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Heartfelt Communication Using Your Intuition

Intuition is Learning to Listen with Your Heart

Heartfelt CommunicationHeartfelt communication happens naturally when you involve your heart in the learning process and listen to its promptings. It doesn’t happen overnight. Even so if you practice, your intuition will get stronger and stronger which is like having an inner guidance system. When you go one step further and act on your intuition, there are multiple benefits awaiting you including:

  • An improved relationship with yourself, your family and the world around you,
  • An inner peace that helps you remain objective while adapting to major changes,
  • Finding new ways of nurturing cooperation and appreciation,
  • Freedom from restrictive habits and mental drudgery,
  • A renewed hope and faith in the power of Love to heal and create.

Heartfelt Communication Changes Negative to Positive

The Intuitive Learning Circles use imagery from animals and nature to facilitate your learning and access inner peace.

Many cultures claim that messages from the animal world inform and offer us guidance or medicine. The Intuitive Learning Circles have their own Helpers and our Heartfelt Communication Meditation gives you an opportunity to use the Circles and receive the animal medicine that go with each of them.

*For best results, place both feet on the ground and gaze gently at each Circle to receive your own message.

Step One

Let’s start by introducing you to the very first Intuitive Learning Circle from “Gifts from the Rainforest”:

Animal Spirits Medicine

Animals are our partners in creating an abundant and peaceful life on our planet. By observing their behavior and the role they play in their environment, we can adapt to and make the most of the circumstances in our lives. This Intuitive Learning Circle helps us to adapt and take ownership of how we use our energy. It also helps us to set things right and listen to the wisdom of our hearts. If you gaze gently at the Circle, you can tune in and receive your own answers to the questions below it.


Think of a person or group that you would like to improve your communications with.

What do you really want to communicate to this person or group? Write it down.


Step Two

Electric Eel Medicine

The message of Electric Eel is always about grounding. Being grounded in the truth about who we are and what we’re doing. Use this medicine to scan your body and pay attention to any areas that feel blank or void when it comes to communicating with this person or group. Once you feel the blank area, Electric Eel will help you fill in the void with positive energy and purpose.

Once you have gotten grounded, look at what you wrote down. Is this really what you want to communicate?

Do you think that this message, as it is, will evoke the response you’re really looking for?

Is there a more positive message to send?


Step Three

The next symbol is from “Divine Nature Activated” and will help you release negative conditioning on a DNA level. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at the symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and cohesive DNA strand is relaxing, healing and filling up with light.


When using these symbols, it’s important to relax and breathe as you use each affirmation:

“I cut through the smoke screen of doubt, anger and confusion.”

“The air is clear and I see things clearly.”


Step Four

Starlight Medicine

Starlight aligns our individual consciousness with Universal Truth to achieve clarity and order. This medicine supports compassionate action, clarity of direction and aligning with your spirit. Continue to relax as you gaze at the Circle and allow it to help you re-frame your communication. That way, your words will have a more desirable impact.

“What I really want to say is _________________________________.”



You have taken the time to consider the true impact of your words and re-framed any negativity into more heartfelt communication. Be sure to take some time to relax and integrate what you’ve learned.

2006 – 16 © Rheanni Lightwater

Many of the Intuitive Learning Circles that make up Heartfelt Communication come from:

  • Gifts from the Rainforest

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Thank you for meditating with us and being a part of our Intuitive Learning Circle. If you would like to experience more self-healing –

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Heartfelt Communication Using Your Intuition


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