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Latest Bass Fishing Techniques for the Avid Port O’ Connor Fishing Enthusiasts

One of the primary reasons Bass is considered to be Port O’ Connor’s most admired game fish is that they are quite convenient to catch compared to other species, mostly because they are available in profusion. But this doesn’t always mean that Port O’ Connor fishing fanatics can always load their boat on all fishing expeditions, rather you require learning and mastering proper techniques for maximizing your performance and victory as an avid bass angler.

Uncovering the Hottest Bass Fishing Techniques for the Avid Port O’ Connor Fishing Enthusiasts:

  • Pitching:

Port O' Connor Fishing

Pitching is an easy technique to learn and master while fishing in Port O’ Connor but is not that accurate. Give out adequate line so that it is balanced with the reel and then keep your reel open. Keep your thumb on the reel, lower the rod tip in direction of the water to keep your hands free, grab the lure tightly and get into the line to increase anxiety. In one perfect and seamless movement release your lure while wavering your rod tip upwards. As the dangles away towards your target, take away your thumb of the reel. But to achieve a perfect timing of all these steps require a lot of practice. Make sure that you close the reel immediately after the bait lands as the bass fish often strike rapidly.

  • Flipping:

Fishing Port O' Connor

Flipping is a tough technique which requires a lot of practice, but as you master this technique, you can hit your target even more accurately compared to pitching. Start through permitting out anywhere between 8-15 feet of line & then just close your reel. Clutch the line in the middle of the reel and first extend the rod guide and then expand your arm to the side while you pull on the line. Lift up the rod and the fishing bait will now start swinging towards you. Make use of the pendulum motion and start swinging your bait towards your targeted location whilst feeding the line by your hand. Reduce the left over slack and prepare for a strike. This is an amazing approach for getting a drop on few shy bass.

  • Topwater Baits:

Topwater Fishing Baits Port O' Connor

For nearly all Port O’ Connor fishing fanatics, there is nothing more stimulating than catching their favorite bass fish by making use of the topwater baits. The resonance of the lure, the spectacle of an approaching bass fish and the happiness of witnessing a big splash while a largemouth finally strikes might be enough to get any angler’s heart racing. Topwater fishing lures such as poppers, jitterbugs and frogs are just apt for hungry and highly active fish which is especially designed to exert a pull on the bass fishes through noise and theatrical movements. The sporadic impeding and moving can actually drive bass fish crazy.

  • Crankbaits:

Port O' Connor Fishing Crankbaits

A crankbait is all about spontaneous effect for a bass fish and the fishes do not really want to chase it down in a similar manner like they do for the topwater bait, but the noise and appearance will still be the key to make use of a crankbait properly. Crankbaits are a favorite for numerous tournament Port O’ Connor fishing enthusiasts as they can cover a lot of water both horizontally and vertically at a wide diversity of depths. Crankbaits work wonders when used around the solid objects such as stumps, rocks and logs. The more anglers understand how your crankbait swims across the water and runs into the objects, the better you will get on catching bass. Hold the fish’s concentration through reeling speedily, then stop and enable the crankbait to mount slowly and then reel it up again and stop again. This can drive the bass fish crazy. While you reel in and understand that your crankbait hit bottom or something solid such as a rock, stop right away and allow the bait to float slightly. All this noise and action will bring bass fish in and yearn to feast on what they believe is an easy prey.

  • Spinnerbaits:

Port O' Connor Fishing Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are slightly trickier compared to the crankbaits as it can be extremely tough to successfully hook a fish provided the design of the bait. But once the bass fish is hooked with a spinnerbait, it gets very tough for the fish to chuck out the bait. Spinnerbaits can generate amazing results on any given day on any given water. One of the most amazing methods is to enable the bait to drop to the bottom close to a drop-off. Once the fish hits bottom, reel up the slack, provide it a few cranks and then allow it to drop to the bottom again. Keep doing this repeatedly. The slower anglers will reel in, the deeper the bait will tend to swim throughout the water column. If the anglers reel in at a faster pace then, the bait will swim higher in the water line.

Unlike the other Port O’ Connor fishing techniques mentioned above, anglers can drop-shot without any need to retrieve. The key is to keep moving your rod tip in a manner that it makes your fishing baits dance.

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Latest Bass Fishing Techniques for the Avid Port O’ Connor Fishing Enthusiasts


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