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5 Best Car Battery Maintainers 2018

When a car is left unused, the Battery can begin to lose charge because its not being topped up by the alternator. This is a common occurrence of classic cars that are used on sunny weekends as opposed to every day.

To keep the battery topped up, you need the best battery trickle maintainer, which is the Battery Tender Plus 021-0128. It ensures the battery has optimum charge and automatically switches from full to floating charging modes.

Maintaining your batteries charge levels increases its lifespan and ensures the car will fire up with ease when it is used, thus saving a lot of time jump starting the car.

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Best Car Battery Float Chargers

Battery MaintainersFloat ModeOur Rating
Battery Tender Plus 021-0128Yes4.9
Schumacher SEM-1562A-CAYes4.7
NOCO Genius G4Yes4.9
Optima Digital 400Yes4.7

The worst thing you can do for your cars battery is to leave it on charge with a powerful battery charger for too long. This can cause the battery to completely die or even worse spill acid if knocked.

Owning a battery tender makes much more sense than having a spare battery on standby. Switching between batteries is not a 2 minute job and can cause damage if you knock the battery against the car or acid leaks over the interior.

Using a weak battery can cause extra stress on vital components such as the starter motor and more. Ensuring the battery is at its correct charge all the time is essential for older classic cars. Below is a list of the best battery tender maintainers to keep your batteries topped up.

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

The Battery Tender Plus is at the forefront of battery maintaining technology with a 1.25 amp battery charger. It has an astonishing 10 year warranty and has many features, which makes it the best battery trickle charger for your car.

It is temperature compensated to make sure that the cars battery is charge at the correct voltage. Once the battery is fully charged, it will automatically switch to a “float charging mode”, which is also indicated via red and green lights.

Unlike trickle chargers, the Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 maintains the battery at safe storage voltages. Trickle chargers do have a tendency to run much higher voltages, which could cause damage to the battery.

There are various versions of this battery tender including smaller and larger models. However, the Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 is the best car battery maintainer for the money and it provides a safe method of maintaining the charge.

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Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA Battery Maintainer

The cheaper alternative to the battery tender is the Schumacher alternative, which also have a 1.5 amp speed but only 1 years warranty. It will also automatically switch between fully charged and floating mode when the battery reaches a certain limit.

Additional features include jump cables and ring connectors as well as the rugged plastic housing of the charger itself. It is a great all round package in order to keep your battery charged whilst in storage.

Overall, it is the best cheap car battery maintainer that is small enough to be kept discretely within any garage. With the use of the jump cables and ring connectors, you are able to easily connect to your battery without the risk of them falling off.

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BLACK+DECKER BM3B Automatic Battery Charger

Black and Decker have been a reputable machinery company for many years and are known for reliability and build quality. The battery float charger is perfect for those on a budget and can charge at both 6V and 12V.

Included are battery clips, o-ring terminals and vehicle DC plugs in order to maintain the charge within a cars battery. The smart charging technology ensure the battery remains at optimal charge and it will automatically switch between charging and float mode, which is fairly impressive for a cheap unit.

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NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger

The Noco Genuis G4 is a premium smart battery charger that is both the a normal battery charger and battery maintainer. Within this article we are reviewing it for its battery maintaining capabilities, which it excels at with a safe charge.

It is by far one of the best smart chargers that will maintain and charge the majority of car batteries. It is great for those with multiple cars because it has 4 banks, which means you could potentially maintain 4 batteries at once.

It is the best battery maintainer and charger overall but the price is fairly steep for those looking for just a battery maintainer. If you are just after a maintainer, the Battery Tender is the best buy but as an all rounder, this unit is highly recommended.

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Optima Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer

The manufacturers of the ever so popular Optima batteries have tapped into the battery maintainer market with this Digital 400 model. Its main aim is to increase the batteries lifespan by ensuring its kept healthy and maintained. This can be checked via the Optima’s integrated health mode checker via the LED gauge and LCD screen.

This battery maintainer is also capable of recovering discharged batteries up to 1.25V. This is fairly impressive considering the low cost of this unit. The Optima Digital 400 takes pride on the fact that when connecting to the battery, there will be no sparks for additional safety.

Like the Noco Genuis G4, it is both a car battery charger and battery maintainer. It is a great all rounder for those car owners looking for all features that will increase the life of their car batteries.

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Best Battery Tender Chargers

Car batteries can be very expensive and without proper maintenance, it can become a regular expense for cars that are in storage. A battery maintainer is more desirable over a trickle charger for many reasons as discussed below.

To provide more knowledge, we have devised an informative buyers guide into battery maintainers to ensure you understand which makes the best buys for your requirements.

Battery Maintainers v Trickle Chargers

As the term “trickle” may suggest, a trickle charger will apply a constant charge to the battery regardless of whether its fully charged or not. A battery maintainer will charge the battery until its charged and switch to a “float mode”, which will charge the battery once it detects the voltage has dropped.

As you can imagine, a trickle battery charger that is connected indefinitely is not healthy to the battery. Once a car battery is fully charged, it should not have the same voltage sent to it constantly. Trickle chargers do have their uses but if you want to leave a charger in for long periods of time, a battery maintainer is what is required.

Benefits of Battery Float Chargers

The benefits of battery maintainers that use a float charge are fairly obvious. The main being convenience of having a fully charged battery in a car that has been stored for a long period. The annoyance of having to perform a risky jump start or switch batteries is not fun.

On top of this, battery maintainers ensure the battery is charged safely at the correct storage voltage. This also means the battery will not become damaged from being overcharged or being drained multiple times.

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5 Best Car Battery Maintainers 2018


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