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Seize The Day – Knight of Swords

And just like that, it’s the holidays.

For many of us, myself included, this hasn’t been an easy year.  Challenges,  unexpected developments and a-ha moments have shown up in different ways.   How we handle these moments can influence what happens next.  It can also play a big part in your day to day experience.

My son rides a scheduled bus to school each day.   A city government agency handles all of the contracting, routing and scheduling.  Since September, this bus has been erratic and unreliable.  Calls and complaints to this city agency, while documented, are not followed up upon in a timely manner, if at all.  I have found my countless unanswered calls and complaints about this unpredictable bus company and staff maddening.  Something as small and simple as a bus pick up has become a major daily source of stress, frustration and anger.    My actions were not getting me the result I/we needed.

SO . . . . .

Last week, I changed my approach.

Guess what happened??

Starting Monday, we have been assigned to a new bus company and route.  Yay!

It’s been like that.

Take all of this and mix it in with the holidays, end of year everything and your daily soup and what do you get?

The answer:  The Knight of Swords.


Knights are the tarot’s personal delivery service.    Swords represent ideas, words and thoughts.  Direct to the point of being blunt, self assured to the extent of overbearing, intensely smart to the possibility of being critical, this Knight delivers his words with speed, knowledge and certainty.

In the interest of being completely honest, this knight is no master of diplomacy.  To him, feelings are pointless and silly.   When he thinks you’re wrong, you’ll know it.   If we can find our way around his superiority complex, this knight is excellent at setting the emotional piece aside and making sense out of confusion.


The Knight of Swords moves quickly and can be a sign that a speedy decision needs to be made.  I have long associated this card with a move or a changing of keys.  This could mean a sudden opportunity to move whether it be within your own city/town or to another part of the country/world.


It is also about timing.  Now is the time to share an idea or plan with a larger audience.  The Knight of Swords is saying don’t wait for people to hear about you, get out there and start knocking on doors or on social media.  It’s time to show the world what you know.   Be prepared with clear and concise answers.  It is time to be confident, assertive and in charge.


Say it.  Say what?  It is possible you may be reaching out to or hearing from someone in your past.  Has something been left unsaid?  If so, the Knight of Swords says, now’s the time.  Is this a good idea?   You get to decide.


Truth seeking can be another Knight of Swords trait.  Are you tired of waiting for answers?  Have you decided to do some investigative work of your own?  There is a certain fearlessness here.  As if you are saying (to yourself) enough is enough.    My story above relates to this one.  Advice here is to not go in with guns blazing or pointing fingers.  Spend some time really listening to what is being said.

Card symbolism is so cool.  Click her to learn more:


In typical Knight of Swords fashion, instead of asking questions, here are a few guidelines for the month straight from the Knight himself:  Gather your thoughts, use common sense, analyze the situation, cut to the chase, think before you speak, seek the truth, be sure of what you want before you make your move, speak up, listen to what others have to say, be respectful, don’t look for trouble, be honest, fight for what you want, stand up for your rights, put your fears aside, go for it,  be brave, come down off your high horse, don’t let pride make you do something you will regret, drive carefully, don’t be in such a hurry all the time, be a hero.

As we enter the final chapter of this year it is an excellent time to think about our own personal moments.

What truths do you intend to bring with you into 2019?

Be fearless.

Take action.

Be kind.

Like an open bar, tarot is always a welcome addition to any party.  Contact me to schedule your party now.

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May your holidays be warm and bright.

Until the next time .

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Seize The Day – Knight of Swords


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