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Boxed In

Over the weekend I did my usual #Saturdayscopes and invited my friend to share a story of her current dating chronicles.  There were several live viewers, a few replay viewers and I thought it went well.  Later that evening I called my mom about something totally unrelated and she quickly expressed her disapproval of my conduct during my #Saturdayscopes.  She told me I was unprofessional and unbecoming of a minister and that I needed to do better.  She admonished me for eating on camera and laughing to the point that I was choked up.  I chose not to respond and told her that I was not going to have this discussion with her at that time.  I was in physical pain, my patience was lo and I wasn't in the mood for arguments.

Now don't get me wrong, I agree that I should not have been eating on camera.  I hadn't been up until the point that I flipped the camera back around and took one bite of the donut.  I immediately realized my mistake and put the donut back down and continued.  When I got off the phone with my mother I was extremely angry, not because she expressed her opinion, but I was angry at the religious spirit that had attached itself to her opinion.  Me and my mom have always talked about things honestly and even when we don't agree we respect one another.

I had to adress the pink elephant, but I needed to do it with a rational head and calm spirit. So here we are.  The reason I was so angry with my mother's comments was the undelying tone that in order to be effective, my outlet of ministry has to be inauthentic to who I am.  If you know me, you know that I am always laughing and joking, out loud, to the point of tears and not being able to breathe or stop laughing quickly.  It's who I am, who I've always been.  I'm a people person and the very root of why I do what I do is to meet people where they are and effect positive change in their lives.  God showed me a while ago that I was going to win souls in one on one settings, by building RELATIONSHIPS with people and truly investing in them.

So if that means periscoping over donuts, bowling and Bible talks, cookies and a counseling session, SO BE IT!   I will not apologize for being authentic and real.  I will not remove my humanity from my ministry and attempt to live up to a standard of perfection that only Jesus could live out.  I will however strive to do what He did, be more like Him every day and shed light and love everywhere He sends me. I have to be real and transparent in order to be effective in this generation.

The reason I'm even taking the time to speak on this issue is because it's a cancer spreading through the body of Christ. I see so many ministers, pastors, and leaders being held to unrealistic standards that are man made.  Jesus never said that we had to be perfect in order to be used.  He called the imperfect, used the unqualified, and elevated the ex's.  I'm not saying that we should be in these leadership positions and live ungodly, sinful, or lascivious lives and pretend that we're holy.

Your leaders are human!  Just because they've accepted a call from God doesn't mean their humanity disappears. We still have issues, we still have struggles, aspirations, and desires just like you.  We have the added pressure of caring for a flock, hearing from God to lead a movement, providing a Godly example for those we cover, some of us work full time jobs and still have to deal with our own personal things.  It's not easy when you're constantly under the microscope or under scrutiny.  To whom much is given, much is certainly required, but those requirements come from the Lord.

We all want a certain amount of grace to be afforded to us while we work out our salvation with the Lord but we're not always willing to give that same grace to our leaders.  So I encourage you to be mindful of all that your leaders go through, battle, and encounter while serving when you measure out the grace you have to offer them.  The kingdom needs authenticity and people who are willing to be real, raw, transparent and relatable.  That's how we storm the enemy's camp!! There's been too much hidden and swept under the rug for too many generations. We can't heal what stays covered and we can't change what we refuse to confront.

I'm choosing to confront this religious spirit because a part of the call on my life is to break down generational curses, break down barriers and destroy religiosity in kingdom places.  How can we ever see the kingdom of God if we're so stuck in "church" that we keep missing God alltogether? I may  not always express or explain a lot when it comes to my ministry call, but guess what... God didn't tell me I have to justify His instructions.  Just like each portion of the body is different and serves a different function, so are we. If I'm an ear, I cant do the eye's job.  I have to be an ear and realize that my job is just as important in the body as the eye's but it's totally different.

We as the body have to be comfortable with who God created us to be and how He has designed a path that's perfect for us to walk out accordingly. We get so caught up in pleasing the pastor, pleasing our parents, a spouse, the kids, the boss, and everybody else that we get completely out of the will of God and stray down a path He never designed for us to travel.

To my leaders out there, Be encouraged and be yourself!  DO ministry the way God gave it to you, someone needs exactly what you have!  To those we serve, please extend to us the same grace we use to cover your shortcomings and keep us in your prayers.  We need them now more than ever!

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