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Connecticut Fishing Licenses and Regulations

Who needs a license?

Every angler 16 years of age and over is required to have a fishing License. This applies to both residents and non-residents alike. Connecticut has two types of licenses available. One is for fresh water (inland) and the other is for salt water (marine).

Twice per year Connecticut offers Fish for Free days. On these dates, which are announced annually, anglers may obtain a free 1-Day license.

Types of licenses

As stated earlier, Connecticut offers two different types of licenses. Anglers may also choose from several hunting & fishing license packages to save money. The fees associated with these licenses vary depending on residency and period covered. Hunting and fishing combinations, when available, will cost more than individual licenses.

Connecticut does offer discounted licenses for beginning anglers. Residents age 16 or 17 are permitted to purchase these discounted licenses. Unfortunately, this discount is not available to non-residents. All non-resident anglers must purchase licenses at full price.

Residents (age 18-64)

Inland Waters $28

Marine Waters $10

All Waters $32

1 Day- Marine Waters $ 5

Inland/Hunting Combination $38

Marine/Hunting Combination $25

All Waters/Hunting Combination $40

All Waters/Archery Combination $65

Residents (age 16-17)

Inland Waters $14

Marine Waters $ 5

All Waters $16

1 Day- Marine Waters $ 3

Inland/Hunting Combination $19

Marine/Hunting Combination $13

All Waters/Hunting Combination $20

All Waters/Archery Combination $30

Non-Residents (16 yrs. of age and older)

Inland Waters $55

Marine Waters $15

All Waters $63

3 Day – Inland Waters $22

3 Day – Marine Waters $ 8

Inland/Hunting Combination $110

Marine/Hunting Combination $94

All Waters/Hunting Combination $120

Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Connecticut may purchase a resident license. You should be prepared to show proof of service and duty station at time of purchase.

Free licenses

Free licenses are available to residents who are either blind or disabled. Non-residents may also qualify depending on agreements made with their home state. For more information, contact the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

Special permits

In addition to a fishing license some anglers may also need a special permit:

Personal Use Lobster Permit $60

This permit allows an angler to take personal use lobster by use of SCUBA or no more than 10 pots. If using pots you will also need to purchase pot tags.

Gillnet Permit for Menhaden $100

This permit allows an angler to take personal use menhaden by means of a gillnet. The gillnet may not exceed 10 feet in length.

Group Licenses

Select 501(c)(3) organizations may qualify for a group license. This group license may exempt participates in fishing programs from purchasing individual licenses.

If your organization conducts fishing programs for the following groups, you may qualify:

  1. Veterans suffering from service related disabilities.
  2. Patients at Department of Mental Health Services facilities.
  3. Patients at Department of Developmental Services facilities.
  4. Those receiving assistance from Department of Children & Family Services facilities.

National Saltwater Registry

NOAA requires certain salt water anglers to register prior to fishing. Connecticut anglers who possess a valid marine license are exempt from this requirement.

Marine and inland waters

A different license is needed depending on whether you are fishing in inland or marine water. It is important that you understand the difference. The Marine Region includes all coastal waters and the tidal portion of tributaries. For current demarcation lines please check out the DEEP website. or contact a local field office.

Purchasing your license

DEEP has attempted to make it as easy as possible to purchase your fishing license. Residents and non-residents may purchase licenses in three ways:

  1. Online by visiting the DEEP website or a third-party vender site.
  2. In person at an authorized agent. Please contact DEEP for a list of current agents including many bait and tackle shops.
  3. In person at one of the local DEEP field offices.

Why purchase a license?

Obviously most anglers purchase a fishing license because it is required by law. But purchasing your license is about more than following the law. 100% of the funds raised through the sale of licenses is used to protect the state’s natural resources. By purchasing your license you are helping to ensure the future of your sport.

Anglers should be aware of the consequences of violating Connecticut’s fishing regulations. Entering a guilty plea or being found guilty by the court can result in stiff fines or loss of privileges. Connecticut is also party to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. This means violators may also lose privileges in other member states as well.

If you have any additional questions, you are encouraged to contact DEEP. The agency website contains a digital copy of the current regulations.

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Connecticut Fishing Licenses and Regulations


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