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Found My First Ten Cents of Wisdom

Found My First Ten Cents of Wisdom

The mind is your best friend and worst enemy. If only I had learned to rein my mind faster, I wouldn’t have had to give this long pause pen the most beautiful experiences of my journey with my master – “KrsnaGuru.”

Life was extremely miserable with my master living with me in my friend’s place. I wasn’t comfortable at all. It was a big blow to my ego, and the misery doubled as it was a deflated ego. The idea of living and working in Singapore will be smoother was illusional. It was for the very first time in life; it hit me hard that life is not what I expect it to be. Same with people too. I was nowhere there to understand even the ‘S’ of Spiritual.

When I look back in time, I realize the truth about what my Guru used to tell me. I was living in my la-la land, which is never going to be a reality of my life. It was due to my expectations of everyone that I suffered. I even to-date at times, face the same issues of having expectations from others how they need to behave with me. And the lessons keep coming dime a dozen to test me to see if I have risen or are still in the same place.

That is one time in life when I hated my master the most. I didn’t want him in my life. Having no choice, I had to take care of him as we are always taught – “Atithi Devo Bhava” means Guest is God, and here my guest was my Guru who is greater than any God in this world. I somehow managed to go ahead with life. He continued to teach me the most profound scripture – Avadhut Gita. I never understood a word of it. All I learnt was that I have to become an Avadhut – Free just like his Gurudev – Lord Dattatreya.

It was almost time for my Guru to head back to India. He preponed his tickets as he was extremely disappointed with is another student who never gave him that respect of him being her “Guru.” In that last week, he took me to one of the famous Chinese temples of ‘Guan Yin’ a temple dedicated to the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Mercy – Kuan Yin. He was showing me around and teaching me the beautiful stories about the deities. He selected a few storybooks for me to read about the Buddhist philosophy. Even after the visit to the temple, I was still in that unhappy and shock state.

A day before my master was leaving, we headed out to buy somethings. We boarded the MRT and sat down. I perfectly remember the train was almost empty, and where we sat, there was nothing on the floor. My master started to share his feedback on me. He started telling me how good an individual I am, and he said, I had a heart of gold which no one has in this world, and he would vouch for that. As he continued and mentioned that he blesses me to evolve in my Spiritual world, I found a ‘Ten Cents’ at his feet. I picked, and he said, I have gained ten-cents of wisdom and will evolve in my spiritual world.

I have no clue what transformed my sad-heart within. It started to melt, and the tears in my eyes couldn’t stop flowing. An emotion which in our Spiritual world is called ‘Bliss,’ is what I had experienced. He touched my head and blessed me. An intense love gushed for my Guru from nowhere. The bitter feeling disappeared as though it was a bad dream. Since then, there has been no looking back no matter how many tests I might have to face every single day. I cannot stop loving him, and my love has only grown every single day having now gathered blessings of wisdom in the form of coins and currencies across the globe every time I have evolved in my spiritual world.

With the Grace of my Master, I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about ”Arrogance of Knowledge.”

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Found My First Ten Cents of Wisdom


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