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Common Sports Injuries in Softball

Softball is a popular, fun sport. Like many physical activities and sports, however, it does come with its own risks in Injury. Different positions have separate likelihoods for what sort of injury one may sustain though some cross over. Most often these Injuries will include the hand, the wrist and the forearm, the shoulder and the back. They’re all connected, after all. Pitchers will have a slightly different form of injury when they do get hurt due to the windmill motions that effect the same areas in a different way.

Tendinitis is most Common from overuse. This when a tendon becomes inflamed. It can be present in back and neck pain, in the elbow and down to the wrist. Over-head throwing motions can aggravate this and for catchers, knee inflammation is often also a reported and suffered injury.

It is extremely important to give these injuries the proper healing time that is needed, or re-injury and aggravation is much more likely. These are different in nature to what are called ‘acute injuries’ which is in the event of something sudden and immediate. That would fall under the category of a broken bone or a deep wound in need of stitches.

Injuries of the knees are not the most common when playing softball. However, when a kneecap gets twisted it can result in permanent pain and even the need for surgery to fix the kneecap that has slipped and torn. They are very delicate and once injured tend to plague the victim.

Muscle strains and lower back pain is common across the board no matter what your position on a softball team. Squatting over a home plate for a catcher doesn’t help this situation, so warming up and making sure to stretch throughout the games is important.

Since wrists and hands are a key element in this game, they often are injured. Throwing the ball the wrong way can pinch a wrist and a nerve just so, and over time wrists can become aggravated and inflamed. Catching the ball the wrong way can even result in a fracture or a sprain which will put you out of playing for a few weeks at the very least.

Elbow injuries come from overuse, which as we can see, tends to be the biggest cause of injury. The muscles pull and the tendons can tear over time. Elbow injuries from over use are also known as Tennis Elbow, as tennis players have a lot of strain and use of the joint.

Shoulder injuries are the most common and beyond tendinitis, a shoulder can become tight, seize up and is referred to as a Frozen Shoulder. These injuries can lead to a shoulder easily dislocating which can be a painful and reoccurring problem.

To avoid the injuries that are from long-term activity and aren’t from a one-time accident, it is absolutely necessary to warm up your body. This gets the blood flowing to your muscles and joints and will help your body move with ease and less tension, lowering the chances of an injury. When you are in pain, be honest with yourself about how you feel and avoid playing. It may be tempting but it isn’t worth worsening your state and then being unable to play for even longer because you pushed yourself too far. Make sure you train yourself and think about the way your body moves, don’t wildly throw yourself into a motion.

Remain in control of your form. Running, stretching and throwing the ball at lesser distances are all good ways to keep your body limber and prepared for giving your all in softball.

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Common Sports Injuries in Softball


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