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7 Cheapest Lightweight Gi BJJ For Beginners

Start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is going to be one of your best decisions that you’ll never regret. Therefore, you have to buy a good Gi (like the lightweight jiu jitsu gi) to start training BJJ within the Gi (100% that it’s going to be a win-win and unique martial art experience). Furthermore, buying or choosing the proper BJJ Gi may be an issue, especially when you’re a beginner jiu jitsu practitioner.

The best or the good jiu jitsu Gi must respect some points such as:
  • Gi’s jacket and pants are fit.
  • The Gi gives you suitable comfort while you train BJJ.
  • The Gi texture and the fabrication manner are awesome!
  • The price of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi is a thing that you can handle.
  • The available sizes.

Therefore, you may ask several questions like:

  • Where do I find the best gi for jiu jitsu training?
  • Is a BJJ good Gi very expensive?
  • What’s the perfect Gi’s size?

I’m glad you ask!

But, don’t get overwhelmed!! We have the right solution for you.

To facilitate your next BJJ Gi shopping, we have chosen for you a list of awesome light-weight Brazilian jiu jitsu Gis for sale with a high quality/price ratio. Stay tuned!

1. Elite Sports Jiu Jitsu Gi

We arrive now at the Gi that can switch your kimono persuasion. I used to be always after the sturdier kimonos, people who are hard to handle and make opponents uncomfortable.

Just imagine how you will felt once you discovered that you can do an equivalent with a way lighter and easier Gi.
Elite jiu jitsu Gi is an IBJJF legal except the regular three colors grey, navy, and pink. 

This is good Gi BJJ is available for every with color variant and sizes from A1 to A5. Extremely cool design and an excellent fit for both male and feminine grapplers, and makes you feel very light.

The most important thing is that Elite ultra-light Gi is available with an unbeatable price.

2. Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra-Light Preshrunk Gi for Jiu Jitsu

Sanabul has been fast becoming one of the best lightweight Gi BJJ Brands. Thus, they’re delivering great quality BJJ kimono products with an unbeatable price in the market and tested by many jiu-jitsu fighters and instructors like John Danaher.

The Sanabul ultra-light preshrunk jiu jitsu Gi is a “giant” BJJ Gi brands presented within several colors (blue, black, white, and more). Indeed, this is a good gi for the lightest jiu-jitsu training (Flow BJJ).

If you’re interested! You can check it here and choose your color and size.

3. Hawk Jiu Jitsu Ultra-Light Gi

The Hawk Ultra-Light Gi is the ideal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for men and women. This BJJ kimono is awesome ultra-light and preshrunk. And it comes with free White Belt!!!

The Hawk Ultra-Light Gi maybe the cheapest BJJ gi, and one of the best kimonos to begin training Brazilian jiu jitsu.

4. Fuji Summer-weight BJJ Kimono

Fuji is one among the oldest BJJ Gi brands out there. They’re delivering some of the simplest jiu jitsu competition Gis of all times.

This Fuji Summer-weight BJJ Kimono Gi is completely IBJJF legal. Besides, this jiu jitsu Gi is available within the three basic colors: black, blue, and white.

Otherwise, it’s the right fit for both male and feminine grapplers. The weave may be a pearl and therefore the material is 100% cotton. The collar contains a light-weight rubber that helps keep the lapels dry. And, the adult sizes start from A1 to A6.

The Fuji Summer-weight is one of the lightest Gis ever produced. It comes preshrunk and it’s highly durable, extremely comfortable, and unbelievably well priced.

5. Hayabusa Lightweight Gi for Jiu Jitsu

Hayabusa Lightweight Gi BJJ may be familiar for various grapplers. Indeed, Hayabusa is a popular MMA and BJJ brand, the standard of products is unquestionable.

The versatility of color is one of the top advantages that set the Hayabusa Lightweight Gi BJJ apart from others. As you know the essential white, blue, and black colors are IBJJF legal. However, the black/gold, grey and stone white aren’t, but you can use every one of them in a normal BJJ training session.

Otherwise, the Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Gi includes all size options between A0 and A5. 

Check here sure you are going to adore it.

6. Gameness Air Lightweight Gi

Gameness is another one among the large name players within the BJJ Gi business. The Air Lightweight BJJ Gi is one among the simplest Lightweight BJJ Gi fare than good. 

Gameness Air Lightweight Gis sizes are more versatile, starting from A0 to A6. But the Color options are limited to the three IBJJF legal colors of white, black, and blue.

This Gi is that the perfect fit for you on any occasion, whether you would like to compete or simply for normal Brazilian jiu jitsu train sessions.

Otherwise, Gameness Lightweight jiu jitsu Gi has proven a high-quality pearl weaves. In fact, it’s a piece of art.

You can find it on amazon with an unbelieved price, just use this link.

7. Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear is one among the best martial art gear brands out there that provide good Gis Jiu-Jitsu and gear. The Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium Gi comes to answer the big demand for the lightweight Gis. This is a BJJ classic good Gi filled with innovative concepts and styles, making it a revolutionary grappling product!

The Your BJJ Premium Gi is offering both durability and extreme comfort; because it is reinforced pearl weave. And therefore, there’s no movement restriction. The entire jiu jitsu Gi (pant and jacket) weighs in at barely 1.5 kg, the sizes are from A1 to A5, and the quality and price are awesome!

To find out this beautiful gi use this link


We hope that you get amazed with this jiu jitsu lightweight gis.

Feel free to leave us a feedback, we will appreciate it!

Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi FAQ

Why do I need Lightweight BJJ Gi?

Every Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner needs a minimum of one lightweight Gi. But, it’s not only for jiu jitsu competition, but it’s also getting to change the way you approach Jiu-Jitsu. Besides, the amazing thing about the BJJ lightweight Gis is that they’re cheaper than that of double-weave heavy-duty ones. 

What is the Gi weave used in a light-weight Gi BJJ?

The weave utilized in a light-weight Gi is typically a pearl one. And, it’s the lightest Gi weave that’s allowed to be used in IBJJF tournaments. Besides, the pearl weave allows air to undergo and doesn’t impede range of motion while offering amazing lastingness.

What the perfect jiu jitsu Gi size that you have to choose?

Tons of individuals tend to possess problems with the length of the pants or the sleeves. However, you have to check that the Gi is fit. That means you’ve got enough space for movement if you squat right down, and when standing up the pants often seem to suit.

What is the lightest BJJ Gi?

Fuji Summer-weight BJJ Kimono is the lightest BJJ Gi brands out there. 

What is the simplest lightweight Brazilian jiu jitsu Gi for beginners?

The classifying of the simplest lightweight BJJ Gi is a relative scale. But, our list is:

  1. Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra-Light Preshrunk Gi
  2. Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra-Light Preshrunk Jiu Jitsu Gi.
  3. Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Jiu Jitsu Gi.
  4. Hawk Jiu Jitsu Ultra-Light Gi
  5. Fuji Summer-weight BJJ Kimono
  6. Gameness Air Lightweight Gi
  7. Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium

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7 Cheapest Lightweight Gi BJJ For Beginners


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