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10 Simple Feng Shui Tips to Harmonize the Energy of Your Home

Feng Shui RoomFeeling under the weather? Working your self out or just living in today’s highly stressful environments can cause you to become underproductive, depressed and unmotivated.

It’s important that when you leave work and you return home, you have a relaxing and energizing environment where you can let go of the day’s tension.

So how about a little Feng Shui revitalization at home? We’ve gathered 10 simple tips for bringing positivity into your home with Feng Shui.

But first let’s look at the definition of Feng Shui

Literally translated as “wind water”, Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophical system that teaches us to live in harmony with our surroundings. Feng Shui decoration thus helps energy or Qi (which according to Chinese culture is our life force) flow in and around us. However if we don’t learn to energize ourselfs or even block the Qi’s natural path, we could experience all sorts of adverse consequences in our health and spiritual development.

We are like ships who have to sail with the driving force (the wind) instead of against it! Even if we don’t see the wind it doesn’t mean that we can’t feel it or we don’t know it’s there.

When we are in nature for instance, or under the sun we feel ourselves being charged. We even say that we feel “revatilized” after a long holiday. So we do experience an energy shift even if know nothing about ancient Chinese practices. So, all you need to do is surround yourself with art, nature and beauty!

The Chinese believe that Qi is contained in everything, and it continually flows in and around the earth.

Could the ancient philosophers be referring to magnetic waves?

Yes they could! Whether you like to call it life force, magnetism or Qi there is an underlying energy that even some animals, like dolphins and birds, are sensitive to. These invisible forces help them navigate during their travels. Like Qi’s description, magnetic forces in the earth are unseen (only felt), but they are in a continuous flow and are present in all matter.

Feng Shui helps you make sense of your surroundings and how to live in harmony with it.

So let’s look at 10 simple tips that can help you bring positive energy and good fortune to your home

bed-uiwehpo1. Balance in the Bedroom

Think about the position of your bed. Initially you need to avoid placing your bed under a window, low ceilings or angles as this is believed to drain away good Qi. Choose bedroom furniture with soft or curved lines and be minimal about the decor, remember: less is more. The more space you leave untampered, the greater the energy flow. Try to get rid of any excess items that would remind you of negative emotions or anxious feelings and clean clutter to induce the positive flow of Qi around your bedroom for a peaceful night’s rest.

Paintings and side tables need to be strategically places so that they evoke balance and harmony in the bedroom. It’s also practical that your bed is accessible on both sides to allow for a balanced space for both people sleeping in it. You can also place a painting with a beautiful scenery opposite your bed, so that the last thing you see before you sleep is something that induces a calm and relaxed state.

2. Tidy up

tidy-jrowopYou should avoid having dirty windows for months on end as they are your eyes to the outside world for the entire time you are in your house. We want to be able to see and experience everything that the universe has to offer us. So grab a towel and some vinegar and clean away.

Clear away any clutter as living in disarray can manifest in stagnant or dead energy. In a clean and organized space, energy can flow freely and feelings of anxiety and unrest will also be out of the picture. Make sure you clear away those old boxes full of things you never use. Even looking at clutter makes you worry about tomorrow, anxiety before you sleep will lead to unrest during sleep which will in turn make yu feel dreained throughout the day.

Clutter can represent blocked energy, so it can be harmful, it can also attract even more clutter. It can also be creating feelings of guilt and shame. So just clean and out and start creating new space, so that you have room for something better.

3. Art and Color

Keep your art high up on the wall for higher energy levels. Also try stacking books on your shelves vertically if you have the space. If they’re horizontal it probably means that they aren’t being read and if that’s the case then maybe you should free up that space as they will only become dusty and stagnant.

Paint your rooms in colors that you feel would benefit you. Do your research first and use your instincts to feel how this color affects your mood and energy levels — green for instance is a healing color related to growth. Blues hues, are more soothing as they are also found in nature. In fact we’ve evolved to naturally be more relaxed around nature’s colors.

srudy-hiwho4. Your Study should be Serene

Your study place should be a place of peacefulness and creativity. Move your desk away from walls and don’t situate it in line with the door.
When you’re in line with the door you my be exposed to wind currents and rushing energy coming right at you, so if the flow of energy is a negative one then you are right in its way. If you leave near the city center try and place your desk somewhere that feels serene and doesn’t cause you to feel stressed. Try not facing a wall if possible, it’s better to be able to look at the rest of the room or an outside view. If your desk ha to face the wall, try hanging some paintings or pictures that inspire you and that will help feel like you have more space.

5. Doorways

Does your entry door squeak or whine when you open or close it? Then fix it asap! The entrance door is the first and last thing you encounter when coming or leaving your home. The screeching sound will affect your mood and well-being. Oil any other door hinges throughout the home. Try to use the front door to enter your home instead of the old garage door or side door. From a Feng Shui perspective this may limit good energy. Remember that your front door is your face to the world so make sure you have a beautifully decorated entrance hallway that welcomes your guests.

If possible try to use a small water fountain somewhere near the door as it represents wealth in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui principles it’s advantageous to place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home. It can be just inside or just outside the entrance and it will make you and your guests more relaxed as you enter the home!

light-ijoipjf6. Lighting

Here it’s important to remember that you want o utilize natural light as much as possible. Early birds may want to choose east-facing rooms, and night owls, west-facing spaces depending on what time of the day they want to take advantage of the natural day light and maximize the energy that comes directly from nature. For rooms lacking natural light, fluorescent lights need to be off the question; instead consider investing in an incandescent or warm-colored desk lamp and a floor lamp to increase ambient light. Light represents yang energy, which promotes feelings of happiness and inspiration so make sure you make the most out of your windows. However keep in mind that dark, prison like window dressings can also be a source of unrest so make sure you choose oft curtains or fabric shades instead of wood, metal or plastic blinds to create a more serene space.

7. Electronics

Not everything needs to fit in your bedroom. Avoid electronics in your areas designed for sleep or relaxation. Treadmills, TVs, and PCs, can be stored in different spaces. Keep in mind that electronics, big and small, can emit currents capable of disrupting your sleep. Move as many gadgets away from the bedroom as possible, and whatever must remain, keep at a minimum two feet away from your bed and make sure you switch it off before you head to bed,

living-room-ewjgwpa8. Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Make sure your living room arrangement encourages social interaction and communication. Sofas can have some breathing space for more convenient cleaning but an awkward seating plan that’s not conducive to conversation, will certainly not be very appealing, Instead try to find an intimate arrangement that invites people in. Furniture should be close but not jammed together. And each seat needs a surface on which to rest a drink or a book. Keep in mind that people shouldn’t hit any furniture as they go across the space. Soft edges are not only baby proof but they also allow energy move around more easily.

Finally, consider that in order to create a more social and interactive space your furniture needs to evoke not only a relaxed clean space but a conversation friendly layout. Not all couches and sofas need to be facing the TV. In fact a lot of people are doing away with the TV completely. However if you are not ready to part with HBO just yet, you can always settle for an in between solution where the sitting arrangement is both TV friendly and circular in structure.

feng-shui-jiweopj9. Crystals in the Dining Room

As we have already mentioned, cleaning up the clutter and making space is of essence. Most if us are not privileged with a dining room anyway but for those od us who do it’s mostly a space that we use during Christmas dinners. Some people’s dining rooms are a dumping ground for mail, toys and apart from holiday season these spaces are totally ignored; no one ever sets foot in there. This depletes its energy, if you don’t often use the room for meals, activate it in another way. Decorate your dining room with a few plants so that you’re forced to come in and water them or just use it as office space.

Crystal chandeliers and reflective metals in general, like nickel, brass, or bronze will make the space feel more open and relaxed. On the other hand harsh reflective surfaces like mirrors and metal sconces can harshen up the space if used on their own; you can use warm wood or linen t can make the space feel calmer. A rug can also make your dining room feel more intimate and encourages conversation. Generally, keep in mind that natural materials, like wood, feel solid and warm.

10. Mirror mirror on the wall….

A nice, big mirror reflecting your dinner table is said to double the abundance and bring good fortune. Mirrors are broadly used in Feng Shui becaude they can do all kinds of tricks, they recirculate energy and enhance natural light and draw attention to what they reflect. Mirrors can work as a double edged knife however in the sense that if they are position to reflect something unpleasant then they will  magnify that element. A mirror above the fireplace is also a good idea as there is a balance between the energy drawn in and out of the household. Circular mirrors are prefferable since they have no beggining and no end, symbolizing the flow of the universe.

Final Tips

Keep in mind that you are a magnetic being born in the same environment as your surroundings and made of the same matter and in that sense you can FEEL the energy surrounding your home. Try different combinations and don’t follow the rules strictly. What works for other people might not work for you.

Overall when dealing with house decor it’s best to have an interplay of masculine and feminine details, if you like pink girly shades combine them with greish neutral colors or plane wood. If you have a partner think about how both of you will feel in the room. Each member of your household should feel at home

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10 Simple Feng Shui Tips to Harmonize the Energy of Your Home


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