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LIVE! BAJA 1000 2015 November 16-21, 2015





Gary Newsome, Reporting




***RPM Racing TT #4 Story BELOW!

*The lowest entry count in the history of the Baja 1000!*
 Pro Cars & Trucks
(Numerical, before Qualifying)
1 Steven Eugenio
4 Justin Matney
5 Carlos Lopez
9 Mark Weyhrich
11 Rob MacCachren
14 Heidi Steele
16 Cameron Steele
17 Eduardo Laguna
19 Tim Herbst
21 Gus Vildosola Jr
23 Dan McMillin
25 Brian Ostrom
28 Alan Pflueger-RS
36 Glen Greer
38 Eric Hustead
39 Ron Whitton
42 Jesse Hooker
44 Kyle Jergensen
45 Gary Magness
47 James Bult
50 Zak Langley
59 Craig Potts
70 Bryce Menzies
75 Mike Cook
76 Jesse Jones
77 Robby Gordon
83 Luke McMillin
91 Troy Herbst
93 Chris Kemp
97 B.J. Baldwin

CLASS 1 (14)
(Numerical, before Qualifying)
101 David Hunter-RS
104 Rob Archibald-RS
117 Stephen Squires
127 Cody Parkhouse
138 Randy Wilson
142 Steven Sells
145 Mark Workentine
147 Pat McCarthy
153 Brian Wilson
160 Victor Barreda-RS
168 Shelby Reid
175 Jaime Huerta Jr-RS
185 Justin Davis
189 Jon Walker

CLASS 1/2-1600 (8)
1666 Tony Vanillo Sr
1647 Wes McKenzie
1614 Hiram Duran
1636 Aaron Ampudia
1648 Alejandro Lozano
1605 Miguel Cortez-3rd RS
1684 Viry Felix-2nd RS
1602 Ernesto Arambula-1st RS

CLASS 3 (2)
300 Donald Moss
301 Robert Morton

CLASS 5 (1)
500 Kevin Carr

CLASS 5-1600 (5)
558 Salvador Carrillo
579 Mary Crouch-4th RS
553 Armando Garcia-3rd RS
578 Gustavo Avina-2nd RS
575 Erich Reisen-1st RS

CLASS 7 (6)
712 Ikuo Hanawa
701 Brandon Walsh
705 Carlos Diaz
700 Dan Chamlee
722 Paige Sohren
727 Jim Ryan

CLASS 8 (3)
844 Noah Ostanik
811 James Burman
839 Chris Wilson-1st RS

CLASS 10 (18)
1068 Cody Reid
1045 Travis Clarke
1011 Morgan Langley
1080 Peter Hajas
1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr
1088 Luis Salgado
1062 J.J. Schnarr
1077 Daniel Reyes Jr
1042 Lars Ferry
1002 Steve Lawler
1034 Clifford Cole
1058 Clay Lawrence
1018 Miguel Tornel Sr
1078 Jorge Magana
1081 Todd Winslow
1049 Ty Godde-3rd RS
1087 Stuart Breckon-2nd RS
1078 Eliseo Garcia-1st RS

1210 Cesar Pinuelas
1218 Miguel Tornel Jr
1221 Matt Drever
1209 Rafael Navarro III
1201 Mario Alcala

CLASS 11 (4)
1107 Jim Graham
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck
1129 David Bolles-2nd RS
1116 Paul Nauleau-1st RS

8101 Rod Hall
8125 John Gonzales
8155 Darren Webster
8161 Douglas McArdle-1st RS

850 Chad Broughton
862 Pete Sohren
884 Billy Wilson
878 John Langley
868 Pat Sims
8XX Andrew Hendricks
873 Jordan Brenthel
855 Lee Banning
881 Mark Luhtala
872 Jonathan Brenthel
874 Elias Hanna
888 Jim Anderson
871 Larry Connor
854 Chelsea Magness

CLASS 3000 (2)
3030 Chad Broughton
3003 Mike Jams

CLASS 19 (21)
1927 Benjamin Wilson
1958 George Felix
1939 Dan Fresh
1988 Wes Miller
1921 Johnny Angal
1949 Alonso Lopez
1930 Sean Cook
1905 Marc Burnett
1904 Cory Sappington
1943 Tom Longshore
1923 Benjamin Bischoff
1961 Cody Rahders
1915 Thomas Graves
1922 Tyler Backus
1971 Terry Hui
19XX Scott Bergen
1910 Ryan McIntire
1942 Scott McFarland
1932 Brandon Schueler
1917 Derek Murray
1908 Justin Lambert

BC2 Bob Bower
BC3 Rick Skelton
BC1 Jon Largent

CLASS 4400 (1)
4451 Mel Wade III-1st RS

CLASS 2 (1)
201 Jeff Proctor

Pro Motorcycles
14x Raul Hernandez
35x Nicholas Gust
3x Mark Samuels
11x Ulises Fierro
81x Joseph Jepsen
45x Francisco Arredondo
1x Ricky Brabec
21x Dustin McCarthy
5x Colton Udall
7x Joseph Wingfield

111x Chad Thornton
128x Steve Kameda
122x Ruben Alamo
100x Fernando Beltran

CLASS 30 (2)
318x Jeffery Pillon
301x Christopher Schultz

CLASS 40 (6)
444x Kyle Abney
409x Stephen Sanders
424x Jeff Powell
403x Oscar Fazz
404x Jano Montoya
411x Colie Potter

CLASS 50 (4)
556x Donald Blake
505x Daniel Argano
501x Marc Prince
513x Guillermo Gomez

CLASS 60 (1)
611x Richard Jackson-1st RS

705x Francisco Aldrete
731x Taylor Gagnor
740x Boe Huckins
715x Jeff Benrud

Pro Quads
Pro Quad (1)
9a Said Sanchez

1506 Bruce Books
1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS

1409 Andrew Entwistle
1408 Spencer Morgan
1407 Gary Leyendecker
1444 Jim Bunn-1st RS

1852 Robert Branch
1850 Matthew Pontius

SPT M/C (7)
202x Jon Harris Johnson
266x Clint Chew
222x Francois Carrete
215x Walter Lemonovich
214x Lawrence Janesky
299x Wayne Schlosser
261x Sean Tefft

109a Juan Dominguez
119a Rusty Batza-2nd RS
111a Craig Wear-1st RS


BAJA 1000 Situation Update

The real danger in this event is not the race, not the desert, not even the mexican crime wave! The real danger are the decisions made by the event organizer. RogerNormanInc.

Norman's SCORE has been found culpable in the Kurt Caselli Incident, where a top racer perished, partly as a result of decisions made by Roger Norman.

One expert witness, Bill Fuentes, who worked directly for Roger Norman, has identified the 'owner' of SCORE, as a sociopath.

Rogers attempts at stealing racing events is now legendary! The board members of SNORE who told us the entire tale of the MINT 400 were shocked!

The fake 'Pull' for non-unlimited Starting Positions

Roger's SCORE will hold their event in PRIVATE...said to be a 'Computerized' pull, much like the Fish days, the entire pull is a sham. Norman will choose who starts off the line and when.

Norman is well known, to pick and choose the winners and losers of his events. Who he likes and dislikes.

The most recent outrage was the Clyde Stacy teams getting all the first starts in the Baja Sewer. From the vacuous press release: "Southern gentleman Clyde Stacy, of Bristol, Va., received the honor of". Proof, there was no real 'pull'. He was gifted the starts by his pal, Norman.
Stacy, who also participated in the bidding process during the sale of SCORE to Roger Norman, is said to be a kidnap target by local Mexican criminal groups.

Clyde Stacy is a coal-baron, who desert races and finances teams for his personal pleasure.

LIVE Coverage of this years Events!

The Trophy Trucks, the marquee desert racing division for high-tech, 850-horsepower, unlimited production trucks and Class 1 open-wheelers will once again have a special qualifying session for start positions LIVE! HERE  Tuesday, Nov. 3 on a special 3.6-mile course on the off-road track from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. During the SEMA Dog and Pony Show!

Follow your favorite racers & drivers as they conquer the grueling race course during the 2015 BAJA 1000. Watch as the crazy fans risk their skins along the race course, in Mexico. Hear the roar of the mighty engines, you can catch the passion of off-road racing!

Your experience will feature a live tracking page that will show the nearest location of all vehicles equipped with somewhat-sophisticated tracking systems

Viewers will get the entire story of Baja racing and this years Baja 1000 at Baja Racing

“We are proud to bring this online experience home to the consumers who want to experience the thrilling KING of Baja 1000 action,” said Gary Newsome, Editor-in-Chief for the exclusive services. "We have five years of LIVE Webcasting from Baja Mexico, no one else has better Baja Racing News LIVE! content! It's an amazing legacy of proven performance at all the Baja races, not just the Baja 1000.”

Baja Racing is the #1 ONLINE Source for the BAJA 1000, Fifteen Years Running!

The unique and exclusive mountain of Baja 1000 and Baja racing content will feature an all-inclusive wrap-around LIVE! coverage of the event that will allow users a variety of experiences during the race. The LIVE! Webcast will feature LIVE Streaming Videos, Vehicle Tracking and Replays as well as live unofficial results. Fanatics and casual users alike will also have access to a photo/video gallery and LIVE Streaming Video from the Start/Finish Line and the SPEED Mex pit locations.


THE KING OF BAJA 1000 2015

November 2, 2015 Update!

Good Ole' Fashioned PreRunning
Today, we report on our preruns over the past weeks. The El Nino influenced weather and the moon conditions have left us remembering "Dear Old Western Skies". LOADING NOW>>>

Radio Comm Warning!  
"GEOMAGNETIC STORM ADVISORY: A high-speed stream of solar wind is about to hit Earth's magnetic field, prompting NOAA forecasters to estimate an 85% to 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Nov. 2-3.  This is the same 800 km/s stream that lashed Earth's magnetic field in early October, sparking strong geomagnetic storms and bright auroras over northern-tier US states."

October 31

Many race course changes! Count on at least ten (10) new race course editions before the green flag drops. 

*Race Course Run-Downs After Pre-Runs

70 miles of paved road from Cocos corner north toward San Felipe in the middle of nowhere, surely there must be a goat trail we can run on that will bring the off road miles to well under 700. First 840 miles are not close to a 1000. One-hundred plus paved miles!

Loop 1000 races are 800-900 miles 95% of the time. This event will be a perfect time to run your speed limiters!

There is a big section of that highway though that we don't see why it couldn't get permitted as race speed! There are alot of side dirt roads (use for access) that could be raced on and only get on the highway where needed.

This 1000 event is going to be challenging. Going to have dust and silt getting from Ojos to Urapan, then get a little break to get ready for the regular coastal fog if you dont beat it, then rocks and silt getting to Catavina, then some fun until you get to the nasty silt, after that more fun until you hit the highway after Cocos Corner, then San Felipe awesomeness to make sure your vehicle is still holding together, and the fun just continues till you make it across the finish line! 

The bypass at El Rosario was fixed by a tractor, so it could be used by all vehicles, including emergency rigs. Four miles of lotsa rocks and the largest concrete runway we've discovered in Baja California! Is this a goverment military cartel fly-in? It's only one klik off the main Highway 1!. There is tons of water damage from here past Catavina. More Loading>>>

*Pre-Running has begun during the, 'course marking', over the last week. Already, the markers are turning into 'tacos' (cheaply made without lamination) and disappearing! Souvenirs!

And Roger doesn't re-mark, nor clue racers into any course changes, until the electronic file is updated. Meaning, many racers over the next few prerunning weeks, will not get the correct course changes. They'll be prerunning over changed course routes!

Very common nowadays.

*Qualifying is only just days away (in Las Vegas) and the Baja 1000 entry list is still short hundreds of participants. But, Roger doesn't care. He only cares about his 'unique views'. The truth is, fewer and fewer customers are willing to give this man any money. Racers, sponsors and vendors.

The lack of entries is not reflective of the superior weather conditions, nor the hospitality of the people of Baja California, Mexico.

It is reflective of the owner/operator of SCORE International, Roger Norman. He's made so many bad decisions, impacting sportsmen desert off-road racers, this publication is now reporting on the topic, daily. [Citizen Norman]

October 23

TROPHY TRUCK (23) (Unlimited Production Trucks) (27 Total Entries)
(Numerical list, before drawing for Qualifying Order)
(Vehicle number, driver of record)
1 Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif.
4 Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn.
5 Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico
11 Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas
14 Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif.
16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif.
17 Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico
19 Tim Herbst, Las Vegas
21 Gus Vildosola Jr, Mexicali, Mexico
23 Dan McMillin, San Diego
25 Brian Ostrom, Surprise, Ariz.
42 Jesse Hooker, Newhall, Calif.
44 Kyle Jergensen, Oak Hills, Calif.
47 James Bult, Monee, Ill.
50 Zak Langley, Santa Monica, Calif.
70 Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas
75 Mike Cook,
76 Jesse Jones, Phoenix
77 Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C.
83 Luke McMillin, San Diego
91 Troy Herbst, Las Vegas,
93 Chris Kemp, San Clemente, Calif.
97 B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas
Additional SCORE Trophy Truck race entries not qualifying:
28 Alan Pflueger, Honolulu
36 Glen Greer, Phoenix
39 Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz.
45 Gary Magness, Palm Desert, Calif.

CLASS 1 (4) (unlimited single or two-seat open-wheelers) (13 Total Entries)
(Numerical list, before drawing for Qualifying order)
(Vehicle number, driver of record)
117 Stephen Squires, Driftwood, Texas
142 Steven Sells, Phoenix
168 Shelby Reid, Apple Valley, Calif.
185 Justin Davis, Chino Hills, Calif.
Additional Class 1 race entries not qualifying:
101 David Hunter, Orem, Utah
104 Rob Archibald, Lakeside, Calif.
127 Cody Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif.
138 Randy Wilson, Long Beach, Calif.
147 Pat McCarthy, Hermosa Beach, Calif.
153 Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif.
160 Victor Barreda, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
175 Jaime Huerta, Ensenada, Mexico
189 Jon Walker, Guam

The Kurt Caselli Inquest was announced EXCLUSIVELY HERE
October 16, 2015

October 16

Already this event is signifying the loss of sportsmen racers, motorcycle and quad competitors.  The racers who started it all are no longer wanted in the event. Well, their money for huge entry fees is wanted, nothing else. Not their viewpoint, history nor inclusion in any of the activities surrounding the race.

Just look at qualifying and the dog & pony show scheduled at SEMA in La Vegas. Just the unlimiteds.

Roger couldn't even hold a starting position draw at Off-Road Expo! Not enough entries to have a legit draw!

Even before the green flag has dropped, Roger Normans vision of racing in Mexico with SCORE International has changed into RogerNorman Inc.

It's not the SCORE everyone knew from its historic past.

The vision? The giga-uber-wealthy now own the series. They are the only ones that can pay the outrageous costs and who can really afford the risks?! Remember, Norman told us, "if you can't afford to lose everything (including your life) this racing isn't for you"!




BAJA 1000 Race Course details and Pit Sites

The Baja Turtle Pits:
Pit 2 San Tomas mile 95
Pit 3 Colonet mile 140
Pit 4 SanQuintin mile 190
Pit 5 Rosario mile 245
Pit 6 Guayaquil mile 292
Pit 7 Catavina mile 352
Pit 8 Playa Blanca (Fish Camp)_ mile 410
Pit 9 El Crucero mile 465
Pit 10 So.San Luis Gonzaga mile 520
Pit 11 Huerfanito mile 570
Pit 12 So. San Felipe. (airport) mile 625
Pit 13 Chinero mile 670
Pit 14 VaPlle De Trinidad mile 720
Pit 15 Km 78 Hwy 3 (Alamo) mile 760
Pit 16 Ojos Negros mile 800

We were live at the Off-Road Expo! SCORE cancelled its race-pull for the Baja 1000 because they had so few entries, now the fake pull is going off of Wednesday, October 28, 2015 LIVE! ob Baja Racing News LIVE!

Citizen Norman Damnation Domination

**Racing Fall-Out Continues!
SCORE Cancels B1000 Pull at ORE! Insider Reports *Citizen Norman collects his 'winnings' and goes shopping for charter and real estate holdings! EXCLUSIVE! 

*Saturday, September 27
The LAST Imperial Valley 250 EXPOSED

*The 2016 Score schedule will begin in late February with the San Felipe 250 celebrating its 30th birthday.

Later in April, Roger continues to carpetbag Baja Surenos with his Baja Sewer 500. Norman is trying desperately to blame dead attorney Oscar Ramos . 

In June, the Baja 500 enjoys its 48th birthday with a competition with start and finish in Ensenada. 

In September a new Rosarito event will replace Imperial Valley in the schedule. We are watching the movements of Raul Rodriguez of  Tecnovision. Roger Norman is using his new boy to run the Rosarito off-road race.

In November, all roads lead to the LIVE! KING OF BAJA 1000, ONLINE here on

The 2016 race course, starting and finishing in Ensenada. The 2017 event will attempt to rival the "Baja 2000" race course. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the SCORE event. The event actually started under another sanction, much earlier in time.

*Saturday, September 19: "McVoss" Announced to take on Unlimited Field in Fall Classic 

The San Diego McMillin family has announced they have teamed up with 2013 KING of LAS VEGAS Voss Motorsports and Jason Voss to take on the 2015 Baja 1000.

The Mark McMillin side of the racing clan continues to participate in the activity, Luke and Dan. The Scott McMillin side, Jessica and Andy are not, in fact, they are selling their set of expensive Geiser Trucks. Andy fills in open seats for Rob Mac and Steve Sourapas.

Both Scott and Mark, sons of the late Corky McMillin, do not race any longer. 

UPDATE November 3, 2015

Team: Factory Honda Racing Ridgeline
Owner: Jeff J. Proctor, Proctor Racing Group
Chassis: LaFortune Race Cars
Lead Fabricator Miguel “Loco Jones” Medina
Master Mechanic: Pat Smith
Chassis Designer: Craig Hall, Hall Designs
Wiring: Smith Race Wire, Dash mounted Race grade key pads, (3) Motec PDM16 units, Dual Motec Digital displays, Wiring harnesses parallel formula 1 design and quality.
Computer System: McLaren Applied Technologies Electronic Control Unit
Engine: Honda Performance Development “HPD” HR35TT Engine 3.5L V6 electronically actuated Twin Turbo
Lubricants: NEO Synthetics Lubricants
Filters: K&N Performance Air Filters
Transmission: Albins ST6 Sequential with torque converter, custom adaptor mid mount plate by Weddle Industries
Cooling: CBR Front mounted Radiator, Heat Exchanger, oil coolers, and intercoolers.
Shocks: Fox Shock: Front-12” 2.5 Dual Rate coil over and a 12” 4.0 (6) tube bypass
Rear- 16” 2.5 Dual Rate coil over and an 18” 4.0 (6) tube bypass
20” of front travel and 32” of Rear wheel travel
Springs: Eibach Springs
Seats & Safety: Sparco seats with Electric seat actuators, Schroth Racing Harnesses
Communication: PCI Race Radios Kenwood 110w Radio, Lowrance GPS and PCI intercom
Custom Components: DGA Machined Shop, Custom machined billet components
Hardware: RPI 12 point Aircraft/ Aerospace grade fasteners and nuts
Axle: ProAm rear end housing 4” with 36 spline axles and a Gear Works 3rd member
Hubs: Hubs: ProAm front and rear TT Hubs
Plumbing: XRP Plumbing
Fuel Cell: 84 Gallon Harmon Racing Cell
Brakes: ProAm 6 Piston Brakes
Steering: Power Steering Solutions pump and servo, ProAm Rack and Pinion
Wheels: KMC Machete Race Wheels
Tires: Tires: 37” Racing tires(?)
Lighting: Rigid Industries 50” Top Radius bar, 30” front bumper radius bar, Dually XL A-Pillar Lights, Q-Series lights mounted in the stock headlight location and rock lights in all work areas
Body: 2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept Truck
Aluminum: Victory Race Cars
Fiberglass: Fiberwerx Custom Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber components
Livery Design: ESBG Design, Motorsports Livery Master

October 25:

The HONDA Ridgeline 'Desert Race Truck' is now being teased as the design of the new Ridgeline via a concept that will debut at SEMA and race in the Baja 1000.

No additional details on the 2017 Ridgeline have been released but Honda states that the concept version being unveiled at SEMA will mark the brand’s return to Honda Performance Development (HPD)-powered factory off-road racing on four wheels. The automaker has previously confirmed that it will compete in the unlimited off-road category of the 2015 Baja 1000 desert race this November.

It now looks likely that the Ridgeline Desert Race Truck will be Honda’s weapon of choice for the race. Honda’s Baja entry will be powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine and feature an Albins ST6 sequential transmission, racing shocks, and racing tires.

The HONDA Ridgeline hasn’t been on sale since the 2014 model year but a new generation is being readied for 2017, and we’ll see it for the first time at next week’s SEMA show. Honda isn’t willing to show the production version just yet.

As for the production Ridgeline, it’s expected to hit the market as a 2017 model, powered by a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 pulled from the 2016 Pilot that should be good for 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. We can expect the new Ridgeline to be sold only as a crew-cab model (like the previous generation).

Though the 2017 Ridgeline will arrive in SEMA as a concept, in just one week, the truck will debut in production form at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda will be diving into a hotly contested small truck market, with new or recently redesigned entries like Toyota’s 2016 Tacoma, Chevrolet’s Colorado, and GMC’s Canyon (and soon Fords new Ranger and Bronco, Reported in Exclusively).

The previous generation Ridgeline was always a bit of an oddball in the pickup truck market, offering a car-like ride with slightly more utility than an average small truck, so it will be interesting to see how a more attractive and off-road capable next-generation sells.

*Original Post August 24, 2015:
UPDATE October 1

"Honda Announces HPD-Powered Factory Off-Road Racing Initiative, First Race in SCORE Baja 1000

  • Honda unlimited off-road race vehicle, powered by Honda Performance Development
  • Factory off-road race initiative kicks off with Baja 1000 in November; continues into 2016
SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (August 24, 2015) – Honda will make its 4-wheel off-road factory racing return this November in the Baja 1000 desert race, with an unlimited off-road race vehicle powered by Honda Performance Development, the racing arm of American Honda Motor Company, Inc. The manufacturer teased images of its race vehicle today, featuring a twin-turbocharged Honda HR35TT V6 engine, Albins ST6 sequential transmission, Fox racing shocks. More information will be available in the days leading up to the Baja 1000 event in November.
This return to the Baja 1000 marks Honda’s first 4-wheel desert race since the HPD Desert Pilot competed in Class 6 in 2012. For more information about HPD and the company’s racing product lines."

A HONDA production V6 will be the foundation for this years Baja 1000 effort. Right Now: The HR35TT twin-turbo V6 runs in the Tudor United Sportscar Championship, 2015. The engine will debut in the 12 Hours of Sebring mounted in a Riley Gen3 prototype chassis from the Starworks Motorsport garage.This engine is derived from Honda’s J35 production engines. Key features of the HR35TT include steel crankshaft and rods, dry sump oiling, direct fuel injection and HPD/McLaren engine management. This Honda engine is the second twin-turbo engine approved for Daytona Prototype cars.

This effort, will make its 4-wheel off-road factory racing return this November in the Infamous BAJA 1000 desert race, with an unlimited off-road race vehicle powered by Honda Performance Development, the racing arm of American Honda Motor Company, Inc. 

The manufacturer teased images of its race vehicle today, featuring the twin-turbocharged Honda HR35TT V6 engine, with an  Albins ST6 sequential transmission, racing shocks. More information will be available in the days leading up to the Baja 1000 event in November. 

This return to the Baja 1000 marks Honda's first 4-wheel desert race since the HPD Desert Pilot competed in Class 6 in 2012 (Skiltons Team).

The Skiltons ran away from Baja racing in 2012, saying the SCORE insurance wasn't good enough. Probably BS. HONDA probably nixed the effort due to poor race showings. Yea, blame the race sanctions insurance!

LIVE! BAJA 1000 HERE! For more information about HPD and the company's racing plans, Stay Tuned HERE!


This post first appeared on Baja Racing News LIVE!, please read the originial post: here

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LIVE! BAJA 1000 2015 November 16-21, 2015


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