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The Image of the Heavenly

“He is not here, he is risencome see the ‘form’ where the Lord lay.”

“Behold, I show you a mysterywe shall all be changedfor this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.”

The point at which your life joins ours is that experience, that change which we call deathchange—really so natural, so simple, so universal—which has yet been more dreaded by humanity than any suffering which was supposed to come after.

In the truest sense, however, there is no death.

There is no death even to the Physical if by death we understand destruction or annihilationfor what happens to the physical is merely disintegrationa dissolving of the earthly frame that it may be built up again in a new form, while the true life escapes from its prison.

The Psychical does not dwell in the physical as a man dwells in a house, or as a jewel may lie in a casket; rather it permeates and infuses the whole as a perfume inhabits a flower, as a sound fills space, as love fills the heart.

There are, as you have often been told, no violent changes, no forced or hasty developments in nature; therefore, what seems to be violent is not really so, and those changes which seem to be unconnected with what goes before or after are so only in appearance. Birth and death are only apparently unconnected with the past or the future, and that because to you only the one side is visible. You see the death on your side, and we see the birth into ours. When an infant dies, the psyche has not yet fully manifested itself, is not so closely connected with its phenomenon as it would be later, and it parts from it most easily, but it comes into this life an immature being, and needs careful nursing and guarding before it attains its true manhood. The most natural death is that of the man or woman in the full possession of his powers when such powers have been as fully developed as was possible on your plane.

Then, when the bodily faculties begin to decay, the psychical loses its hold on the physical, can no longer manifest itself through the body, and the unused higher powers sleep for a time. But, in all cases, there is no real break at death, hardly as much as comes to you in sleep; the man disappears from your sight and appears in ours, like a ship sinking below your horizon, and appearing above the horizon of other lands, without consciously rising or falling to those on her decks. So when your call comes, do not seek to hide in your clay prison, fearing you should be found naked, but be ready that when the Master calls, you may at once go forth—without fear and without regret for the body cast off—and you shall be found clothed in the likeness of God, for as we have borne the image of the earthly, so also shall we bear the image of the heavenly!

“I AWOKE!” Conditions of Life on the other Side, David Stott, London, 1895

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The Image of the Heavenly


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