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Seo Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Event Manager, Road Blog
June 2005, I will participate in an event to benefit the S.F. AIDS Foundation - AIDS Life Cycle #4. . As I cycle 575 miles, I will share my experiences via an audio blog.
Trump T-Shirts | Coup D'etat
2022-09-20 21:34
 #Trump #Tshirt | Coup d'etatJust designed a new t-shirt. "Trumpology!" Get one while it's hot!Four days after Election Day, news outlets projected that Joe Biden had won the 2020 U.S… Read More
Citizen Trump T-shirts Online Now
2022-08-14 15:25
At 7 years old, selling candy during the school recess, I became an entrepreneur. At the age of 10, I sold newspapers. At the age of 16, I sold hamburgers. At the age of 22, I sold weed. At… Read More
West Berlin | 1986
2022-07-27 15:48
1986 - 1989, I lived in Kreuzberg, West Berlin.A cultural melting pot.From Oranien Bar; To Cafe M – Goltzstrasse 33: To drinking beers at the Risiko.To dancing at Dschungel C… Read More
2022-01-15 18:37
After a bicycle crash in Berlin, Germany, with a fractured tibia, Tony Eason embarks on an emergency International Airline Flight home to San Francisco.Although he requested wheelchair assis… Read More
Catfished | Ynot Truth Podcast Trailer
2022-01-08 22:10
Catfishing is when a person uses pictures and information (sometimes taken from other people’s social media accounts) to create a new fictitious online identity - in other wo… Read More
Catfished | Gay Sex Personals
2022-01-04 05:34
First & foremost,for the record:I’ve never claimed to be a saint.I’ve experienced “the good.”I’ve done the bad.I’ve woken up with the ugly.Once upon a… Read More
Drug Addiction | Ynot Truth Podcast
2021-12-29 23:40
The year - 1982,  I was 22 years old. New to San Francisco. Young & Beautiful. Virginal in more ways than one.  And I was desperately seeking friendsh… Read More
Marathon } Running With Fortitude
2021-12-23 16:44
In Honor of Master Gunnery Sargent Ralph Anthony Eason [E9}, Tony Eason commits to running the Marine Corps Marathon.One month prior,  Tony develops IT Band Syndrome.Unwilling to surren… Read More
The Ynot Truth Podcast Trailer Is
2021-12-08 00:24
After 57 years of existence, marathoner, cyclist, swimmer, yoga teacher, San Francisco Podcaster Tony Eason speaks about his trials, tribulations, epiphanies, successes and failures. Tony w… Read More
2021-10-28 06:49
#Podcast #Podcastlife #Vblog #Garageband For the past 1.5 weeks, I have dealt with a faulty desktop #computer. My desktop computer boots up 50% of the time prompted. Which in turn has affect… Read More
Multi-Camera Shooting | Canon M50
2021-09-22 02:05
#Podcast 101: Multi-camera ShootingUsing two #cameras while shooting a video ensures that if one camera misses video footage, ite scene will be caught by the "B roll" second 4k video camera… Read More
What Can You Do When You Make A #Mistake?
2021-09-14 21:21
Question: What can you do when you make a #mistake? A: Acknowledge it. Apologize. Learn from it. Move forward.Note:On Friday, 10 September 2021, I arrived to Crunch Fitness for my morning sw… Read More
What Will Your Obituary Say?
2021-09-12 01:40
 Q: How do you know you are the happiest person alive? A: You sit back and contemplate your life; and then, you start laughing ....From a new born to a military brat to a musican to a t… Read More
Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone
2021-09-10 16:08
 Podcast 101: . GET A GOOD MICROPHONE! Note: After reading several podcast microphone reviews & witnessing audio sound test. I chose the Shure MV7 #microphoneQ: Why? A: Because of i… Read More
2021-09-07 02:08
Podcast 101: Great Sound Quality will assist in capturing & retaining your audience. GET A GOOD MICROPHONE! Note: After reading several microphone reviews & witnessing audio sound te… Read More
The Ynot Truth PodCast
2021-08-27 20:42
 #Podcast #podcastlifeIt's been a educational & time consuming process. Yet, "The Ynot Truth" Podcast production is moving forward.1. Domain Name has been purchased - https://ynottr… Read More
Tony Eason's Pod Cast Is Coming Soon!
2021-08-15 00:34
#Podcast #YouTube #tonyeason #VBlog Over the past months, I've been educating myself in the Art of PodCast Production. Studio Lighting Techniques = improved.Canon M50 Camera Knowledge = imp… Read More
Gay Pride Month | San Francisco
2021-06-20 17:09
#Pride #Pridemonth #gayprideBeing born in 1962; childhood was rough! Glad to see gay, transgender, queer and bisexual acceptance has improved. "No one deserves to be bullied, ostracized, or… Read More
A PodCast / Vblog With Tony Eason
2021-06-01 14:51
#Podcast / #Vblog 101: Get acquainted with your camera! A test photo shoot with Yoga Teacher, Tony EasonNote: Looks like my Podcast will launch in about 3 months. Production glitches are dim… Read More
Donald Trump | A Man Of God
2020-09-04 00:37
Attention: U.S. President Donald Trump:Book of 1 John 4:20 through 4:21"20 20 - "If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom… Read More
Obama Day 14 June 2020
2020-06-14 18:53
Hitting the Blogger post  button has never felt so good! Happy #OBAMADAYJUNE14! #AllBirthdaysMatter Thank you #Obama for being a positive addition to humanity! Read More
2020-06-12 07:13
Happy Birthday Mr. Donald Trump.  Born June 14, 1946. Queens, New York City, New York.US President Trump “The Man Behind the Curtain.” from ynot tony on Vimeo.#trump #trump2… Read More
Core Workout | Yoga Online | Tony Eason
2020-06-07 01:20
They say: “30 days creates a habit. 90 days creates a lifestyle.” Well. after over 90 days of #YogaDuringLockdown in San Francisco, teaching online yoga classes has become my new… Read More
Zoom Online Yoga Classes | Standing Poses
2020-05-18 14:33
Transitioning from the yoga studio to teaching Zoom online yoga classes in your Mission District, San Francisco bedroom is a challenge within itself. Yet today, the internet connection faded… Read More
Easy Korean Kimchi Recipe | 김치
2020-02-27 04:44
Tony Eason decides to dabble in Korean 한국/韓國 Cuisine by making Kimchi 김치. Check out this easy 8 steps Kimchi Recipe [according to a Korean eomeoni… Read More
Donald Trump Bullies Greta Thunberg
2019-12-13 20:54
Quote #BeBest #GretaThunbergOutdidTrump #GretaThunberg Greta Thunberg, congratulations on your well deserved accomplishment - New York Time's "Person of The Year!"Please remember: A insecure… Read More
Ynot Superhero Tshirt | Bayman Style
2019-11-27 19:44
The #Ynot #superhero #tshirt is still available in awesome colors & sizes.Designed by San Francisco Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason. Created to empower & remind individuals to be the awesom… Read More
2018-07-21 23:28
Free Yoga | Ocean Beach, San FranciscoIn the early years, I took yoga classes at 24hr Hour Fitness. And therefore, as a member, when the yoga studio was vacant, I could be found conductin… Read More
Cocaine Addiction: How I Stopped!
2017-07-17 17:32
In 1994, a good friend told me to sit in the nude for 10 minutes & stare into a mirror. And so, I did it. And as I looked at myself, I realized, I was not happy with the individual I had… Read More
2 Bikes 1 Driver | Our Final Voyage
2017-03-30 22:52
Full details: On 04 June 2017, 12th Yr. Cyclist, David R. Sears III. & 20th Yr. Cyclist, Anthony [Tony] Eason will bike along 2,500 other cycl… Read More
My 20th 545 Mile Bike Ride From SF To LA
2017-03-06 06:41
On 01 January 1994, I realized that there was more to life than:  guzzling an expensive bottle of Robert Mondavi Chardonnaybeing the belle of the ballspeaking of what others need to wo… Read More
Yoga Class | Oceanside, San Diego County
2016-12-30 16:30
A YOGA WORKSHOP | HOW IS YOUR BACK?A Yoga Workshop | How is Your Back?Alignment of the pelvis, spine, scapula, sternum, and clavicle as it relates to yoga postures will be discussed- Improve… Read More
Stop It!!
2016-11-21 07:05
Sometimes YOU have to push "The Stop Button!"#racism #bigotry #elections2016 #trump #trumpelections #womensrights #lgbt #gays #homosexuals Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
"In this experiential workshop we will quiet the mind and body, follow the breath into movement, and use our creativity to remember our true essence. You will be guided through a mindful bod… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
With the Christmas Holiday's & New Year's slipping upon us, It's time to start thinking about the new year.Each year, millions of individuals put off "bettering themselves" like they put… Read More
2015-08-11 04:24
"Approximately 20 years ago, I worked as a Head Floral Designer for a Event Company. And one day, as I set at my desk, I thought: "Today's the day; I'm gonna take my ass home. I'm DONE!" And… Read More

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