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Drain More Putts with These 9 Golf Tips

Drain More Putts With These 9 Golf Tips

Breaking 80 is a challenge. No doubt about it. To do it, you’ll probably have to improve your short game. But you’re not alone. Many weekend players need to improve this area of their games.

Improving your short game is the secret to kicking your game up a notch or two. And the key to improving your short game is your Putting. If you’re going to break 80, your putting has to measure up.

Becoming a better putter is easier said than done. The biggest problem for most weekend golfers is consistency. Some days you sink everything in sight. Other days, you can’t hit a two-footer, if your life depended on it.

Boosting consistency on the greens goes a long way to helping you cut strokes from your scores and break 80.

Below are seven golf tips that can help you become a more consistent putter. We’ve gleaned them from watching many of today’s best players putt, like Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, and Dustin Johnson:

  1. Putt instinctively — Forget about mechanics when putting. Instead, stay in your subconscious. See the line, decide on the speed, then putt. Don’t over think the process. Don’t let your mind dwell on your mechanics. And don’t worry if you miss. These thoughts derail your putting.
  1. Visualize the putt — Visualization is critical in putting. Draw your putting line in your mind. If it’s a breaking putt, see where it starts to break. Then see the ball going into the hole. Try to make this image you see as vivid as possible. The more vivid it is, the more it impacts your brain.
  1. Accept your flaws — All golfers have something they could improve on when it comes to putting. That includes you. Accept this and work on making sure you square your putterface at impact. Work on your stroke until squaring the putter at impact is second nature and repeatable. Doing so will increase the number of makes you have.
  1. Posture is important — It’s one of the most overlooked elements in putting. Your goal is to build a stance that lets you see the line. One way to do that is to take a stick and lay it down on the ground, so it points directly at the hole. Now take your stance. Make sure your feet and hips are square to the stick. If it’s not, make the adjustment. Do that enough times, and you’ll ingrain it.
  1. Focus on your wrists — The best grips keep your wrists firm throughout the stroke. You can’t afford to have your wrists break down while putting. Otherwise, you’ll pull the putt. Also, focus on your thumbs. They’re the key to keeping your wrists firm.
  1. Use your feet — Your feet can be a big plus when putting. Use them to read the slope of the ground. Start by walking around the area behind and on the high side of your putts. Sense what kind of slope you have and where the break is. You can also use your feet to tell how much an uphill or downhill putt you have.
  1. Listen, don’t look — You’ve probably heard this golf tip a hundred times, but it’s still good advice: Don’t peak after hitting a putt. Instead, listen for the ball to go in. When you peak, you run the danger of moving your body, and that could throw your putt off. Instead, keep your head and your body still and you’ll drain more putts.
  1. Go long on putts — There’s an old saying that’s appropriate here: “Never up, never in.” If you putt the ball so it just drops in, you’ll probably leave most of your putts short. But if you get in the habit of putting the ball long (about 17 inches beyond the hole), you’ll sink more putts. Plus, putts on the edge will drop in instead of lipping out.
  1. Pre-read the greens — Obviously, this isn’t always possible. You may be playing different courses all the time or courses you’ve played before but not a lot. Try to learn as much about the greens—and the courses— you’ll be playing as you can. Even something as simple as studying the course layout on a computer screen can help.

These golf tips will help you boost consistency on the greens. Ingraining the tips will help you sink more Putts and cut strokes from your scores. They’ll also help you strengthen your short game—one of the secrets to going low.

Breaking 80 is a challenge. No doubt about it. But it’s one that you can beat with some practice and dedication to improving your game.

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Drain More Putts with These 9 Golf Tips


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