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5 Best Headrest DVD Players 2018

Portable car DVD players are a great way of entertaining backseat passengers such as children. They simply connect to the rear of the front seats and have a range of power source options from battery to 12V cigarette lighters.

The best Headrest DVD player is the Touchscreen 1080P HD DVD Player by Autowings that offers superior quality, 2 monitors, 2 headphones and much more.

Headrest DVD players are perfect for road trips and to keep children entertained so that you can focus on your driving. Over the year, the picture quality has improved greatly and the price has dropped, which is great for consumers.

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Best Car Headrest Touchscreen Monitors

Car Headrest MonitorsScreen SizeOur Rating
AUTOWINGS Touchscreen9 Inch4.9
NaviSkauto LCD10.1 Inch4.8
eRapta Second Gen10 Inch4.7
XTRONS Black9 Inch4.8
Rockville RDP711-BK7 Inch4.7

There are many cheap headrest DVD players that do not compliment your cars interior. Spending a small amount extra will completely transform the experience with the likes of HD quality, touchscreen functionality, games and much more.

Headrest monitors are almost all portable, which means they can be easily removed. Its highly advised not to leave them overnight in the car as this will be very eye catching for car criminals looking to make some easy cash.

Increase the enjoyment for your backseat passengers with high quality video, games and other impressive features. Below is a list of the best headrest DVD players that compliment your car and provide a range of intuitive features.

Autowings Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player

Autowings is a high end headrest DVD player for your car with an intuitive user interface that is simple to use for children. To navigate through the system, there is a remote control as well as touchscreen with instant responses and zero lag.

It is a full HD monitor that displays video at 1080P and has compatibility for MP4 MKV AVI RMVB MPG MOV and VOB. There is even 2 RCA cables that allow for both monitors to play the same video simultaneously so that the two passengers can watch the same video.

The Autowings has the latest technology from a built-in speakers to an IR transmitter for those who prefer wearing wireless headphones. You can even play audio from the DVD player via the FM transmitter.

Overall, it is the best headrest DVD player you can buy and even includes the ability to play 8 bit games with includes controllers. The premium look and feel can be compared to OEM alternatives that are priced in the thousands.

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Naviskauto has the largest screen at 10.1 inches and a thin frame that gives it a sleek finish. In terms of video quality, it supports HD 1024 x 600 TFT LCD Screen and displays at 16:9 wide angle.

There is a wide variety of inputs that are compatible with this device and it also has IR technology and FM transmitter for wireless audio. The USB input is the most desirable as you are able to store many DVD and navigate to them using the touch button below the screen.

Overall, the Naviskauto is one of the nicest monitors to look at and the best large screen DVD player for your car. It has a very similar specification to the Autowings but lacks touchscreen functionality. However, this device is cheaper overall and if touchscreen is not a “big deal”, the Naviskauto is the best buy.

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eRapta Second Generation

The eRapta monitor is a highly portable DVD player that attaches to the headrest with 2 brackets and fix screws. Using HDMI, SD and USB ports as input, you are able to play 1080P HD video and as peace of mind, this devices comes with a 2 year warranty.

With 10 inches of screen width, it is a large car DVD players that provides sharp HD quality for both videos and games. It is powered by a cigarette lighter in the car or at home with a standard wall charger if you decide to take it inside with you.

Compared with the Autowing alternative, it does lack some features from wireless technology and of course, touchscreen functionality. However, the eRapta has the larger screen that makes watching films and other video footage easier.

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XTRONS Touchscreen Headrest

The Xtrons headrest DVD player is integrated into the headrest itself for a direct replacement with your OEM headrests. The monitor itself is a 9 inch touchscreen that displays in HD at 800 x 490.

For portability, the Xtron device will win no awards as its integrated within the headrest. However, it is an excellent method of installing a DVD player without cutting into your original headrests. To ensure that it cannot be stolen, there is a security zipped cover to hide it away from car criminals.

Compared to other LCD monitors, this has a 9 inch screen, 27 LEDs and support 32 bit games that can be played with the included controller.

Available in a range of colors from black to beige, it is one of the best headrests with a built-in DVD player you can buy. However, if you have an active headrest system, this device will not be advisable.

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Rockville RDP711-BK

The Rockville headrest monitors are targeting those on a budget that want a matching pair. Available in both 7 or 9 inch as well as touchscreen, there is a wide variety of choices to pick for the perfect setup.

Technology crammed into the device includes IR technology, USB, SD, HDMI input and much more. The display is 7 inches with either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio on the 800 x 480 screen resolution.

Rockville are known for their highly rated car amplifiers and other audio components. Therefore you can rest assure this device will live up to the brand in terms of build quality and long lasting electronics.

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Headrest DVD Player Buying Guide

For long car journeys, a DVD player is a cheap and convenient way to entertain passengers. Portability is a key feature that many look for to reduce car crime as well as ensuring the car has the OEM look. There are several types of monitors you can buy that will be discussed further down.

DVD players have come along way in the last century and many include features such as touchscreen and games. Before, the only input was a single disc and operation was via a dull looking user interface. Thankfully, as technology ages, prices decrease and the amount of kit you can get for your money nowadays is excellent. Before choosing the best headrest DVD player for you, build up your knowledge with some important key factors below.

Types of Car DVD Players

The headrest of your car is not the only place you can mount a monitor, these include:

  • Headrests
  • Ceiling mounted
  • In-dash or via stereo
  • Handheld

Ceiling mounted devices can leave permanent damage to the headliner and in terms of the viewing angle, it can cause stress upon the neck. Some of the top rated double din stereos include DVD output footage but cannot be played when driving. Most countries have laws due to the distraction that it can cause to the driver but of course it can be modified to run all the time.

Mounting the DVD player inside or hook onto the headrest is the best method in terms of cost, reverting back to OEM and the viewing angle.

Video Quality

Due to the small dimensions of the screen within the headrest, its crucial the quality is crisp clear. HD quality is a must these days and without it, the latest file formats will not be able to play on the DVD themselves.

Monitors that you can adjust the aspect ratios and brightness are highly desirable but so are the sizes of the monitors themselves. A bigger display will almost certainly improve the quality of the footage. The maximum you will find in terms of headrest DVD players will be between 10 to 11 inches. Try to avoid monitors that are below 7 inches as these will be hard to view for long periods of times due to the smaller size.

Touch Screen Capability

The ability to click through to certain areas of the DVD player operating system via touchscreen is a big bonus. Not only from a design point of view (less bulky buttons) but it also makes navigating to settings or video footage much easier.

It is advised not to have a screen size less than 9 inches for touchscreen device. If the screen is too small, choosing buttons may result in accidental clicks and so forth. The only drawback of the touchscreen functionality would be a buildup of dirt and markings on the screen that would need to be cleaned.

Audio Output

Included within the bundles of the monitors are usually wired headphones but premium devices include IR technology. This lets users use wireless forms of output such as headphones to listen to the video footage. Some even include FM transmitters that work very similarly to Bluetooth FM Transmitters so that the audio comes through the car speakers.

Other Interesting Features

Technology is improving each year and the number of features a DVD player has is increasing. From the ability to play 8 to 32 bit games, remote controls, game controllers and multiple inputs, the list is endless.

Storing the films on a USB is the best method as you do not need to store a large collection of DVD discs within the car.


The DVD Player market for cars has improved from the cheap RGB monitors to full blown HD monitors with a whole range of inputs. The Autowings is the top rated headrest DVD player that offers great value for money and an extensive list of features.

For those after an integrated monitor within their car headrest, the XTRONs a premium swap for your OEM headrest that are very easy to install.

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5 Best Headrest DVD Players 2018


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