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My Seedlings All Die, Help!

Journal Post #1 

Since about two months ago I've turned around my opinion of gardening, and although I still have no desire to get down and dirty (gloves, please) I have craved herbs, plants, and flowers in my room.

So I've purchased many seeds, pots, stands, a propagator, peat disks, and a cute watering can and began attempting to grow some plants. However, all of them have died and I can't figure out why....

What Keeps Happening

I soak my peat pellets in water (with very diluted herb liquid fertiliser in it) to allow them to expand, once they have I drain excess water and Plant the seeds according to instructions (seeds such as Lavender, Borage, Chamomile, and Forget-Me-Not).

After a few days in the Propagator some of them sprout. If the seedling is too tall I replant it out of the propagator into another pot (inserting the peat pellet as well into compost as the seedling can grow through it when it's big enough), or if it isn't too tall I continue to watch to make sure it doesn't dry out. 

2 weeks later, whether the plant has been repotted or not, the seedling begins to wilt, with the peat/compost still not dry enough to water or having been watered when it dried. 

I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Where & How I Grow Them

The propagator is sat on my windowsill, which unfortunately is above a radiator (which some say might be effecting them). The days are shorter as it's winter and so the light is perhaps not enough - someone has suggested this but others say it doesn't matter as long as they are warm indoors with light on them.

When the seedlings are repotted they are set back from the window on the opposite side of the room - meaning the light reaches it but it is no longer above the radiator. 

I have previously overwatered plants, so I now wait until the top of the compost/soil is Completely Dry before I add more water. Each pot/pellet has enough room to allow water to drain.

Sometimes, because I realise my plants need airing at times, I open my window a crack to allow Air Flow. This makes the room a little colder but I've been told that the air flow is important.

The only other note is that my room contains the airing cupboard, meaning that the room is generally a lot warmer than the rest of the house. Could a high temperature be effecting them?

What Can I Do?

My Garden Dream
Here is where I need help. No matter if the plant is repotted or not, if I have my window open or closed, or whether I water before or after the peat/compost is completely dry, the seedlings wilt. I've tried new pellets, new pots, and even tried without the propagator - just seeds sown into the pots right away. Each has failed.

The closest I came was when I sowed seeds onto the top of pots without propagating - but the chamomile which sprouted many soft leaves eventually wilted too, and winter totally set in.

Is it the season? Temperature? Pellets? Pots? Light? Air? Water?

Please, help me figure it out!

Thanks for reading!
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My Seedlings All Die, Help!


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