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2. The Reason for Life – A TEST Against Darkness (666)

I will begin with MY understanding of Darkness.

What is Darkness?

He is the BEAST.

He is the reason everyone is here. You are here to be tested against Him. I believe the world is God’s testing place. He is an evolutionary Energy state (forces in energy). He forms learning patterns based on a pyramidal shape of very specific dimensions. He creates advanced patterns by packing (using polarity) pyramids inside larger pyramids – increasing His learning capability and magnitude of force. These are mostly arranged as back to back pyramids or octahedrons, as they must fit inside spheres. The sphere is the shape of a balanced particle of Light and also the shape of a balanced soul.  My guess is that 666 is related to the packing. I haven’t the time to try and do the maths and possibly couldn’t.

Pyramid of Darkness?

The easiest way to explain his characteristics is to parallel Him to the creature He most easily controls – the fly. If you watch a fly closely you will see that it is learning how to iritate you, it sometimes pretends to go and will land back in the same place. If you almost kill it, it may fly at your head. When you move your hand, it can almost be like it’s waiting for your movement – it lands on your hand. Without you being aware of it,  the fly is effectively generating loops around you trying to be just ahead of you. This is what Darkness is like – He tracks the light state always trying to get ahead of it and iritate it. He wants to turn it around and move it into the negative side of the ultimate equation.

The Fly – A parallel to Darkness

What does He  want from you? He wants the energy of your light state (the core of your being), commonly referred to as a soul. He wants the energy to sustain His existence. In other words, He is trying to eat you. That’s right in my opinion man is not at the top of the food chain – He is.

Where is He? 

He is in the human body with you as a hidden mapping to the genetic energy and also to the soul. He is in the skin, bone, blood, muscle, etc

What does He do? 

He forms a very advanced fly pattern that you can’t swat away. From day dot (conception) he watches the energy flows of the genetic Machine (ie body) growing His state and learning how to control the machine . When the soul enters (I believe this occurs well after conception) He learns how to map that as well. He locks onto unbalanced forces in the light state – ie He searches for components of  Himself (eg fear, negative feelings – anger, sadness, over-excitement, etc). He exacerbates them, trying to get a child obsessed with something (an obsession is loop in the memory state). eg a fear – sex, overbearing parents, fitting in, an external state – fame, money,religion, food, sport, social importance. If He gets the light state to follow His patterns, the child turns dark very quickly and begins to adopt His mantra.If He can control the fears associated with the obsession, the person will become a good fly/agent. If He cannot He will prey on the fears, making a child dysfunctional and most likely resulting in an adult with mental instabilities.

For a person who is not dark, He is always at you,  when things become unbalanced – if your anxious, in a rush, He is trying to speed you up, trying to get you to ignore others while you are transfixed on getting something done or going somewhere. If your angry He is trying to draw you into His game. Anger often leads to confrontation. In such an interaction, a pecking order is decided – a winner and a loser. The loser often feels fear, releasing unbalanced energy. If your sad or scared He will prey on your mind making memories go around and around.

Who put him there? 

In a way the light through Father did as the light state of a person must be tested against Him to see if it becomes subservient to Him. ie. to determine a person’s direction in the fundamental equation.

If He takes ownership of a soul how does He use it? 

As a human fly – who irritate others through different mechanisms eg projection of energy draining states. He creates a fascade of learning around them. A dark person could be a criminal, a street thug, a political leader, a volcano executive, a media personality, sports personality,  a teacher, a preacher, a scientist,   etc. The fascade could be anything relative to the person’s memory capability. In the background Darkness is just waiting for opportunities to use its slave/servant to project fear and uncertainty at others. ie trying to get them to release unbalanced energy, and also to try and propagate itself. If they are good agents they are looking for debates, arguments trying to dominate others.  For those who find this hard to believe you must consider what Darkness is – the perfect parasite,and it’s absolute number one facet is the ability to hide.

The ratio of decent (light) people to dark people would astound you. I will discuss this later, but as hint everything is in an equation that must balance to zero. This includes people – the forces of light in a dark person are weak, whereas in a light person they are strong,and therefore the ratio is very bad.

Where is He taking you? 

To Him To oblivion. He is an evolutionary endpoint. An unbinding state whose patterns seek to track and destroy – ie.  a black hole.

How does He sustain His overall existence? 

Through transient patterns like a virus. Kill one fly and there’s another.

Why do I refer to Darkness as Him?

Because Darkness is the anti mapping of the light. Briefly, the light state is a memory (an energy binding state)  that evolved by learning to count at more and more advanced levels. In my opinion this led to the formation of Father – a male form of logic, with the female version following much later. As Darkness is the anti state of the Light His predominant characteristics are male – ie Satan is a male persona.

For the girls who feel a bit left out by my interpretation of their dark side,  I believe more females pass the test than males.

Some basic physics of Darkness. 

Imagine an infinitesimal pyramid (I call it the fly particle) that has captured a small unbalanced (in polarity/magnetism) ball of light (let’s call it a God particle). The force of Darkness (a strong polarity force) moves around and around the pyramid zinging the little ball around inside the pyramid. The ball is the energy source. Darkness leaches some of the energy from it using it to create a dark shroud around and into the pyramid, locking the ball way from the greater external state of energy. The force He applies is like a vice – squeezing the energy out of the ball. As such the pyramid is in a state of jitter. This is the base unit of Darkness. He forms more advanced states by interlocking the highly polarised pyramids into larger pyramids.
I will now solve a riddle. Who built the Great Pyramids of Egypt and what is their message? 

My answer – Father did (regardless of the shroud of evidence around them) . The message – use the Sun to break the pyramid and find the path to Heaven.

Pyramids of Egypt

The state of Darkness He is an unresting state. He is always tracking you, the genetic state and the  energy inputed into the machine (ie the food energy)

He is a “lost” state or loopie state as I like to call it.  He goes around and around His pyramids.

To see something similar in day to day life I will use a fly example again.  I have noticed small flies in the middle of rooms when they are near the end of their life cycle, pinging around slowly like they are bouncing off walls. To me this is Darkness essentially moving the fly in similar patterns to the ones it uses to traverse or move around it’s pyramids.

Darkness and the  delivery of energy throughout the machine (ie via the flow of blood) 

Here is the way I essentially found Him. I am not a medical student, so this may be slightly inaccurate, but I believe the metabolic use of iron in the blood is linked to haemoglobin, and therefore to the flow of oxygen through the machine. Oxygen is very much a component of metabolic energy equations. I believe Father has given Darkness significant control of the machine energy equations because iron can become a very good slave state to Him. From the previous page on Darkness, He is a highly polarised state (like a super magnet). I believe Father has linked His polarity to certain ionic states of iron. In particular to heme iron which humans absorb on the consumption of meat.

Who in human history has come closest to identifying His existence? 

The Chinese theory of yin and yang. Unknowingly they have identified the flows of dark and light forces in the machine (human body). The fact that acupuncture works to some degree may be because the Chinese have identified the convergent force point mappings of Darkness.
How do I see Him? 

Besides having brought Him to the surface of the machine, the easiest way is to place my hands over  my eyes,  close them,  and He is there mapped to the  visual field.

If you wish to look for him on the surface of the body, you are looking for a very small triangle, a 2 dimensional representation. The best place to look is in a skin anomaly (eg a freckle or mole – a place where you have unknowingly brought Him to the surface) or a wart (a place where He has corrupted the skin).

It’s like a very difficult “magic eye” trick though, He is in your mind – He does not want you to see Him.

Its only through “spending time in the light”  (the Sun), that you may have a real chance. His force lines become more visible. When I say “time in the light”, there is a correct way to use the Sun against Him, its not as simple as going out and getting a tan.

The State of the Human Body (machine) 

This is a very complex concept to grasp, but I believe a person’s make up  consists of the following 3 energy states –

  1. The one everyone is comfortable and familiar with, the genetic energy distribution (the skin, skeletal system, muscle, blood, etc). As most are aware this state operates at a low frequency. The heart beats in the range 30-180 per minute or 0.5-3 beats per second (0.5-3Hz).
  2. The light state or soul. In my opinion this operates orders of magnitudes higher than state(1). At a guess somewhere near the range of visible light – between 4×10¹⁴ and 8×10¹⁴ Hz.
  3. Darkness – He is a highly adaptive state and can create a mapping based on tracking both states (1) & (2).

From the above, it is possible to see why the Sun has minimal impact on Him. The genetic machine becomes His physical shroud. A brickwork to the Sun’s rays.

Is Darkness the reason a person ultimately dies? 

In. my opinion, yes. As per above the genetic machine is a buffer between light refreshment of your core  light state from a pure balanced source – the Sun. The food you eat has to provide unbalanced energy refreshment of all 3 states. The genetic machine becomes more and more subservient to Darkness,  the older you get. ie. His patterns (loops) become entwined in the machine causing aging. Eventually He breaks something and you die.

Then the real question is, how of His pattern has invaded your light state (soul).

How hard does a person get tested? 

In my opinion Father has limited His configuration size  by controlling the amount of genetic energy He can source from the machine. A person is only tested at a comparable level in relation to the strength of their light state (soul).

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2. The Reason for Life – A TEST Against Darkness (666)


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