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Is Your House Haunted? 12 Causes of Spirit Activity in Your Home and What You Can Do About it

Haunted houses, ghosts and Spirit activity in a home or building are more common than one might think. And although not everyone believes in these phenomenon, it’s become a more widely excepted concept in these modern times than ever before.

Perhaps this is because more of us are learning to open our minds to the idea that consciousness can exist in forms other than the human mind. Or, maybe it’s just that an increasing number of people are having experiences that fall outside of accepted reality.

Haunted Reality

If you live in a haunted house, you’ve probably experienced some of the terror unseen activity can incite. The knowledge that something you can’t perceive can spy on you, interact with your environment, or worse, even harm you or someone you know, is beyond frightening.

If this is you, you’ll probably want the activity to stop. You may be able to stop it by moving, if that is an option. Otherwise, you’ll need to seek an alternative solution.

Knowing what causes a spiritual flare-up in your home is crucial to successfully finding a strategy to end it.

Here are 12 things that can provoke spirit activity in your home:

Antiques or used items

Old or used items, such as furniture, dishes, statues or jewelry, can carry an energy imprints or spirit attachments from former owners or environments.  While it is possible to clear some of these energies by washing or blessing the item, some of them need more than this to fully clear the entities.

If you suspect an item in your house is the source of the disturbance, give the item away or throw it in the trash. Burning it is not recommended, as this can release negative entities and cause even more trouble for you.

Heavy emotions and negativity

In the world of energy, like attracts like. If you or someone in your household is overly depressed, fearful, angry or negative, this can attract entities that feed off that type of energy.

If this is the case in your home, seek help to heal and uplift the negative party and lighten the atmosphere. Just as a light will illuminate the darkness, laughter, happy music and overall good vibrations act as a repellent for dark energies.

Death in house or surrounding area

A death in the actual building, or even in a neighboring building or property, is often the cause of a haunting.

Sudden or violent death can cause a spirit to linger in an area, forever seeking retribution. In other cases, sometimes a person does not realize he is dead and will see you as an intruder into what he knows to be his home.

If this is the case in your situation, first try and command the spirit to leave your space. If this does not work, you will need the help of a professional medium or shaman who can communicate with the spirit to help it move on.

Household member with medium gifts and/or clairvoyance

Spirits who haunt people after earthly life do so because they are seeking attention from the living. Anyone who can detect spirit serves as a sort of beacon to those in the spirit world, because once a spirit notices that there is a living person can see them, they’ll target that person to gain his or her attention.

If you or someone in your home has the innate ability to see and communicate with spirit, this may be the source of your haunting. In this case, the best option is education.

There are schools that teach skills a natural medium can use to turn down second sight, and turn off the beacon to spirit, at will.

Although the media tends to glamorize such ability, the truth is that living with it can be stressful and terrifying. As I speak from personal experience, learning how to cope with the endless barrage of spirit can not only stop the activity in your home, but it can be a game changer in the life of the sensitive individual.

Drug or alcohol abuse

If you or someone in your home has a substance abuse issue, it is possible to attract those in spirit who were also addicted to these things in their own lifetime. Some entities continue to seek addictive patterns even after their earthly life has ended.

Also problematic is that drugs and alcohol greatly lower the personal vibrations of the user. This can attract dark entities that feed off the fear, self-loathing and self-destruction of the addicted individual, creating a self-perpetuating and sickly cycle of addicts and parasites continuously feeding off one another.

If this is the case in your home, have the afflicted person seek professional help for addiction recovery. Removing such a person from the home is also an option to reduce activity, if all attempts at recovery fail.


This may be surprising to many people, but mirrors are known to shamanic and spiritual communities as common portals for spirits.

To explain this simply, anything that is reflective portrays an image of physical reality that is itself not physical – just as spirit.

Providing the quality and collection of energies around the reflective surface, the otherworldly representation of reality it portrays can provide non-physical energies an access point into this solid plane of reality.

Especially suspect is the placement of one mirror opposite another. This placement creates an infinite image of reality, where energies multiply and condense. The resulting vibrations then become a potent version of reality – a supercharged access point perfect for spirit.

Mirrors that reflect doorways can also become a portal, as they create a surreal entryway through which spirit can travel.

If your home is haunted, make sure you do not have any mirrors facing one another, a door, entryway, or any antique or second-hand mirrors that might be causing the paranormal disturbances.

If you find an issue but you can’t move the mirror, seek the help of a professional medium or shaman who knows how to seal these energy portals for good.


The energy field of a person in puberty is more potent and powerful than perhaps any other time of life. This is due to the large amount of energy required to transition the body into adulthood, as well as the initial release of sexual energy – itself a very powerful force of nature.

Poltergeist activity, such as moving objects and unexplained noises, are largely attributed to a household member who is in his or her pubescent or early teenage years. If this if the case in your home, you can rest assured the activity will end once the puberty stage does.

If, in the meantime, the activity in your home becomes overwhelming, encourage the youth to express his or her personal energy through movement, exercise and time spent out of doors. Burning off some of the excess energy will greatly reduce the poltergeist manifestations immediately.


You’ve probably heard the expression that babies bring blessings, but what you may not know is that they also attract spirits.

If you’ve noticed an increase in paranormal activity in a home where there is a baby, it may be due to the deceased relatives that gather to see the child and help her on her new journey.

Babies are also able to perceive spirit, as they are new to the rules of the physical world and cannot yet see the physical separateness we all learn as we grow. To them, the world is not yet solid, so a spirit is as real as a physical person.

This type of haunting is usually harmless, if not unnerving. The activity will cease when the baby gets a little older and the physical world becomes more real and solid to her awareness.

However, if the activity in your home seems violent or possibly harmful, don’t take chances and wait. Instead, seek the help of a professional that can protect the child and your family by removing the entity from your home.

Ouija boards

Although marketed as a toy, Ouija boards are anything but. Through the configuration of the symbols on the board, coupled with the intent of those who use them, Ouija boards serve as portals to non-reality.

When someone uses a Ouija board, they are opening a door to themselves and the environment they are in that they can neither see nor control. It’s as if they are sending an open invitation for all entities to enter their space. Unfortunately, the ones who respond are usually low-vibrational entities that mean to do you harm.

If you suspect this is the cause of your haunting, remove the board from your property. Do not burn the board, however, as this closes the door behind the entities, locking them into your space with you.

If the haunting continues after removing the board, seek the help of a professional medium, or a member of a church, who can clear and bless your home to rid it of unwanted entities.

Conjuring or witch craft, or possession of items used in such rituals

If anyone, past or present, has dabbled in witchcraft or the dark arts on your property, they may have opened portals to the unseen, or conjured dark entities, that move in to your home and intend to stay.

In these cases, the energies that haunt your home are often the most troublesome and harmful to deal with. If this seems to be the case in your home, you should seek help from a professional, such as an exorcist from the Catholic church or an equivalent, to clear your home and protect your family.

Unfortunately, in some of these cases the only option may be to vacate the property and close it off to others for good.

Property near a former calamity

If your property happens to be on or near an area where a past battle was fought, such as a civil war battle, or where a major tragedy once occurred, this may be the source of the Spirit Activity.

In this situation, the haunting is a residual imprint of the past, not a conscious entity that seeks attention from the living. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to find a spirit source to communicate with to end the activity, so you may not be able to clear the property.

The good news with this type of haunting is that they are seldom harmful. The entities involved rarely notice or interact with the living. They are simply playing out the massive energy scenario that occurred in their lifetime, leaving an imprint that runs on its own like an eternal movie clip.

If this is the case with your home, you might try a blessing of the land by a professional shaman or priest, which can help reduce, or even end, the activity altogether.

Water source

Since water is a conductor of electricity, spirit activity tends to escalate near bodies of water. Water serves as battery for conscious entities to use to gain power and force. This makes it much easier for them to manifest themselves into the physical world.

If you live in an area where there is a natural source of water nearby, such as a lake, river, or even underground water, this may be contributing to paranormal activity in your home.

If this is the case with your home, take steps to clear and bless your home on a regular basis. Doing so will greatly reduce, or end, the spirit activity in your home.

Also, seek out another cause for the spirit activity from this list, as the water is not the source, but the amplifier of, pre-existing entities.

Life is for the Living

Imagine if your life ended before you expected it to. Imagine, too, that your home, your loved-ones, and your life are still perceivable, yet physically inaccessible, to you.

Would you try and communicate with the people who were still alive, living in your house? How would you get their attention, and why would you want it?

If you ever have a haunted experience in your life, it might be helpful for you to understand the odd perspective one gains when physical life is lost. It may also take away some of the fear you feel when you know that something you cannot see is roaming freely in your home, without any consent of your own.

But life is for the living. No matter what type of haunting you may experience, the number one thing to remember is that you, as a physical being, have authority over physical reality.

Furthermore, no spirit, no matter the form it takes or chaos it creates, can supersede your command of force and will as a physical being.

If you are living with a haunting, your own free will and authority are your most powerful tools to clear your home of unwanted energies. Use them to command that all unwanted energies present leave at once, and take back your right to live in a safe and happy home.

Don’t be a Ghost

With this said, I might also add a reminder to you that when the day comes for you to shed your own mortal coil, make sure to move on to the better and brighter realms of spirit and leave the physical reality to the physical beings that live here.

If there is anything to learn from a haunted experience it is this; even though your physical life, including your body, is a temporary act of creation, your consciousness is eternal.

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Is Your House Haunted? 12 Causes of Spirit Activity in Your Home and What You Can Do About it


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