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NordicTrack C990 Treadmill Review 2017

NordicTrack C990

Are you looking for a new mode treadmill that will give you a treading experience that you have never had before? This NordicTrack C990 Treadmill review will give you a light into what may be the best for your needs.

It comes with the most desirable features you would ever want for a treadmill. With this treadmill you will get to experience high durability and ultimate efficiency where you will not face inconveniences during the sessions. This treadmill not only comes with great features but also a great price to fit the customer’s budget. Moreover you will enjoy great customer services that are provided by NordicTrack to their customers. Below are the exceptional features that you will encounter once you get this treadmill for your workout sessions.



What Are the Features of NordicTrack C990 Treadmill ?

3.0 HP Power Motor

A powerful motor is always equal to efficient and productive workout sessions. With this NordicTrack C990 Treadmill you won’t experience unnecessary interruptions in between the sessions. It is featured with a powerful 3.0 horsepower motor that operates on a quiet mode and has protection features to keep you secure during the exercise sessions. How secure is the motor? It is designed with high rate wiring and a current cut-off switch. This motor goes through thorough testing to ensure that it won’t fail when on the customer’s hands. Not to forget, this motor comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacture which earns it more credibility to the customer.

Sturdy Frame Construction

Having a treadmill that has a strongly constructed frame will be an assurance of a long-term service from the treadmill. This NordicTrack C990 comes with a strongly built frame that can be able to withstand all your endurance trainings without breaking. Moreover, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer which is a factor that gives NordicTrack customers an assurance of quality and durability.

High Capacity Weight

This treadmill goes an extra mile to accommodate runners that may be 300 pounds heavy. With this feature most of the runners can comfortably run on this treadmill.

Adjustable cushioning

Using a treadmill where you can adjust the deck cushioning will be quite convenient to you. You will enjoy running on a highly cushioned deck with the ON action and running on rough road while on the OFF mode. While running on a rigid deck you will be able to follow the Google map routes from the iFit feature. 

These varied options for the running deck will make your workouts more productive and satisfying.

Comfortable Belt Size

You don’t want to purchase a treadmill with a belt size that will not fit you comfortably. This treadmill is featured with a 20×60 long belt size that will even fit the tall users. With this convenience the taller runners will also be able to make long strides without any worry or discomfort. In addition, the running surface is properly cushioned to help the runner experience maximum comfort and stability as they run or walk on the deck.

60 Inches Double Track  

Want a double track that will suit your height comfortably? The NordicTrack C990 Treadmill comes with a 60 inch dual track that is appropriate for the long stride runners. It is long enough to ensure that when you are treading on it you don’t face the possibility of stumbling off the deck. The track is also designed with QuadFlex cushioning that helps in minimizing stride impact on your feet and joints. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs of the track since it doesn’t need regular lubrication.

Controllable Incline

This treadmill comes with a controllable incline of up to 12%. The runners who want to have the treadmill to incline routinely can have the iFit subscriptions which will make it possible for them. 

The iFit feature automatically adjusts your incline rate to bring a long a natural landscape once you create a Google map route for your training session. This incline feature will also help runners who want to lose calories remarkably to achieve their goals faster because these incline levels play a major role in calorie burn and muscle stimulation.

Easily Foldable

When you are super exhausted from the workout session you don’t want to get involved in anything else that may want to drain your energy. That’s why every runner needs to have a treadmill that can be folded easily without much effort. This C990 treadmill model from NordicTrack comes with a space saver design that makes it quite easy to fold. With the treadmill folded in an erect position you can be sure it won’t consume much of your space. You may wonder how you will be able to fold the heavy weight frame without much effort but the Easy Lift Assist technology in the treadmill’s folding system makes it effortless.

Heart Rate Monitors

Having a treadmill with heart rate monitors will help you to evaluate the productivity of your exercise. The monitors are placed at the handlebars of this treadmill and they are able to do the monitoring through the chest buckle or the handle bars monitors. 

Once you have the heart rate data you will be able make the needed adjustments to engage in a workout intensity that will see you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. With this wireless monitoring you will be able to get your heart rate data without the need to clasp the grips.

Efficient Auto fan 

During the workout sessions you need to keep cool for comfort and energy. This treadmill is featured with an auto fan to ensure that you are cooled off even at peak speed. You will enjoy this fan since it operates without much noise and it automatically adjusts to fit to the changes in your workout speed. You can also manually adjust fan settings from the console

Backlight 7 Inch Web Touch Display Screen

C990-4Everyone wants a display screen that is competent to give a clear progress of their workout session. With this NordicTrack treadmill you will be able to access your workout data clearly and conveniently. It comes with a color touch screen that is web enabled for you to be able to go online as you work out. Not only will you be able to view this data but you will also be able to connect to the home wireless networks and be able to engage like sending emails or downloading stuff during the session. The use of this display screen is quite easy because it will only require you a single finger touch to access the menu and get to select your preferred training programs and workout setup.

Personalized Inbuilt Workout Programs

Workout sessions never get better than when you do them on a personalized mode. This exceptional treadmill comes with inbuilt 32 workout programs to enhance your workout productivity. The sessions are set by a certified trainer on the grounds of the intensity and speed, calories burning and incline. Any runner that desires to enjoy a wider range of personalized workout programs can make use of the iFit subscription that makes provision for that. 

On the iFit subscriptions you will be able to get more programs on fitness tips for a runner, daily personalized workouts, weight loss programs and many more.

IPod/MP3 Input

This feature is designed just to keep you entertained as you tread. The treadmill is designed with a port from where you can connect an audio cable and get to listen to your desired music form your MP3 device using an audio jack or iPod. With the 2 inch speaker great sound you will absolutely enjoy the music to the fullest thus you will be able to have longer workout sessions.

iFit Support

This feature creates a large platform where you can access multiple workout programs to help attain your healthy living goals. With iFit you will be able to; automatically receive daily workout programs, nutritional guides for a runner, video trainings, access various Google maps to run all over the world and also keep an online record of your progress.

More to that, with iFit live you will get to access HD videos of the world’s most famous running landscapes. These videos can really motivate your fitness performance since they are not imaginations but of real people who visited the famous mountain trails and the front ocean walks to record running activities in the areas. However, you should note that accessing the iFit live you have to pay for an extra subscription cost but it is every dime.

Tablet Bracket

The new model treadmills have come up with this web touch display screens to give the user the ability to enjoy internet stuff on the display screen as they work out. However this display screen doesn’t give a satisfactory online streaming feature to the customer. With an intention to give their customers an optimal satisfaction this NordicTrack treadmill is featured with a tablet bracket to enable you get connected to your device and enjoy streaming YouTube videos and stay in touch with other internet activities to keep yourself fully entertained during your workout sessions.

Flexible Tablet Holder

With this amazing feature you will be able to view your favorite movies or music videos at your preferred position without blocking the display screen. Viewing what you love as you work out is definitely going to boost your morale to achieve your fitness goals without much hassle. Moreover you can rest assured that nothing will interfere with your entertainment needs since this treadmill operates smoothly without producing any distractive noises.

Customer Warranty for NordicTrack C900 Treadmill

The customer warranty that comes from the NordicTrack manufacturer for this product will really capture your attention. They give you a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame, one year on labor and 3 years on the treadmill parts. With this kind of warranty you can be sure that your repair needs will be covered for a reasonable amount of time.

Pros of NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

· It has desirable creative features
· Comfortable to use with most runners
· Helps the runner’s fitness dreams come true faster
· Desirable belt size
· Fast running speed for fast runners
· Enables the runner to get online as they work out

Cons of NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

· It is quite expensive compared to the other treadmills
· The iFit doesn’t work for people without sufficient internet access

Where to Buy NordicTrack c900 Treadmill

If you want to bring your gym sessions home with this NordicTrack C990 Treadmill you need to identify the best product site that will give you a favorable deal. I would recommend that you consider purchasing it directly from the manufacturer or from the Amazon site. Buying it directly from the manufacturer will give you a considerable number of benefits; you will enjoy a customer friendly price, 30 day money back guarantee for the product and free and reliable shipping services. You will also get to pay for the machine conveniently through PayPal once you buy it from NordicTrack. If you decide to purchase it from Amazon you will enjoy outstanding all-day customer care services, a generous price and not to forget their excellent shipping services that take the shortest time possible. Moreover, if you are a member of Amazon prime you will definitely enjoy free shipping of this machine to your doorstep. 


Though this NordicTrack C990 Treadmill maybe a little bit costly you can’t afford to overlook its breathtaking features that will give you a brand new experience in your treading exercises. As mentioned above you will enjoy great customer warranty, color screen display on the workout progress, easy to fit and adjustable cushioning and many more incredible features.

More to that, this treadmill is of a great quality and any experienced runner will not trade its features for any other treadmill brand. All you need to do is get yours today and you will enjoy the most satisfying workout experience you have ever dreamt of.


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NordicTrack C990 Treadmill Review 2017


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