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Ask Mechanics of Being: How to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Reader Question: How to maintain a Healthy Romantic Relationship?

Hi, I came across your blog when I was searching for some solutions to a challenge I am trying to overcome (have no idea how to put it any other way).

I fell in love with my boyfriend not too long ago in Costa Rica, and I am currently back in my home country working to get more money and maintaining a long distance Relationship with him until I come back at the end of the year. He and I have a strong connection. We feel each other when we are not in each other’s presence, and can communicate our feelings telepathically. It is the best feeling I have ever had with someone, and I know I want to be with him.

I notice that we need some guidance on how to maintain our relationship. Could you point me toward more reading material, blogs, or legitimate sources of information that can help us on the right path? I notice that he and I are sometimes sharing a lot of stress with each other, and it’s detrimental to our connection and hurts my confidence. I know you’re not a relationship counselor (not asking for that anyway!) but just need some resources on how we can proceed.

Sorry if this is super weird, I just had to ask! It’s so hard to find legitimate guidance. Any spiritual texts you would recommend would really help as well.


Sarah K.

Mechanics of Being Responds: Forming Energetic Boundaries

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for asking this question. Although I am not a relationship counselor, I am an intuitive one. Therefore, my answer for you is to show you how to work intuitively with your life Energy to establish energetic boundaries. This will help you foster a healthy relationship while maintaining your individual needs and well-being.

Because this is a common issue in all relationships, I would like to share your question with my readers. I feel this will be helpful for many who struggle with the same issues.

The Energy of Relationships

Most of us are aware that the world is energetic in nature and that each living thing emits a detectable field of energy, called an aura, which surrounds it. What we are just beginning to understand, though, is what effects our auras have on each other, and what determines the extent of these effects.

For example, there are noticeable changes in entities that are under observation. Even more powerful, the focused awareness of two entities on each other will cause their energy fields to intermingle. This exchange delivers each party to a larger, shared field of energy wherein each has access to the energy (and thus information) of the other.

It seems that the more you notice someone, the more your energy is affected by theirs.

The Formation of Psychic Links in Romance

When you feel love for another person, especially romantic love, you become attached to the safety and well-being of that person. You care what happens to them, what they do, what they think, and how they feel about you. Because of this, that person’s safety becomes your concern.

The concern you feel causes your energy field to etherically reach-out to that person, sending a stream of energy into their aura that binds you together.  These streams, known as  psychic ties or links, function as a two-way street for energy and information to flow between you. This is what enables you to feel your loved-one’s state of being, regardless of proximity.

While these ties are a natural way to establish a loving partnership, over-time they can potentially become a burden for one or both of you as the compounding emotions and stresses of two people build-up within your shared field of energy. If left unchecked, the emotional build-up can overwhelm and destroy a relationship.

A psychic link can also cause a symbiotic, co-dependent situation to form, where one party is siphoning energy away from the other. This can deplete a person, resulting in lethargy, restriction in life, accidents, bad luck and even illness. This is why the establishment and maintenance of energetic boundaries in close relationships are a necessity.

The good news is that it’s very easy to create and maintain healthy connections with others. Created to work on your unseen energy field, here is a simple visualization technique that does the trick:

How to Create Energetic Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

This is a visualization exercise. To perform it, find a comfortable and quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and center yourself to begin.

  1. Imagine yourself as a bubble of white light. Picture the bubble with defined boundaries. This is your aura.
  2. Next, imagine your loved one next to you, also encased in a bubble of white light. See if you notice any ties that may be connecting you to each other.
  3. Now picture your bubble encased in silver netting. See the netting as thick and shining brightly. Know that this netting will shield you from all negativity or emotions you come into contact with, including those of your loved-one, while allowing only the highest vibrations of love to come to and from you.
  4. Take a moment to picture any darkness dissolving as it reaches the net. If you can’t picture it, don’t worry. Just relax into the knowing that the silver net is in place to protect you at all times.
  5. Picture both of you as mutually happy and open-heartedly sharing a beautiful, pink light between you, while maintaining clearly defined, auric bubbles of light individually.
  6. Say a quiet prayer of gratitude for the purest expression of love that is yours to experience and share.

Energy Maintenance and Relationships

Although this exercise may seem simple, its effects are powerful. You can use this with any relationship in your life, romantic or otherwise, just remember to perform it regularly.

Do this once a week, at the most, until you know the new pattern has been set. After that, do it whenever you feel the need to refresh your boundaries.

One thing to note it that it is common for people to temporarily experience a bit of clinginess from a loved-one after performing this exercise. If this happens, be patient as your loved-one adjusts to the new and improved energy pattern you have formed for your relationship.

It is important in all romantic relationships to practice being lovingly open to each other while maintaining a healthy sense of individuality.

Your awareness of the bond you have with your loved-one are an excellent sign that you are on your way to establishing a healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship. Best wishes and blessings to both of you!

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Ask Mechanics of Being: How to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries


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