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Why Do We Need Negative Emotions?

For some reason, the word “spiritual” has become synonymous with “good”, “light”, and “positive”. However, there isn’t a great Spiritual teacher, master, or saint who has not encountered utmost darkness on their spiritual journey.

Being spiritual means becoming whole, means breaking through illusion and self-righteousness. That does not mean hating yourself.  It means looking at yourself with complete clarity and honesty – and learning to love all of you. If you have experienced moments like that, you know how immensely empowering this is. 

From the perspective of our immortal Soul, there is only one thing that counts: Consciousness,  the never-ending expansion of consciousness. Our emotions – all of them!- are a valuable guidance system. If we listen and observe what emotions and feelings are coming up for us while resisting to blame “the other” for them, we gain valuable insights and can take steps towards healing.

Looking at emotions that way, they are -all of them!- gifts on our spiritual journey.

How bad are you really? What lurks in the dark corners of your mind? You will be surprised and rewarded when you actually go there…

This is not just about upwelling feelings of anger, fear, frustration and the like. I am also thinking of  longstanding, deep-seated, real nasty stuff. Here are some modified examples from my EFT practice in order to protect privacy:

– I hate the fact that my ex-husband married this bimbo. After all these years, I still look for every sign of their marriage breaking apart, and I wish that they suffer until the end of their days.

– I am so jealous that my friend got pregnant instantly, and I have been trying for years and failed. I heard that miscarriages are quite common within the first three months.

– A part of me is greedily waiting for my old uncle to die, so I can get my inheritance.

Now, what do we do with that? On a low level of consciousness, we split our dark side completely off and project it onto other people. That is how hatred and wars get started. On a little higher level, we have a hunch that this is our own stuff, so we don’t act it out, but we push these ugly thoughs deep down and skip away, humming a merry tune. On a high level, we allow ourselves to be completely aware of these thoughts and feelings and own them without any excuses.

On the highest level, we are grounded in this awareness and actively use our emotions as stepping stones or lessons on our spiritual journey.

This is the true start of our sacred quest for love.

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Why Do We Need Negative Emotions?


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