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May Planetary Events, Exciting and Turbulent Times to Come

The beginning of May finds us with four planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets, influencing and triggering major events in our lives, while Mercury and Mars have a direct effect on our day to day existence. Right now there is an all encompassing energy of stand still around us, but as frustrating as this can be, there is actually a way to benefit from Retrograde Planetary Motion.

The key is in the prefix  “re” from the Latin, meaning “again”. As four planets going retrograde at the same time is quite an exceptional event, astrologers have written about this extensively during the past few months. Keeping in mind the customary advise for Retrograde Motion: rethink, revise, strengthen, re-evaluate and redo, consider that at the beginning of May there is only one single Sign, the Cardinal Water Sign Cancer that is not affected by these Retrograde planets. (Either by aspect, by Sign rulership, or actual placement, all the other 11 Signs of the Zodiac are currently influenced by Retrograde Motion).

In practical terms it means that with the exception of the area of life represented by the House (Bhava) placement of Cancer in an individual’s Birth Chart, every other part of life is under a retrograde influence. So the need for re-thinking, revising, re-evaluating does not only apply to a narrowly defined are of life (such as career, or romance, or education) but to every facet of our existence. (Except the House where Cancer is in the Birth Chart)

The Sun will enter Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign ruled by Venus on the 19th of May, bringing our focus to our finances and wealth. Sun conjoint with Venus is receiving the 7th house aspect from Saturn and Mars, making this transit an excellent time for fortifying and strengthening personal finances. With Jupiter already in Forward Motion, investments, expansion in business, especially in property and real estate will receive very strong supporting energies. (But need to pay attention to details, as Retrograde Mercury can cause some contractual mishaps and misunderstandings in communication.)

The New Moon will occur on the 7th of May in Aries in the Lunar Mansion Bharani, ruled bu Venus. Full Moon on the 21st in Scorpio, the Sign of Moon’s Debilitation.

Speedy Mercury will enter the state of Combustion with the Sun on the 4th of May, greatly aggravating the uneasiness caused by its Retrograde Motion. Mercury Retrograde in the Cardinal Fire Sign Aries, ruled by Mars is definitely a bad time for business, communication and legal matters. On the 10th Mercury will be at the same degree as the Sun, its energies completely blocked out. (Mercury will be directly behind the Sun) The combustion state will end on the 16th, and the Forward Motion resumed on the 22nd of May. Until then, we can expect delays, misunderstandings, miscommunication and the rest of the habitual effects of Mercury Retrograde and Combust. Best is to avoid wearing the Planetary Gems of Mercury (Emerald, Peridot, Tsavorite and Demantoid Garnet). And most of all, don’t let frustration cause harsh words and aggression!

Venus the planet of Beauty and Love is Combust in Aries, putting a dampener on romance, love and merriment. On the 19th, Venus transits into its own Sign Taurus, greatly increasing its strength and benefic power, but because of the Combustion state, we will receive this wonderfully creative energy in a muted and weakened fashion. In the Fixed Earth Sign Taurus, Venus will exchange aspects with Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, bringing a strong sense of purpose and initiative to Venus’s creativity and brilliance.

Mars the Warrior Planet is reasonably well behaved in its own Sign, Scorpio, even though it is also currently Retrograde, and conjunct with Saturn. The aspect from the Sun and Venus during the later half of May will brighten up and beautify the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio, but we can’t expect the usual focus and strength from Mars. Lack of initiative and will power is possible, so pay attention and try to resist the temptation to go lazy. Life must go on, even when planets are Retrograde.

The first planet to resume Forward Motion is Mighty Jupiter. On the 9th of May Jupiter, still conjunct with Rahu, the Shadow Planet of Worldly Desires, will start giving its full energy bringing expansion, growth and happiness. With Rahu being very close to Jupiter, the exact combined effect will depend on the position of Rahu in the individual’s Birth Chart. Those with well placed Rahu are likely to simply get a magnified influence of Jupiter, but people with badly placed Rahu should be very careful not to let greed and hasty actions push them to the wrong side of the law. Fortunately, Saturn is aspecting these two planets, bringing a much needed stabilizing force. After the 9th, wear the Gemstones of Jupiter (Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz and Citrine) to channel the benefic energies of Lucky Jupiter, bringing fulfillment, radiant health and growth in business activities.

Saturn the Great Disciplinary is also in Scorpio, and Retrograde. Discipline, hard work and careful meticulous planning are the rules of Saturn, so pay attention to your duties and responsibilities. Mars and Saturn are traditionally considered “Enemy Planets” but since both of them are “soldier” planets, their energies can be used together in a very constructive manner. Mars bringing focused will power and Saturn, hard work, perseverance and stamina.

Rahu and Ketu are in Leo and Aquarius respectively, continuing on their naturally Retrograde Path through the Zodiac. Rahu, the Shadow Planet of Worldly Desires is conjunct with Jupiter, magnifying Jupiter’s powers of growth, and Ketu The Shadow Planet of Withdrawal and Liberation is in Intellectual Aquarius supporting researchers, scientists and those who seek enlightenment in solitude.


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May Planetary Events, Exciting and Turbulent Times to Come


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