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7 Battle-Tested Tips on Buying Golf Equipment

Are you thinking of Buying new clubs? If you are, then here’s some food for thought: You can’t deny the benefits of having clubs that fitted to you. Clubs always work better when they’re properly fitted to the player.

So, if you’re looking for new clubs, find someone to fit your clubs to you. He or she will help you through the process and fit you with the ideal set of clubs for you. And it probably won’t be as expensive as you think.

That being said, you may not want to buy fitted clubs. Instead, you may prefer purchasing them off the rack with a well-known brand name. That may just be the right option for you and your situation.

But buying clubs off the rack can be a challenge. There are so many types and brands out there, you can get confused. What’s a golfer to do?

Below are seven time-tested tips on buying new golf clubs. They’ll help clear up some of the confusion that can occur when buying new clubs and help you choose the right ones for you and your swing.

• Beware of buying online — You can get great deals on clubs when buying online, especially used clubs. But that may not be the case when buying new clubs. The added fees for shipping and handling can drive up costs. So, shop around town first before buying online. You might save some cash.

• Watch out for knockoffs — You can easily get fooled into buying knockoffs. Many look like the real thing. So, beware of equipment that looks—and is labeled—like a brand name product. Just because it looks like and is labeled like the real thing doesn’t mean it is.

• Fill the gaps in your set — Two gaps to watch out for when buying new clubs are between the pitching wedge and other wedges and between the 3-wood and hybrid. Adding a gap wedge and/or a lob wedge to your set can close one gap. And while ditching a higher lofted wedge for a hybrid seems to make sense, that may not always be the case. You may need one or two higher lofted woods at some courses.

• Find clubs that work for you — The only thing that matters when buying clubs is what works for you. Nobody cares if your club is shorter or longer than someone else’s or has a bigger clubface than another brand. That’s all ego. When it comes to buying clubs, the only thing that counts is how well they work for you. If you think the set fits your game and your swing, you should buy it, regardless of the brand name.

• Begin with the shaft — Do you look at the clubhead first when buying clubs? Many golfers do. Ideally, you want to start with the shaft first. You want one that fits your swing speed and tempo, especially if you’re older. This approach can help you make the transition to new clubs easier and faster.

• Don’t lock yourself in — Keep an open mind when buying new clubs. Just because you’ve used one brand for years doesn’t mean it’s the right brand for you. You have a lot of options out there that may be a better fit for you and your swing. So, shop around before making a decision and have an open mind.

• Select the right golf ball — Some weekend golfers underestimate the importance of using the right golf ball. If you lose a lot of balls during a round—say two sleeves worth—stick with a less expensive ball. Many great mid-priced balls exist that will suit virtually any golfer.

These seven golf tips can help you deal with the confusion that comes with buying new clubs. Keep them in mind when you go to the store.

Also, you may want to buy additional clubs, like a flop wedge or a 7-wood and switch out clubs depending on the course. You may need some clubs for one course but not for another. Switching out can help you tailor your set to a particular course and cut strokes from your scores.

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7 Battle-Tested Tips on Buying Golf Equipment


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