-18 15:44
In the United States, gun culture encompasses the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about firearms and their usage by civilians. Gun politics in the United States tend to be polarized betwe… Read More
2020-10-25 03:12
Testing The post Testing appeared first on Read More
2020-10-25 02:52
Test Post The post Test Post appeared first on Read More
The Correct Tactical Gear For The Job
2020-10-24 12:32
As all of us who’ve done a hard day’s work know that having the right tools is priceless. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a new carpentry project and the… Read More
Best Places For Hunting In America
2020-10-20 15:23
Hunting is a game of passion, patience, and precision, and the adrenaline rush that comes from hunting the prey and taking the winning shot is matchless. This feeling can only be understood… Read More
Different Gun Varieties & Its Uses
2020-08-29 13:52
For those new to guns, and shooting, the choice of guns to buy can be overwhelming, With so many different categories and subcategories of firearms, it can often be difficult to know where… Read More
How To Choose The Best Hunting Binoculars
2020-05-31 17:52
I have come to agree with hunters that a binocular is one of the most important tools in a hunter’s arsenal. If not, most hunters would find it hard to track their prey, leave alone g… Read More
3 Best Michigan Counties For Hunting Deer
2019-11-06 05:35
In 2018, US Fish and Wildlife Service hunting license data showed that hunters purchased more than 15.6 million hunting licenses. In Michigan, it was estimated that 574,000 hunters spent 8… Read More
Long Range Shooting Tips And Tricks
2019-09-27 06:06
Long-range shooting is a serious matter. If you have ever attempted it, then you know this is true. It takes a lot of persistence, precision, and practice to do it right (and very few peopl… Read More
Have You Tried A Leupold Scope?
2019-09-23 08:01
Testing different scopes can be a delight – particularly for the enthusiast hunter. At the end of the day, this is the key to finding the perfect scope for your needs and expectations… Read More
10 Steps To Start Hunting For A Beginner
2019-05-15 03:43
When you’re new to hunting, it can seem quite confusing as there is a lot to learn. As a new hunter there are several steps you can take to make the experience a pleasant one. Follow t… Read More
5 Reasons You’re Bad At Deer Hunting
2018-12-19 07:16
Deer hunting can be a fulfilling sport that provides food and controls deer populations. That being said, hunting is a difficult and time-consuming hobby. Lacking in basic knowledge of how d… Read More
Top 5 Essential Gears For Night Hunting
2018-11-06 05:37
Night hunting this season to get a better chance at snagging a coyote or a bear? Predators offer a special challenge and you’ll need to come loaded with some basic essentials in order… Read More
2018-10-08 08:07
Hunting: Hunting has been a game of fondness for Men. Over the centuries they have camped in every possible terrain around the Earth to put down a bird or an animal species and award it the… Read More
9 Tips To Choosing The Right Camping Pads
2018-08-24 04:05
9 Tips to Choosing the Right Camping Pads Aloha all you nature freaks! I am yet to find a better experience than a good camping adventure out with majestic nature. Whether you’re going… Read More
8 Solid Tips For First-Time Campers
2018-08-21 13:36
I’ve been an avid camper for many years – more years than I’d care to admit, in fact. I’ve slept in every style of tent, camped in every sort of weather, and crissc… Read More
All You Need To Know About Scopes
2018-08-15 14:39
In this article, we will discuss the various features that differentiate the different sectors in a market and that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal optic for yo… Read More
Why You Need A Red Dot Sight With A Gun
2018-08-11 18:06
The sight of red dot it is still a mere point in the viewfinder produced by an LED. It is used to face and aim faster. A red dot viewfinder has a large field of view. Best red dot sight has… Read More
How To Become A Great Airsoft Sniper?
2018-07-05 13:56
Did you ever dream of playing Call of Duty in real life? If you did, then you probably wanted to be the sniper, that mysterious guy, always covered in a ghillie suit that never misses… Read More
5 Best Binoculars For Hunting Under 100
2018-06-14 17:41
Binoculars are a sort of handheld optical devices that can give a magnified view of far-away objects. Unlike telescopes, binoculars produce images of the distant objects that are three-dimen… Read More
3 Tips For Rifle Scope Beginners
2018-03-27 18:29
Hunting is a very popular sport in America. There are over 16 million hunters in the US, and the US population take over 185 hunting trips every year. Many of these hunt… Read More
Hunting Squirrels With Airsoft Guns
2018-02-07 18:22
You can indeed use airsoft guns for hunting. However, there are some restrictions you have to be familiar with. Luckily for you, this article will cover everything you need to know and show… Read More
Three Scopes You Can Use When Varminting
2017-12-07 13:02
Varminting is one of the most challenging types of hunting out there. Most of the creatures that are classified as varmints are predators themselves. This means that they are wary, cunning a… Read More
Essential Hunting Tools That Experts Use
2017-10-17 15:42
Since time immemorial, man has engaged in hunting. Back then, early humans had to rely on limited tools to gain the edge over their prey. Nevertheless, humans became extremely adept at the a… Read More
2017-09-24 04:50
When it comes to gun safety, one often-overlooked way of reducing risks is to practice regular gun maintenance. This is because weapons that don’t receive regular cleaning and maintena… Read More
Perfect Wild Boar Hunting Riflescope
2017-08-18 14:16
Knowing what the word “wild” means, you will understand that hunting wild boar is not intended for the baby hearts. The wild boar is a powerful, large animal that has large tusks… Read More
Styrka Made Quality Binoculars For Hunters
2017-06-29 18:31
Whether its poor daylight or bad weather Styrka binoculars is the real companion for hunters. Styrka has been making quality optics especially for hunters at an affordable price but there is… Read More
How To Get Started With Bowfishing
2017-05-03 07:00
Do you think fishing is a slow paced activity? If you do, you have no idea of the thrill and excitement you can get from bowfishing. I am your traditional type of angler, using the standard… Read More
Tips And Tricks To Help Buying .308 Rifle
2017-03-22 14:37
When it comes to having more fun hunting outdoors, you would always get more people opting for the 308 rifle. The reason is that the model would always deliver the best performance that man… Read More
The Shotgun Ammo Buying Guide
2017-01-03 04:10
The shotgun is one of the most capable weapons that you can buy today, but no gun is perfect. You can’t expect that even a shotgun, an extremely capable weapon in it’s own right… Read More
Choosing The Right Hunting Scope
2016-12-18 13:49
I have been an avid hunter all my life, but have just recently started using scopes. For decades I was a purist. I believed that a scope was a crutch which I did not need. I used open sights… Read More
All About The Leica Geovid 8X42 Rangefinder
2016-12-18 13:01
If you are looking for information about Leica Binoculars, then you have come to right place. Leica has been producing binoculars for more than 100 years. That should give you an idea on how… Read More
Buying A Used Gun 101
2016-09-01 17:56
If you’re in the market for a new firearm, but buying brand new isn’t in the budget, consider purchasing a used one. Whether you want a gun that’s been modified or somethin… Read More
Gun Buying On Decline For Hunting
2016-06-25 10:48
There have been always speculations that gun buyers are concerned more with self-defense these days and according to The New York Times after Orlando incident, gun buying is on the decline f… Read More
2016-03-16 14:25
For a regular shooter, firearms gear is a personal choice and more than often their choice of guns and scopes do not really change. If you are used to a Vortex scope, you will probably like… Read More
2016-03-12 15:11
What’s new in Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56? In this Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 review we will explore the important features and provide a glimpse to the specific… Read More
2015-11-13 15:48
The affect that the loud noise which comes from firing a gun has on our hearing, is something that is an increasingly important topic. This is evident in the recent introduction of the Heari… Read More
2015-10-05 17:25
Most of Greenwood and the Center Grove area has become an urban deer zone for the first time ever, meaning hunters can bag more animals than usually allowed in an effort to thin the populati… Read More
2015-09-30 14:30
Springfield Armory to announce its DUEL 3 promotion award that has buzzing throughout the month today. They are poised to away its final prize package, a grand prize valued at $6,100. It is… Read More

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