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Always shine! Encouragement for those who are bullied. (Matt. 5:14-16)

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I am disturbed when I read stories about people who have suffered from Bullying. Bullying has gotten out of hand. It is time that people speak up and put an end to it. Too many lives have been damaged because of the effects of bullying.

I suffered the taunts and abuse from bullies while growing up in Saint Louis Missouri. I was a quiet and timid child. I didn’t talk much because people always made fun of me. People laughed at the way I dressed and called me ‘goofy.’People played cruel jokes on me and beat me up when I would go to the store or to school. My home life was not pleasant. My older brother had a very short temper and I endured verbal abuse. I always had to be careful what I said to my mother. When I spoke my mind she would sometimes say; “Don’t get smart.” Because of these things, I kept my emotions to myself and became timid. I began to believe that I couldn’t do or say anything right.

How did this make me feel? Sad,distrustful of others with no close friends. I was afraid to walk the streets because of bullies. There were times when I was attacked and beaten up. I guess that I could have spoken up and defend myself. I didn’t. It didn’t seem that anyone would listen or care.

I have reflected upon this. I have noticed that bullying left deep wounds and scars that I have carried into adult life. These wounds affected my educational, social, and professional life. There is still some pain when I think about it.

Overtime many of the wounds and scars have healed. It has been faith in Christ, self-acceptance and supportive friends which have helped me.I will admit that there are some scars which have remained because they were allowed to fester for so long. I did not always Shine as I could have. This is why it is so important to speak up against bullying. Bullying causes damages which can last a lifetime or even cause people to take their own lives.

I can say now with all confidence that the light that had been dimmed by bullying now shines. I thank God for His grace and mercy. I will not allow any bully or bigot to put out the light that the Lord has lit. It will continue to shine through the struggles and give praise to the Lord. This is something that I wish for all who feel bullied. No matter how cruel and thoughtless people might be, always shine bright.

No one should have to endure abuse and bullying. It is cruel to tell a person that he/she is worthless and won’t amount to anything. No one should have to endure bullying because of being different from others.Each person is a blessing from God, with gifts and talents that should be allowed to shine. God has made each and every person to shine and in doing so, they bring blessing to the world.

Bullying and abuse is like a bowel that is put over a candle. It puts out the light and keeps the candle of potential from burning bright. Bullying shows the lack of respect that each person deserves. What is gained by putting someone else down because of their appearance, physical or mental disabilities, race, gender or orientation? Those who are bullies fail to recognize their own flaws. They only show that their own candles have grown dim and they are in darkness.

I want to encourage those who have felt bullied. Don’t allow other people to put out your light. If you are walking on a positive path, stay on that path. The Lord wants people to shine and to be positive lights in this world. Use your gifts and talents to bring praise to God and touch the lives of people.

No matter what negative things people might say and do to you, don’t allow it to affect you. Always keep a positive mind. Think of those things which are lovely, which are honorable and good. Let your life be guided by doing what is good and just. Be forgiving, even to those who hurt you. Forgiveness is a great weapon against hate, for it breaks through the darkness and allows the Light and love of God shine. This forgiveness flows from the Savior who forgave those who nailed Him to the cross.

If you are bullied, you have people who support you. God places others in our lives to give us strength and support. Lean on God and the support of other people. The bullies will remain in the darkness of hate and jealousy. Pray for them that the Holy Spirit will change their hearts and bring them into the Light.

Be the person that God has meant you to be. Be a light and shine! Shine and always give praise to God and with your gifts and talents be a blessing to others.

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Always shine! Encouragement for those who are bullied. (Matt. 5:14-16)


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