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5 Best Car Battery Boosters 2018

Jumping into your car and finding that the Battery is flat is highly frustrating. Using a car jump starter pack to power the battery back up is fairly straight forward and takes less than a minute to do.

The best car jump Starter is the NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 with a powerful 4,000 amps and is capable of performing 80 jump starts from a single charge.

Jump starters are often referred to as “Battery Boosters” and are portable devices that can be stored in your vehicle or garage. Manufacturers are cramming in more and more power into the power packs for an instant startup.

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Best Portable Jump Starter Pack

Jump StartersAmpsOur Rating
NOCO Genius Boost Pro4,0004.9
Jump-N-Carry JNC6601,7004.9
STANLEY J5C091,0004.8
DBPOWER 600A6004.7
Brightech SCORPION4004.6

Using jump start cables can do the job of powering your battery up but it requires a second working car and more of your time. Jump starter packs have revolutionized the way the average car driver deals with a flat battery.

Lithium-ion jump starters are highly recommended as they are usually lightweight and much smaller. This means they can be stored inside glove boxes and do not need any maintenance compared to the lead-acid alternatives.

Portable jump starters provide an efficient method of powering up a flat battery and have a range of other features. Below is a list of the best car jump starters that provide a large amount of power and cranking amps for dealing with a dead battery.

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

Not to be mistaken by the  NOCO Genius G26000, the Boost Pro GB150 is an ultra safe lithium jump starter that is rated at 4,000 amps and can provide up to 80 jump starts of just 1 charge.

This Battery Booster provides 7 different light modes that include SOS and emergency strobe. You can even charge your personal belongings if you find they have ran out of power. However, the main purpose is to jump start diesel and gas powered vehicles up to 10 liters in engine capacity.

Overall it is the best lithium jump starter that is highly portable, safe, powerful and easy to use. However, you must pay the expensive price for all of this awesomeness but it is totally worth it considering all of the features.

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Jump-N-Carry JNC660

The JNC660 is the has the highest power rating for a booster in this article. At 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps, the Jump-N-Carry battery booster is quite a beast. There is no need for jump starts when you have the JNC660, a few seconds of power and any battery will come back to life.

The JNC660 Battery recharger has a heavy duty case, voltmeter, power supply and a built in charger to provide an all round experience. This battery booster has been designed to supply the utter most power possible from a small unit. This is made possible from the Close Proformer technology that provides maximum power density and durability for high cranking amps.

The JNC660 is the ultimate battery booster for those finding they need to jump start cars frequently. The only downside is that its quite heavy at just under 20 lbs in weight but this is a small price to pay for its sheer power. Overall, it is the best jump starter pack with everything you require to get a dead battery up and going again.

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Stanley J5C09 1000

The Stanley J5C09 battery booster has a similar setup to the JNC660, however its not as powerful. This does not mean it is not up to the job, with a 1000 peak amp rating and a 500 cranking amp rating, its still very powerful.

The J5C09 also has additional features such as a 120 psi air compressor (and gauge) as well as a high powered LED light and USB ports. It will work in a range of temperatures or light conditions and has a built in safety alarm in case the clamps are not secured correctly.

The J5C09 is able to start large trucks, performance cars, motorcycles, boats, tractors and more. There are smaller versions of the jump starter by Stanley but the JC509 1000 is the best buy. It is the best cheap jumper starter pack at a cheaper price compared with the JNC660 and other models.

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DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh

The DBPOWER is a powerful yet compact jump starter that is capable of powering up 6.5 liter gas and 5.2 liter diesel vehicles. It can do this up to 30 times per charge with a peak current of 600 amps.

The clamps that you use to connect to the battery have advanced safety and thicker cables to prevent short circuits, overload and over voltage protection. You are able to charge your personal belongings too with a smart USB port and other connectors.

Overall, the DBPOWER is the best cheap portable jumper starter that comes with three years warranty for peace of mind.

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Brightech SCORPION

Available in red or blue, the Brightech Scorpion is a small battery booster that packs plenty of power. Capable of jump starting gas vehicles less than 3 liters and diesel of 2.5 liters, this booster is perfect for the average car owner.

Weighing at just 2.4 pounds, this battery booster is the lightest and also the cheapest compared to all other boosters in this article. As part of the package, included are phone chargers as well as many other attachments to charge other electrical goods.

If you are not looking for a budget jump starter and have a small engine car, this is the battery jump starter for you. For peace of mind, Brightech offer a full 3 year warranty on their battery booster.

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Car Jump Starter Buying Guide

A car battery booster is an alternative to jump start cables and offers many benefits. A battery booster usually contains a power pack and a negative and positive battery connector. For flat batteries, you simply connect up the booster and turn it on. Your battery will now have a “boost” of power and should now be able to power up the car.

If your battery has become completely dead, then you will need take the battery out the car and fully charged it. The occasional jump start is required to get you up and running quickly but shouldn’t be used all the time. A low charged battery causes stress for the alternator and they are not cheap to replace when they break.

When searching for a car jumper starter, you will want to consider the following factors, which could sway your buying decision.


The two metrics that you should look out are cranking power and peak power. The term cranking power refers to the amount of amps that can be delivered by the jump starter. Peak power is the maximum amount of power that the device can output. Around 1,000 amps is seen as very powerful and will be able to power up most vehicles.

Additional Features, Safety and Design

In order to beat the competition, many manufacturers are cramming in as much technology as possible. The majority of powerful jump starters include USB ports and a flashlight but others also include air compressors and radios.

All of the health and safety regulations require strict rules that can handle the high voltages and amperage. Over-voltage, short circuit, over-current, overload and overcharge protection are all standard in the recommended jump starters mentioned in this article.

There are two main types of design that include a pack and a portable lithium battery booster. Both are very powerful but the latter is often much more expensive. For example, the Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is a jump starter pack and the NOCO is a lithium compact jump starter.

Reliability and Durability

A reliable jump starter is a must because your flat battery has already let you down. Look out for battery booster brands that offer long warranties in order to give you an idea on what is reliable and long lasting.

Thicker wires, heavy duty design and sturdy clamps are all signs of a durable jump starter. Although, you do not want a really heavy device because this will ruin the point of a portable jump starter.

best quick jump starter

Why Jump Starter Cables Are Bad

Jump starter cables are a common method of waking up a battery but battery boosters is a newer way. If you have ever had a flat battery and needed to ask a stranger for a jump start, it can be quite awkward to ask. With a battery booster, you don’t need to ask anyone, it is a one way method to give your battery a boost. Issues with jump starting a car using cables are:

  • Jump start cables take up more room in the car
  • More connection equals more problems (i.e. sparks)
  • Potential to break other cars electric components or blow fuses
  • Damage to paintwork from cables rubbing against paintwork

Using a battery booster overcomes these issues and is much more efficient than using jump start cables.

How to Jump Start a Car Correctly Using Cables

If you are yet to purchase a battery booster and only have jump start cables, there is a procedure you should follow. Firstly, you must find a generous stranger that will offer to lend you some power from their car battery.

Its important to note that if the cars have an electronic ignition or is a different fueled vehicle, jump start cables may cause damage.

Assuming the previous statement is not applicable, you can then safely jump start a car using the following steps:

  1. Park the working vehicle as close as possible to the other car battery
  2. Ensure both cars are in park (or in gear for manuals) and handbrakes are on
  3. Attach the red jump start cable to your positive connection
  4. Attach the other end of the red cable to the other cars positive connection
  5. Attach black cable to the negative of the other car battery
  6. Attach the other end of the black cable to an unpainted surface on your car*
  7. Let the other car run for a few minutes and then try to start your car

*Grounding the negative terminal (to the unpainted area) rather than to the dead battery provide a more direct return path.

Can Using a Jump Starter Cause Damage

If you find yourself constantly jump starting your vehicle because your battery is flat, you really have to ask yourself whether its time to replace it. There are many high powered car batteries available that come with long warranties.

Another alternative can be using a top rated battery maintainer to keep the battery topped up. This will prevent the battery losing charge between drivers where the alternator cannot maintain the charge.

Using a jumper starter is not necessary healthy to the cars battery but you got to do what is needed in order to start your car. If the battery is struggling to hold charge all the time, it would be advised to replace it for a new battery.


A flat battery is very inconvenient and happens when you least expect it and it can leave you stranded for hours. All it takes is for a powerful electronic such as a touchscreen double din stereo to drain the battery within a short period. A portable jump starter can be one of the best things you ever buy that can power up a dead battery within a minute and be stored easily.

For the average driver, the NOCO battery booster is the best buy as it is small and will power the majority of vehicle. The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is more sturdy and is more suited for those that want to store it within their garage.

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5 Best Car Battery Boosters 2018


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