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Update On The Camp Birchwood for Boys/CCUSA Situation!

Over the last few months I have completed my third year of University and achieved much better grades in my second semester after just scraping through my first semester after focusing more on my University. I had to say no to the internship opportunity in Holland this summer, which would have been great for my future as I needed a job that will have made me more money, which is just an ordinary job I have been doing for almost two months.

So I have been extremely busy the last couple of months but I thought I would give one last update on here.

I said I wouldn’t post on here again until I had something substantial and at times I almost did and it was something substantial against CCUSA. I was able to take legal action against CCUSA, the only downside that there was a one off payment that I had to make in order to do this and in both April and May, even June as well I almost paid the one time fee but was convinced against this the first two times as it would have left me with almost zero money for the rest of the month and well decided against it the last time as I was actually able to clear some debt of from which only existed due to what happened to me at Camp Birchwood for Boys.

Now what I have against CCUSA is something substantial and without a doubt proves that they have in fact wronged me in this whole situation, if it wasn’t for this one time fee I would have probably succeeded in legal action against CCUSA months ago.

Although this is in no way legal action against the Director of Camp Birchwood for Boys, it would go to show that the director of Camp Birchwood for Boys ‘Daniel Bredemus’ has wronged me as well, as CCUSA chose to back up the director making up new excuses everytime I had proved their reasoning for backing him up wrong. Although I think the emails from CCUSA that show them changing their story and dodging the main questions that still remain unanswered.are proof in itself.

Now I believe I might still be able to take this legal action against CCUSA but since I cannot afford it looks unlikely I can carry on with that.

That is the main update on this whole situation, however I would like to clear some things up. When I scan through all my posts I believe that I have stuck by the main points throughout However in the earlier posts I have let my feelings about the situation have an affect in what I wanted to say and said some things I shouldn’t have, some of it was pretty nasty in fact and I still believe that Dan is not a good person, giving what he has done but that is all I should say about the who I believe him to be. I will not delete any of it as I have said it but will now just state that I should not have said it.

Another thing I want to clear up is what happened on my last day there and what I believe the actual reason for why the director really did this.

I will start of with what happened that day. On my last day we got back to camp an got everything ready to be packed out. Just as we are starting pack out another counselor ‘Chase Henderson’ told me that ‘Brent Louis’ fellow trip and cabin counselor had gone to take a nap. I had went to check up on him and found out that he wasn’t actually there and at this point I figured that he had gone to cool off somewhere as he got annoyed all trip and had always took time to himself to cool off. Now I believe he had most likely gone off with the director to maybe sort things out in regards with what actually happened. Also if this is the case I really hope that Chase had nothing to do with this and I hope that he truly believed that Brent had actually gone for a nap as I a believe him to be a good person. Obviously this is just speculation that I cannot prove in anyway and I don’t truly know what happened here.

Next in Reeve Hall which is the main dining hall, myself and Brent are filling in our camp letters where Brent asks me to complete the homesick camper’s letter because he had nothing good to say about him the whole trip, I did fill this letter in but don’t believe I could say much myself as I never once had him in my canoe or tent the entire trip as the Homesick Camper was always part of Brent Louis’s group on the trip. Also while filling out the letters another counselor ‘Jack Kirby’ came up to me and Brent and told us that the homesick camper was out to get us for not letting him go back to camp during the trip. Now the trip was a one-way trip according to Brent Louis who has done this route in the past, so there was no possible way we could have got him back to camp especially due to all the severe thunderstorms. What Jack Kirby then said was that Dan would never believe the homesick camper.

Next I arrive the first time at the directors cabin where he initially accuses me of shouting and swearing at a camper on a lake, at the time I didn’t really know what to think but the director also said that another camp had made these accusations, I didn’t know what to say at the time. Although this turned out to be a lie by the director, so the very first thing the director said to me on the matter was a lie. the lie in itself actually implicates Brent Louis and not myself

I then left and later at dinner Brent Louis could not look me in the eye at the dinner table and afterwards was told that the other director wanted to see me where I was told that Dan had decided to let me go and I had pleaded my case, which to anyone would be clear that I hadn’t done what I was accused of and yet I was still fired and it was during this time that I first realised that maybe there was something else going on here and this was just a feeling and nothing more at this point but remembering Jack had said that the homesick camper was out to get me and Brent as well as the fact that what Dan had accused me of earlier actually implicated Brent, so if the director truly believed all this why wasn’t Brent Louis fired. With ‘Jack Kirby’ a returning counselor as main proof of this, the director would himself be calling Jack Kirby a liar, Not to mention that the lies from the homesick camper actually implicated Brent as well as the directors lie about another camp making these complaints as throughout the whole trip the homesick camper was always in Brent Louis’s canoe apart from the very end of the trip where he was in Jack Kirby’s canoe when Jack trip had caught up with our one.

I believe that the director may have thought that I might be thinking that something else was going on here, as he himself stated that he would offer me a good reference for working at a summer camp again and would even hire me again next year. Remember the director accused me of shouting and swearing at a homesick camper at this point in time, never mind what the almost complete different story he told CCUSA. The only question from here is why would the director offer me a good reference for another summer camp or offer to hire me again if he truly believed in what I was being accused of. As I have stated before I believe it to be in hope that I wouldn’t put in a complaint against him, lucky for him CCUSA are just a bunch of corporates that do not care about their participants well being or the campers well being either.

Now two things that happened right at the end of my time there I don’t believe I have talked about yet and this is merely because it is speculation and nothing else. In the directors cabin at the end was both directors and the directors sister. At the end it was just me and the directors sister, now me being me I felt like I needed to say something so I apologised to his sister and she asked me why I was sorry and I had no answer because I had nothing to be sorry for. (Me saying sorry is just one of these bad habits, which I really should have got over by now). But the interesting part of what happened here is that his sister then tells me that I have no reason to be sorry and that she herself was sorry. This clearly shows that she knows that I haven’t done anything wrong but it also shows that she most likely knows the real reason as to why I was fired. I almost asked her why but decided against it and to this day it is the closest I have ever gotten to an answer to this.

Now the second thing again speculation but it could be true so will state it anyway, it came just outside camp at the end of the Gunflint Trail, where I saw ‘Patrick Cullen’ who was returning from a hospital in Grand Marais with a camper. Now Patrick Cullen I believe is the longest serving counselor at this point and is without a doubt the directors number one guy and I would say that the director see’s Patrick Cullen as a brother so there is no doubt in my mind that the director has already told Patrick about what he has done to me. Yet Patrick gives of this fake reaction asking what was happening, obviously this is just speculation but the reaction was just so fake, so why is he pretending that he doesn’t know what is happening to me, as I have mentioned in earlier posts I believed at the end of my time there the director had something against me, could this have been part of the reason for Patrick pretending not to know anything, did Patrick know the real reason why the director was doing this to me or was Patrick part of the reason as to why this was happening to me. It is just speculation of course.

I have now gone on to mention the main points from that day, anything new I have added is really just speculation but I believe some of it is very important as to what I believe the real reason the director fired me.

Now when it comes to the counselor Brent Louis, I believe the homesick camper lied about him as well as although the homesick camper was in Brent Louis’s canoe which I wasn’t always in earshot of I never once heard Brent Louis swear the entire time at camp so although the lies implicate Brent I do not believe he shouted or swore at the homesick camper but I do believe that he had a part in what the director did to me due to the mere fact that he couldn’t even look me in the eye and also from the report that the director sent CCUSA a few days later also accused me of very different thing including forcing a camper to do push ups, again this implicated Brent Louis but this has an element of truth to to as it was Brent Louis who was involved in the push up incident. Now I will say that Brent Louis never forced this camper to do push ups (something I haven’t made clear enough) but he was wrong in what he did there and although I was the one that stopped it, it shouldn’t have taken me as long to stop it as I did and to that camper I am truly sorry. The report and what actually happened in the incident can be found here:

Now the report is what made me fully believe that the director had known I had done nothing wrong when firing me as the report is almost completely different from what he accused me of on the day. Along with this is the fact that the main questions still haven’t been answered almost a year later. With proof from a returning counselor that Brent Louis was also accused of the same thing yet was not fired? Why lie about another camp making these accusations if the director truly believed I had done this? Why offer me a good reference and to hire me again next year if the director truly believed I had done this? Why did the director fail to accuse me of without a doubt the worst possible thing in the report on the day I was fired and why was the report almost completely different from what he accused me of on the day? Along with the questions that come from the speculation as well. Looking at this I believe that it is obvious that I was clearly wronged here and anyone to think otherwise would be lying or in denial.

The only thing I have not mentioned now is  what I believe to be the real reason for which Dan fired me. It could be the equipment and the tent such as he tent nicknamed ‘Hey Bert’ which was broken and unable to sleep in which got put out in three trips without repair or being replaced, but I don’t believe this to be the reason. It could be that the director used me as a scapegoat for Brent Louis to ensure that he got to stay but I don’t believe this to be the actual reason either I believe that this just came as a convenience to the director as he had nothing against me and he saw this as his chance as he would never have had anything against me.

As for the reason I believe I was really fired. I’m going to keep that to myself as the reasons above are based on facts whereas the reason that I actually believe for why this happened is based on all the speculation and is not something I ever want to be wrong about but I would bet on anything that I am right.

I believe I have now covered everything and some might say I have taken things to far including the video I created I believe that I did the right thing in this and at least it gets what happened to me out there and people can choose there own opinions from this and if you choose to go against this I wish you the best.

As for now I will finish the job I have for and hopefully earn more than enough money doing the best I can and will then move onto my final year at University and try my best to graduate with first class honours and along the way if I do get the luck to take the legal action against CCUSA or to get justice or even just answers for what happened to me but my main focus will be on my studies and achieving the best possible results.

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Update On The Camp Birchwood for Boys/CCUSA Situation!


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