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These past few weeks have been really busy for me, an emotional roller coaster ride and virtual amusement park of feelings if you will.  Father's Day was a lot harder on me than I expected and took a lot out of me emotionally.  It was my second without my daddy and not one bit easier than the first. I'm swiftly approaching month five here in Daytona Beach and though things are feeling like home, there's still that sense of being in foreign territory.  There are just some comforts of home that you lose when you move away and being able to go plop down on a friend's couch is one of them.  It may not seem like much, but if your friends are like mine, then it means the world for those few hours.

I spent a lot of time in my head the past couple of weeks, thinking, praying, reflecting, questioning, and listening for answers... Not much luck in finding those answers I was seeking but I carried on.  Sometimes God's silence is the answer.  It means wait, it means I want you to chase me a little more, I want you to come up higher, and dig deeper, it means I am waiting on you to release a sound of worship...  God speaks even in His silence.

There's always somethings refreshing for me about standing in an atmosphere of worship... Sometimes I just stand still with my eyes closed and ears open and it's like I can literally hear heaven, feel Angel wings gently brush across my face, and feel God pouring His spirit back into me.. refilling me.  Sunday there was a downpour of God's spirit like I hadn't experienced in a while.

The praise & worship leader was singing the song and the words began to resonate and become my war cry...
Stronger, stronger, I'm getting stronger
The joy of the Lord, it makes me stronger
Greater, greater, my God is greater
His power, His power, it make me stronger stronger.

 It was infectious and you could sense it spreading... The energy praise that was created in that place created a crazy beautiful welcoming party for the presence of God.  He couldn't help but show up!!  As more people began to declare these words from their spirit the atmosphere became more and more charged and a dance broke out int the house. It was like the pied piper... you couldn't help but dance before the Lord.  When you really think about who He's been in your life, and how He's continuously loved and blessed you when you didn't deserve it... How can you not praise Him??

There was such a freedom in the house.  You could feel burdens being lifted, pain being healed and let go of, bodies being healed, miracles being set into motion.  It was truly an atmosphere of worship.  The pastor was finally able to preach the message, which so happened to be about the anointing.  But before that. God began to speak to me right where I was.. I grabbed my notebook and scribbled down what I was hearing.

Pastor Raley preached many of the things I had shared in a conversation with my new friend Lilian just the day before.  That coupled with what God has spoken to me during praise and worship.. It was so crazy I had to let Lilian read what God had spoken before the sermon right after service..  She said wow.. that's beautiful.  Despite everything that had been going on the past couple of weeks, I woke up yesterday with joy.. I couldn't explain it but I knew where it came from.  Then to receive that down-pouring of His Spirit, the word to confirm that I am right on track, and the power to keep moving forward.... I am beyond blessed. Sometimes it's good to stand under the waterfall of God's glory.  To let His spirit wash over us, make us new, fill us again, and empower us for the next leg of the journey.

For someone that's struggling today and having a rough time I speak peace to you.  I declare peace in your heart, your mind, your home, family, and workplace.  I declare that the joy of the Lord is your strength and that His power is making you stronger. You are stronger than you know, mightier than you know, and more prepared, equipped, and anointed than even you realize.  Lift up your heads oh ye gates and the king of glory shall come in.  Who is the king of glory the Lord strong and mighty.  I break fear, worry and anxiety off of you in the mighty name of Jesus.  The Blood of Jesus is over your life, I pray the Lord encamp His angels around you and keep you.  I declare and decree that every spirit depression and oppression loose it's hold on you and I bind you to the spirit of of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing shall separate you from His love.  Be made whole today, be healed today, be free in the name of Jesus!  Amen & so be it!

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