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2022-08-03 22:10
It just doesn't seem possible to have a day in our lifetime without Vin Scully being around, even though he retired after the 2016 season. His passing was a huge loss for sports fans even be… Read More
2022-07-29 16:21
The past weekend (July 22-24) brought an interesting twist for Chicago baseball fans watching either the White Sox or Cubs locally. The 4-game White Sox series vs. Cleveland and the Cubs 3-g… Read More
2022-05-15 18:44
It's understandable and appreciated how much the NFL does to keep football in the media throughout the year, especially in the off-season. Somehow gaining so much publicity and coverage arou… Read More
2022-01-20 22:04
It's a week of losses for the sports media, topped off by the passing of Chicago sportscasting legend Les Grobstein on Sunday (1/16). He was a walking encyclopedia of Chicago sports over the… Read More
2022-01-05 23:22
Although MLB fans won't feel the impact until the current lockout is resolved, MLB Network took a big step backwards with the reported termination of reporter Ken Rosenthal. While we will co… Read More
2021-12-21 22:03
The recent purchase of the largest ESPN Radio local stations by Good Karma Brands is reason to be curious as to where this fits with ESPN's strategy for the near future. Good Karma is now in… Read More
2021-12-10 20:51
Last weekend's SEC Championship Game telecast between Alabama and Georgia proved to be huge for CBS and its stations. With a peak of nearly 18 million viewers, this telecast became the highe… Read More
2021-12-01 22:09
As much as the sports fans' collective appetite for watching live sports continues to be strong, the growth on what it takes out of our wallets is also on the increase. Now comes word that C… Read More
2021-10-27 20:01
It's fun for play-by-play announcers to handle more than one sport over the course of a year, but now we have a number of announcers doing so within the course of a couple of days. This incl… Read More
2021-09-16 01:31
Milwaukee sports fans now have two national voices calling local team play-by-play on their telecasts, with the naming of Lisa Byington as the new play-by-play voice for the Milwaukee Bucks… Read More
2021-08-09 16:05
Just as NBC did with the NHL contract over the past few years, NBC did a tremendous job with its just coverage of the just concluded Olympics. Using its family of networks while making speci… Read More
2021-02-09 23:50
If they executives of the major pro sports are not concerned about their ability to generate billions of dollars of income without opening the gates, they should be now. It has been one thin… Read More
2021-01-23 20:12
Some expected it and others were surprised, but the upcoming end of NBCSN will have an immediate impact on the sports media landscape. Despite some ratings success over the past couple of ye… Read More
2021-01-07 22:57
The #7 seeds in the NFL Playoffs will really be playing for more than their own post-season survival this coming weekend (1/9 and 1/10). Considered to be a temporary addition of one more pla… Read More
2021-01-01 22:21
The increase in switching NFL telecasts between CBS and Fox this season rewards fans that only have access to their locally televised games on this final weekend of the regular season. The b… Read More
2020-12-24 16:02
This coming weekend offers the rare chance for NFL fans to watch half of the scheduled games entirely. We have the Christmas Day game, followed by a triple header on Saturday, although the m… Read More
2020-09-07 21:21
As we come into one of the most significant weeks in TV sports history (with all four most important sports airing significant games at the same time), we can wonder about how this will shap… Read More
2020-08-30 20:41
Sports fans are getting even closer to an extended period of having all of the major sports playing with multiple games at the same time as the NFL season is now within two weeks from its sc… Read More
2020-08-22 20:40
 It was one of the ugliest weeks in sports media history as a result of comments made on the air during sports telecasts. It is a lesson for all broadcasters, sports or otherwise, to be… Read More
2020-08-15 21:47
 We have certainly seen the popularity of live sports telecasts over the past couple of weeks with the three major pro leagues offering an abundance of live telecasts. Most of the ratin… Read More
2020-08-08 21:16
 While the obviously busy time continues for ESPN, the ESPN Radio side is looking toward better results, especially in the top 3 markets. The timing fits with both the NBA and NHL being… Read More
2020-04-28 22:29
The recent NFL Draft produced the expected strong ratings, given the lack of live pro sports content we are faced with. However, the success was really in how well the virtual approach came… Read More
2020-04-10 20:42
While we still don't know if and when live sports as we know it will resume, the question remains as to how extreme it will get when the time comes. Sports fans have differing views as to th… Read More
2020-02-23 21:47
How disappointing that the Oakland A's are so frustrated with their radio broadcast situation that they couldn't even create their own deal with a radio station for the new season. The A's h… Read More
2020-02-07 22:26
Still another job impacted by the Astros cheating scandal, except that this time it involves a member of the sports media. Jessica Mendoza, known much more for her role on ESPN Sunday Night… Read More
2020-01-23 21:44
The December into the first weekend of the New Year radio ratings are not among the most important, but did show a couple of interesting trends. Atlanta's WZGC 92.9 The Game continues its im… Read More
2020-01-18 19:45
The past week might be best remembered for the number of major shocking stories and how the sports media was a part of them.Several major sports radio shows were lost (with at least one brou… Read More
2020-01-06 16:09
The amazing NFL Playoff game on Saturday (1/4) between Houston and Buffalo finished with strong ratings as a larger than expected audience watched the exciting conclusion. This telecast prov… Read More
2019-12-18 22:30
This coming weekend is the one weekend of the season when NFL fans are able to watch a total of seven complete NFL games over the three day period. Having this be the Saturday (12/21) when t… Read More
2019-12-06 19:59
It's only just over one month in to the NBA regular season, but league officials are most likely to be very concerned about the drop in ratings at both the national and local levels. Circums… Read More
2019-10-25 22:08
The major pro sports leagues are generally not directly tied in with what goes on in the media, but this week provides a solid example of why they should be. They all make a large percentage… Read More
2019-10-18 20:33
A boost for Sinclair Broadcast Group with the news this week that the Group signed a multi-year deal with AT&T, U-Verse, and DirecTV to have its regional sports networks continue to be c… Read More
2019-08-15 20:58
The announcement earlier this week that NBC Sports is partnering with AEG to create "NBC Sports Pub Pass" is an alarming one for sports fans for a number of reasons.Although this platform wi… Read More
2019-08-08 20:53
The start of the full NFL pre-season is upon us. While local ratings for exhibition game telecasts don't mean much (beyond the local markets), one of the Saturday (8/10) games will be an int… Read More
2019-07-15 19:03
The seriousness of the sports radio race in Boston came to the forefront with a major change in WEEI-FM's daily schedule. Within hours of the spring ratings showing WEEI-FM slipping to more… Read More
2019-06-07 21:48
While the current NBA Finals are shaping up as possibly one of the most interesting series in recent years, the question remains (as of press time, following Game 3) whether or not viewershi… Read More
2019-04-26 20:09
Like always, this is perhaps the greatest week of viewing and listening for fans of multiple sports with so many choices and so little time. NBCSN was blessed with a pair of Game 7 thrillers… Read More
2019-04-05 03:17
One sports media story which bears watching over the next couple of weeks is the fate of the 21 Fox regional sports networks, which will be purchased by a new buyer between April 15th and Ju… Read More
2019-02-23 18:50
Kenny Albert is best known around the country for calling a variety of sports for a number of national networks as needed, but this weekend (Feb. 23/24) he gets the experience of calling thr… Read More
2019-02-08 22:20
As if there aren't enough challenges for sports fans in Oakland, such as losing the Raiders again, A's fans are close to another blast from the past because, as of press time, there is no lo… Read More
2019-02-02 16:30
While NFL fans hope for a quality game and a solid telecast of the Super Bowl, others hope that the two weeks of hype starts taking a more solid direction moving forward. The making news whe… Read More
2019-01-25 03:35
What should have been a simple announcement about the Indianapolis Colts radio broadcasts moving forward was ruined for all concerned, primarily due to speculation.Although the Colts announc… Read More
2019-01-18 04:53
As we prepare to find out which teams will be in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, it's baseball broadcasters taking the headlines this week.While Bob Costas will call at least 20 telecasts… Read More
2019-01-10 22:52
Two sports telecast trends are coming together as one starting later this week (1/11), with NBC Sports Washington leading the way. Having a duplicate telecast on a separate channel is not ne… Read More
2019-01-04 21:10
As we get ready for a big weekend of football over a variety of networks, it's interesting to note viewer trends of the surrounding studio shows from the just concluded 2018 NFL season.Even… Read More
2018-12-01 22:08
While the Packers struggle and face missing the NFL playoffs and the Brewers look to build on their success during this off-season, the most interesting sports battle in Milwaukee has sudden… Read More
2018-11-21 03:19
As the Boston sports radio battle continues between WEEI-FM and WBZ-FM Sports Hub, the morning drive battle between the two just got a lot more interesting. WEEI-FM's Kirk & Callahan mor… Read More
2018-09-07 21:58
The Detroit Tigers aren't fighting for anything except a distant third place finish this season, but their TV broadcasters are. The rumored tension appeared to have become a fact on Wednesda… Read More
2018-08-24 01:55
It turns out that part of the deal which brought Mike Francesa back to WFAN 101.9 in May was the ability for Francesa to start a new mobile app. This app allows him to post fresh content at… Read More
2018-08-17 20:31
Those that question the publicity surge about Tiger Woods during and following his 2nd place finish in last weekend's PGA tournament did not realize that CBS' coverage of the final round had… Read More
2018-08-06 22:02
The Nielsen radio ratings for July are being released this week and it is big news for WFAN-FM  New York and its recent drive time changes.Mike Francesa's sudden return this spring has… Read More
2018-07-19 14:53
The start of NFL training camps is a time that millions of fans look forward to as it signals that the football season is almost upon us. If only most of the sports media would be able to ke… Read More
2018-06-22 22:09
Another week in the life for Fox Sports. Bloomberg reports that World Cup viewership, combining the Fox Sports and Telemundo (Spanish) coverage, is already down roughly 44% from the 2014 cov… Read More
2018-06-13 02:10
The Nielsen radio ratings for the period of April 26 to May 23rd are out for the larger markets with more interesting developments than usual. Special attention goes to the New York City res… Read More
2018-05-24 16:28
Sports fans are looking forward to a Memorial Day weekend filled with sports, topped off by the Indy 500 on Sunday (weather permitting).  The NBA Conference finals will air, and the Sta… Read More
2018-04-09 21:52
Many of us often joke about how the baseball media seems to stop the world every single time the Yankees and Red Sox play, no matter what the circumstances. It already seems as though every… Read More
2018-04-05 22:04
No surprise here that the NCAA Tournament Championship game suffered a 30% drop in the audience compared with last year and more than 10% less than the 2016 game. Just like with its baseball… Read More
2018-03-27 15:27
Play ball! We will know in just a couple of days how MLB's experiment of having all 30 teams open on the same day and moving it to a Thursday will work in terms of audience draw.As much as t… Read More
2018-03-20 02:53
As we go into the 2nd week of the NCAA Tournament it will be interesting to see how the 'real' TV ratings go the rest of the way. The fact is that they were actually down from last year for… Read More
2018-03-15 13:21
The continuing lack of awareness that Turner Sports has created over the years bit them still again this past Sunday (3/11), this time resulting in low ratings for its first ever telecast of… Read More
2018-02-02 01:58
As busy and significant of a week as this is for sports media, we should not overlook still another media speculation story going bad and the impact it has on sports fans trying to keep up w… Read More
2018-01-13 16:07
Although the seriousness of the impact of football players winding up with CTE and other physical and mental problems in later years is not to be overlooked, the media needs to make this an… Read More
2017-12-22 21:48
It's a sad day in sports media with the passing of Dick Enberg at the age of 82. The younger sports fans only knew him from his 10 years of calling Padres baseball which ended with his offic… Read More
2017-12-16 17:35
This past Friday (12/15) marked the end of an era with Mike Francesa doing his final show on WFAN.Obviously, there are those that enjoyed him and those that criticized, which is typical of a… Read More
2017-12-08 23:18
It's time to re-examine the NFL game flex method in place for Sunday Night Football before next season. It has been the case that NBC has had the option of switching out its originally sched… Read More
2017-11-22 21:03
Thanksgiving weekend is always a great one for sports fans since we get everything except for baseball. NFL, NBA, NHL and both college football and basketball throughout the weekend. There i… Read More
2017-11-10 02:53
It has been happening far too frequently lately where a sportscaster says something on, or off, the air which sparks a harsh reaction and generates the expected apology. Many sportscasters… Read More
2017-11-02 14:05
It's always curious when one media organization reports on another, but it's even more curious when it is speculation and not actual news. The Sporting News reported earlier this week that t… Read More
2017-10-26 03:59
No surprise here that the early ratings info from this year's World Series are not all that strong. MLB can blame it on a variety of factors, but there really is only one explanation. Someho… Read More
2017-10-20 04:11
It's a wonderful way for sports fans to be involved in the discussion, literally. The University of Minnesota Sports Management Program, along with the Minnesota Twins, will be hosting a pan… Read More
2017-10-12 15:45
It's looking more and more like the proposed merger between CBS Radio and Entercom could actually happen, and it could very well be approved within the next six months.As part of the process… Read More
2017-10-06 14:31
A lot of ratings and audience numbers to examine this week. Hard to tell if it was because of the Yankees being in it or if the Wild Card game ratings are rising in general, but it was no su… Read More
2017-09-21 15:13
It's been a week of "ooops" moments at both the national and local level.There was one such event which couldn't be helped. The lightning delay of Fox's doubleheader game telecast of Dallas… Read More
2017-09-13 21:53
This is the roughest week in sports media of any during the nine years of producing this blog. Of course, our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the south whose lives are uprooted by Ir… Read More
2017-09-07 13:33
Always interesting when one form of sports media makes a bit of news directly because of another form of sports media. Such was the case in Seattle late last week.The Seattle Times announced… Read More
2017-08-29 21:55
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the residents and business owners in the Houston area, as well as the other areas of Texas and Louisiana which have been devastated by Harvey over t… Read More
2017-08-24 16:05
One of the sports media happenings this week is certain to draw the attention of those sports fans who have cut the cord and dropped cable/satellite service due to the high cost.It seems tha… Read More
2017-08-17 15:49
Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes at radio stations are more interesting than the content being discussed on some of the sports stations. This week brings us examples from both Portla… Read More
2017-08-09 15:31
The Nielsen radio ratings for the month of July are an interesting gauge for sports radio because it is the only month of the year which is the off-season for three of the big four pro sport… Read More
2017-07-31 01:27
The hot streaks of a couple of baseball teams and how their fans react will provide us with an indication as to which direction baseball ratings on TV are heading.As the rules supposedly put… Read More
2017-07-21 14:34
It is most curious that ESPN Radio picked this week (three days of it) to "preview" its upcoming revised morning show with Trey Wingo replacing Mike Greenberg co-hosting its national morning… Read More
2017-07-13 14:37
This is far from an All-Star week when it comes to ratings and revenue news for the major networks, especially Fox. You could say that the revenue part is a bitter pill to swallow for Fox, C… Read More
2017-07-07 16:21
Having a state Governor as a guest co-host on a sports talk show is a nice novelty idea, but going as far as to consider it as a possible audition is another.WFAN 101.9 and 660 has been the… Read More

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